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“Spring Epiphany” 16 x 20, photograph by Hillary Raimo – 1 available

Since my Winter Epiphany, I have had a lot of time to dream, think, feel and be.

This is what I have desired.

A space to breathe my breath and hear my own heart beat sounds.
I have learned in my time here, that the birds sing the most at dawn and dusk.
Fantastic chords of enlightened song.
I have learned that no one defines me but myself.
As well as my boundaries and deepest most secret thoughts.
I have learned that the bogeyman is most afraid of himself.
This keeps his image up.
I have learned that the only thing stopping me is my own doubt, mostly in synchronicity, truths and unveilings.
I am seasonally tuned in to the land and its cycles. I learn more every year about myself.
Here is where I connect to all that is considered holy by whatever vision I choose to believe in. My faith rock solid.

Upside down staircases leading to no doors.
Riddles and poems unlocking both.

Hillary Raimo
Spring 2017

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