In 2017 there will be a hot vagina rising.
Right before a woman has an orgasm there is a wave of heat that comes rushing in. It is in this crucial moment that a woman must relax into the rising of this heat in order to orgasm to her fullest potential, when the dragon awakens and consumes all. It will be vital for partners to deepen their spiritual physical sexual relationships with each other. 2016 brings to an end the ability to avoid this important connection between intimates. Anything less then authentic will be dissipated as healing complete.  Karma done.

2017 will bring a new tide of potential as well as destruction. This will be instantly reflected in your microcosmic worlds. Seek your closest field of direct experience for the most powerful mirrors of reality and change. There is beauty in the breakdown. 2017 will demand you know how to ground yourself in your own personal space. 2016 has taught you how to anchor what you need and how to decide what you want. 2017 will ask that you follow through on yourself and manifest your highest potential.

With big changes showing up on the collective macro field it is confirmation of the changes happening within all humanity as we undergo our own spiritual transitions in this lifetime. 2016 brought the catalysts we needed to assist in powering up for these big shifts. We all know the talk but do we walk it? Now more than ever will we need to prove it to ourselves.

2017 will ask that we partner with our highest good, and in reflection of that, people will be coming and going in our lives in sometimes drastic ways, and other times more subtle.

We have forged through the mystical fire as we have navigated the energies since 2012. We are now the product of that form and we are being asked to do our higher work. 2016 opened the eyes of our inner soul and we saw a vision. In this vision we claimed what is rightfully ours. There was no more room for self pity or the belief of lack of love. We seeded the vision in a powerful way, together in our own solid power. 2017 will ask that we tend to what we have sowed.

The earth will need more protecting. 2016 exposed many injustices. 2017 will require all of us to be more accountable and accurate in our understandings of how the life cycle truly operates on this planet and how we are all responsible for the health and protection of that.

2017 will offer unique insight into digital dimensions and how they are constructed realities for the study of human behavior; as well as the motives, agendas and source of who is doing it.

Major political shifts are in store for 2017 across the globe. The hot vagina rising will bring the alchemical heat needed to restructure the entire infrastructure.

2017 will bring a new level of conscious awareness of the connection between you and the other. A deeper understanding of the value of connection and the areas of the psyche that illuminates. The year of the hot vagina rising will awaken the power of the merging of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Partners will embrace this in each other and it will manifest as a protective loving force. This force will rise in 2017 to bring a slaying of the imbalance and disharmony.

We leave behind the 2016 endings and we embrace the 2017 beginnings.
We strengthen and grow.
We stop criticizing ourselves and others about how it ‘should’ be.
We quiet the mind of unpure thoughts and clarify our divinity.
We tend to the fire and keep the heat rising.
Welcome 2017 Year of the Hot Vagina.

Hillary Raimo







Slay what no longer serves you.
Angel tainted sword.

Disconnect the cords.
No means no.
Get the fuck out demon patriarch.

Close the gate.

What has been invoked lies.
Manipulating the field.

Unicorn power, activate.
Wordsmith HER.

That moment the holy son leaves his mother.
Heartbreak and rebirth.
2017 predicts a hot vagina rising.

Happy New Everything.

– The Mermaid Queen



Have you heard?
All the rumors going around?
The gossip mill is in full swing!
Fingers are pointing, games afoot.

This can easily be analyzed on the collective platform. By observing ….in a certain way.
Everything is changing. Isn’t change what you asked for?
Whining about your labor pains does you no good. Contractions simply come faster.

A quickening is here.
Welcome to your own.

Morality is a matter of opinion and rules designed by who?
Who would put boundaries on God and Goddess.
Tend to your own.

Be fucking brave.

Hillary Raimo






So here we are. Post election. Don’t worry this is NOT another political hate post. Bare with me here. I promise you may be pleasantly surprised by what I have to say. I humbly ask for you to set aside however you feel about it all, read it through and consider what I offer.

I would like to offer another perspective on the collective energies afoot at the moment.
For those of you who have known me or my work for a long time, you know I have always taken the perspective of healing, or I have at least tried to do so. This will be no different.

There is a disturbing trend happening lately on social media. A trend to discredit other people, damage their reputations, insult their work and opinions. A trend that puts other people down, in an effort to dissect lives to find something wrong so they can be publicly shamed. Is this who we have become as a species? Many of the social media memes out there right now are about pointing the finger, blaming and shaming others, and it adds to those who hate Trump as they become the very hate they seek to eradicate.

Trump has now assumed the role of a collective leader, and in doing so has taken on a collective archetype.

So let’s look at this as a micro/macro field.
I teach that the macro reflects our micro and vice versa. I am not the only one who teaches this and the concept has flourished in many spiritual realms. I have been accused of being to hippie dipped with my spiritual reflections in my work, and to those who say this I say, study the mirror my friend.

I don’t believe the hype, never have. In fact I do not choose to ignore it either. I see through it without getting attached and I feel this is where our strength lies. Can we observe without getting attached to what we are observing? In Shamanic cultures this skill is key to navigating the unseen realms as well.

Ok, enough of that. Here is how I see what is happening now, post election.

To all the men and women hating on Trump. When was the last time YOU were rude to a woman, or racist towards someone of another color, even if in your own thoughts!? Anyone pointing the finger at another person with accusations or condemnations should carefully discern within themselves their own behavior first. The ‘other’ triggers us inside when there is something for us to better understand about ourselves. That doesn’t mean never point anything out, it means just be ready to do the self reflective work that comes with it.

Every time you have a single thought, or voice a derogatory statement, mockery or insult about a woman, any woman, you are Trump. Every time you put a woman down for her body, her words, her spiritual thoughts, her experiences, you are Trump. Every time you shame a woman publicly or privately, you are Trump. Every time you think a thought that is biased or racist towards any other human being anywhere, you are Trump. Every time you post a snide remark or post a hate filled comment on Facebook – no matter what the reason – you are Trump. Anytime you misuse a womans sexual energy, in anyway, you are Trump.

I had written a piece about healing our Hillary issues pre-election. I even changed my name on social media to get out of the energy circulating around it all. It worked for me because I shed the old Hillary energy, that energy that no longer serves me and my highest heart path. I shed the wounds associated with it and got real about what the mirror was. I suggested others do the same, and ……. it was crickets. Hillary lost. The world wasn’t ready for an unhealed feminine energy to take the seat of power. There is a certain kind of feminine energy the world is in need of and it doesn’t include the power plays of old, or the stab you in the back kind of woman power it often takes to thrive in politics anywhere, even in families.

Now we have to deal with our Trump issues.
The issues we are all responsible for collectively. So let’s look at your actions, dissect them, put them on display and analyze them with focused attention and complete 100% honesty with self.

Have you ever hurt a woman in anyway?
Called her a bitch, whore, rolled your eyes at her, called her an angry woman, shamed her appearance, criticized her thoughts, passions, creative outlets?
Have you ever hated a woman you used to date? or were partnered with for any amount of time? How did the endings go? You can learn a lot by how people end anything.

Are you a woman who shames other women, gangs up on them, bullies them? Then you are Trump.

Have you ever laughed at a woman, stranger or otherwise? Made snide remarks about her?
Then you are Trump.

Have you ever ignored a woman who offered you love?
Have you ever ghosted a woman in your life, leaving her with no explanation or understanding? This disregard for her feelings makes you Trump.

How do you treat your daughters? Your sisters? Your aunts? your mothers? Your grandmothers? Your neighbors? Your friends? How about strangers? Women you pass by in the streets? Women you don’t consider any affiliation with. How about how you treat beautiful women vs ugly women? How do you treat fat women?

How do you support the women in your life? How do you support the women who aren’t in your life?

Have you ever posted a sea hag slide of a woman publicly to shame her and make people witch hunt her? (This actually happened to me, so I can relate to the pain it causes) I would consider this person a Trump.

Anytime you have ever talked shit about a woman in any way, anywhere, anyhow for any reason whatsoever, you are Trump.

What do you own of it?

How you see Trump reflects how you see something else in your closer to home life. What does he trigger within you? The anger and rage you feel towards other people being harmed? or the harm you have been subjected too? or the harm you have inflicted on others?

What is right or what is wrong is relative.

Apologize to the people in your life that you need to make it right with. No matter how much time has passed, or how thick your pride is, go do it now. If it’s not possible to do this with the actual person then make a blanket statement to the Universe to forgive YOUR harmful hurtful actions to others. If you truly want to change the situation as you see it now and you are not happy with the outcome of anything, you need to look it straight in the eye, head on and deal with it! Not by being violent and spreading more hate, but by looking deeper into yourself about you own truths and who you are to yourself and others.

Gaslighting is the act of hyping up situations to stir shit up. Healing is the act of looking at things reasonably with intent to heal. If you want this to heal on the collective scale, you need to do the work on your micro scale. Women have been treated like shit for eons.

That said….

Let’s try an experiment.
Take a look at your own personal life. Who is the Trump in your life?
That person who treats you with disregard, disrespect and mocks you. That person who judges you by your outside and ignores your inside.
Who is that person in your life that treats you like this?

Then once you’ve reflected on that a bit.
Ask yourself this question.
Am I a micro-Trump for anyone else?

You see complaining is never productive. Yet in the world of healing, it can be a mirror into yourself and what still needs healing in your life. If you’re unhappy or angry about Trump, who has now become a collective archetype for all, look at what he symbolizes for you on the micro scale.
If you have ever had someone disrespect you, your work, your beliefs etc or someone who has devalued you as a woman, or has done this to the women in your life, this is a chance to figure that out on the micro for yourself.

Use the fuel for the inner fire.
Change starts with your closest discomforts.

Inside out. That is the only way to make anything better.

Hillary Raimo

Multiracial Young People Holding Hands in a Circle









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The mirror.
The muse.
The reflection.

That part of us that reaches out for the other, who is the same.

Trust allows.
Surrender reveals.
Tender is the opened heart.

Through the veil
and puddles of molten diamond.

On the shore of our imaging
we meet ourselves coming and going.

Self love reflects back through the other.
Lack of or adequate.
Depends on you.

Inner child aha’s relevant.
Royal innocence.
Blessed and pure.

In the realm of duality, reflection provides.
Lessons, loves and alibis.

– H. V. R : T





photo by Heidi Rain McGuirk

So much confusion on identity nowadays. As we busy ourselves with creating an online digital identity, by sharing our every moment with our ‘audience’ or whatever we carefully choose, we help the digital masters collect everything that can be psychologically analyzed and transformed into marketing genius by super computers who figure you all out and replicate your needs, desires and longings into money and profit. It is the very soul of the capitalistic world we have created together.

With movements currently uprising on the planet right now such as the gender identity issue, ones digital identity, social racial identity issues, changing relationship identities, private vs public identity it shows how identity is mirroring back to us through the collective macro. No matter how you see it our culture has been organized to accept living in a reality that works by way of identity.

Some identify with their age, beauty, profession, dreams. Others identify with a mission, a calling, a love of something. Is it fair to say everyone identifies with something?

We watch the election drama unfold everyday. Getting worse as we close in on the ‘election’ date. The Hillary energy in the ethers right now is either happy grandma or evil bitch. Everyones micro Hillary issues are swirling around and some of it is really nasty. In response to carrying the same name as her, and having a digital identity that gets entangled with all that sometimes because we have the same name, I choose to deflect it through the elections to see if I’d notice a difference. Get out of the Hillary algorithms for a bit, and try a different frequency since names carry an energy.

Who are you?
I am …….

There is power in the answer of that question. Backed up by everything you believe.
The truth is you cannot take your identity with you when you die. The ones who fear death the most will cling to their identities and defend that to the death. Some call it ego. Perhaps identity is simply the clothes the ego wishes to dress itself up with each day.

I had a teacher once who lied about her name. Saying it was one thing when it was really another. She created confusion around it so no one could figure it all out and she had a plan as to how to deal with those who got to close to the truth of things…..

It wasn’t just a random thing, like perhaps it would be if Jane decided to change her name to Sally one fine day. Her fake public name identified with a culture that was not hers in blood. She wrongfully claimed the heritage and became a false face teacher. Misaligning her heart and her followers. It was a sad story indeed and didn’t have a happy face ending. She changed her name and took on the culture it represented. Some healers would say that’s just how it works! Because they identify with it.

What does it mean to have followers nowadays? Our digital identity identifies with likes and emotion icons all over social media. Happy faces all ready for us to choose so our emotional energy can be digitized and studied. And people gladly do it, myself included. I started observing social media as soon as I got on it. The internet is still relatively new in terms of generations. Are you part of that generation that grew up without cell phones and computers? How about no internet days? When networking meant a whole different thing. Does that ring a bell of a time before the machine?

We have to ask ourselves brutally honest questions and we have to be equally raw in our answers. Identity is also present in our perspectives. We see things through it all day long. We react according to it in all situations. We identify with a political opinion and we see others who do as well. We identify with groups and other people through a variety of ways both synchronistically and conditioned.

We are indoctrinated in our early development years to be conforming diligent and to identify with things in a zillion ways. Language being the precursor for most of it. What is in a name anyway?  Everything others perceive about you.
Your name is how you are identified.

You are identified in gossip, love, arguments, disagreements, your past, your present and it all effects your future. Behavioralists will tell you that once a behavior is identified it can be challenging to shift it, yet in the act of observation, you have already started to transform it according to Physicists. This is also the basis of many healing modalities as well. Spiritual insights across many different platforms would agree. Once you see what you identify with you move forward in either embracing it or you reject it because you have unresolved issues with yourself. Embracing what you identify with brings pleasure. Pleasure has  long been demonized in religion. Yet identifying with anything is in itself unspiritual to some, we all at the very least identify with a human body.

“Get them out of their bodies! So we can laden it down with chemicals and belief systems that keep them caged” said the evil alien taking over the world.

“If I were an alien I’d create a massive digital complex that covered the globe and link everything and everyone up to it everywhere so I could study them and figure them all out and manipulate what they identified with so I could sell shit, make money and keep it all nice, easy and controlled” said Hillary.

Which Hillary do you identify with as you read my words above? Hillary the author of this article of sorts? or Hillary Clinton? If you read the above and identified with Hillary Clinton  and you’ve read David Ickes work, then you are already on to what is happening on a global level. He predicted all of it back in the early 2000’s and much of it is coming true now. I don’t agree with all of his theories on things, but much of his research is legit.

As a radio host since 2005 I have seen a lot of identities come through my show. Every guest I had on had an identity. Their identity would draw an audience and identify with the information or not. Sharing became the thing. Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Share share share your whole life with everyone who cares! It has become a popularity contest and repeats high school days. It has effected the minds of those who use it to the point of being an unaware active participant in an ongoing study of what sways people socially.

Your information is collected, sorted and sold to the highest bidder.
Your identity is stolen when someone hacks into your computer, your phone, or any other digital device around and takes it without your permission and uses it to do whatever they identify with. It’s a vicious cycle. On purpose. By design. Because it keeps the status quo. And it keeps the money flowing.

Knowing you better means selling you better.

Social media is a corporate conglomerate who owns your identity as a product. A virtual identity that they hope is an accurate read on everything that makes you believe and buy. Identifiers are often subjected to propaganda to test out their usefulness as a multi-sell. Specification vs. generalization.

Identities have layers. We identify with a combination of things at any given time. Some identities are picked up after you hang out with someone else long enough. Others are conditioned for social situations. Those who identify with the Christ consciousness will access it because they identify with it, as it is with all religious beliefs.

Changing your name changes the energy? What if you changed your name legally? It changes your identity for real. Changing your name on Facebook changes your algorithms. It takes a minute for them to catch up, maybe less since you’re dealing with extremely complicated technology and intent. People don’t recognize you, it might take them a minute, they may even question your motives as they move through their own shit. Eventually they are reassured nothing else has changed and they can settle back down in their comfort zones.

What if everyone changed their names? I bet that would trigger a movement.
When you change your name on Facebook they do not allow you to change it again for 60 days. You have to really commit for at least two months so do you REALLY want to? You have so much invested in your identity. You may lose friends? It becomes a scary thing. So the ego wins and stays dressed in his comfortable threads of entangled genius that allows those in the know to feed on it financially until no one else has any.

Some identities are greedy. Some say they are selfless yet when no one is looking identify with quite a lot! Hidden identities are tricky. They take a bit more work because they’ve learned how it all works and know how to use it for one purpose or another.

Perhaps better pondered is what are you when you are nothing?

As I was writing this my mail came. So much junk mail these days! Actually your digital identity has started to change that. So to test my theory I put my mail on the table and took a look at what had arrived on my doorstep as I was online writing a blog post about identity. Let’s see how my ‘junk’ mail defined me…..


Those of you who know me well enough will giggle. Or perhaps shit your pants as you realize what my bigger message is in this blog post.

Identity, see it for what it is and know your own center. If you must identify with something make sure it has a non-digital signature at its core.







awaken your raw

primal fire

forge your medal here.

dusted comforts rot

flying carpet curtains




mismatched sock wars

twin flame divide

patriarchal impotency


lack of skill set.

offer hope instead.



permission to move forward

open book pg.18 postscript

birth chant

fire in the cave.





Vince Foster Scandal
Travelgate Scandal
Email Server Scandal
Paula Jones Scandal
FBI Background Scandal
Norman Hsu Scandal
Jorge Cabrera Scandal
Sniper Fire Scandal
Monica Lewinsky Scandal
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Scandal
Whitewater Scandal
Clinton Foundation Scandal
Benghazi Scandal
Cattle Money Scandal
2016 DNC Scandal
Clinton Speeches Scandal

Those of the top 16 most notorious Clinton scandals.
Do you recall any of them?

Propaganda, in a nutshell, is the misuse of information to sway a mind.
Scandal means morally or illegally wrong.

How do you see Hillary?
Do you hate her? or do you love her?
How is that thought manifesting in your reality right now?

Is that image solely yours? Is that image based on your firsthand experience? or is your image based on what others think? Is it propaganda?

We are knee deep in a time when having our own mind is a vital key to surviving.
If you are awake and aware, present and mindful, if you are a jedi and can organize your own thoughts without outside influence, you are a rare commodity. It also makes you dangerous to the current status quo. Your mind is hunted in an attempt to shut it down so the free thinking process does not spread. Your ability to not be swayed is a virus to some. A virus that must be exterminated at all costs.

Remember to stay stead fast in your own thoughts at all times. Systematically weed out what doesn’t belong to you. It no longer matters as to how it got in your mind, we have moved beyond that. And hiding does no good. It only prolongs the inevitable.

We are not here to be paranoid creatures. We are here to be present.
Mindfulness and self observation create a pathway through your neural network that bypasses your shit. Therefore you do not wallow in it. You do not react according to it. You do not consider your weaknesses or past because they cannot exist in mindfulness and self observation. Once you are aware of your behavior, once you have observed it, you have literally changed it by the simple act of observation. This is why healing work, works. Because once you become aware of why you do things, you can self study your actions and thoughts to be in tune with your own flavors.

Once you master this aspect of self, you reach out into the world moving like a ninja among others who are in the midst, and varying levels, of doing the same. Every now and then you come across another who is there on a similar plane of understanding and observance. This is a treasure. If both are mindful enough, they can withstand the merging of fields long enough to have a conversation, or perhaps even more….

This interaction will stimulate the needed areas of the brain that unlock memories, abilities and such, even if for but a moment, and can give access to other dimensional areas of the human being not often accessed due to the poor manner of self reflection and mindfulness. This is a moment of uplifted mind. Seeing over our own edge into our own beyond.

Let’s say for example a man only talks to women he believes are beautiful physically. He chooses not to speak to women he deems as ugly or less attractive then his own ideal. This would be an example of a man who is not mindful, or self observant, because if he was he would catch his own behavior and realize when he was being biased and judgmental. When he learns to find beauty in all women, despite their outward physical appearance, he will overcome his short sightedness, and open the channels for interaction with all women because they are all worthy. This self reflected observation will heal his inability to communicate with less attractive women, and he will find depth and meaning in all interactions regardless of his personal opinion of beauty.

He will learn the greater lesson that there is beauty in all interaction if he allows himself the space to self reflect on his own behaviors. He may find that no matter what someone looks like, they have something special to offer. This offers an enlightened state of understanding, and therefore reflects his growth.

However let’s say it’s not his fault, let’s say he has been propagandized to believe only thin women are beautiful, and all who are not thin are fat, and therefore not attractive. So in turn he rejects all women who are not thin. Slimming the pickings for connection and conversation and interaction instantly based on his mind being swayed by propaganda.

What if he had never been exposed to the propaganda that only thin women are beautiful? What if he had been left to his own to figure out what beautiful is or is not for himself?Perhaps he would’ve chosen different qualities to judge beauty by. Perhaps he would’ve talked to all women his whole life and had a much different experience then he has had.

This is how it works. Losing your mind to other things beside your own discernment.
It’s how populations are swayed, elections are won, and how companies can get away with murder. It’s all in the perspective being sold.

Propaganda can get into the furthest reaches of your mind and turn you around to believe anything. It is the deepest psych-ops there is. And it is legal for the United States to use it on their own citizens according to BusinessInsider Magazine. A law quietly passed in May 2012.

So how does that fact make you rethink some of your political opinions? Are your opinions your own? Have they been swayed by outside influences?
Being mindful and present helps to determine your own meme values.

There is a war on for your mind. Do not participate in the propaganda machines consciously or unconsciously. And remember propaganda is spread through word of mouth. You do not have to be watching TV or listening to the news. You can find it in your neighbor, spouse or best friend. It infiltrates all levels of life because it is meant too.
It is the changing color of the mind.

The psychology of propaganda is quite fascinating.
It has become even easier to pull off with a digital society.

Free thinker be aware.

by Hillary Raimo