Trevor Labarge

                                        Imagine if eagles never flew their nest.

The primordial things we keep well hidden within us are rising to the surface. Those archetypal winds that illuminate us are blowing. Pushing us up onto the land of who we truly are. Our challenges and annoyances show us the way into a deeper healing. What really gets to you these days?

The inner moon and sun will merge creating a force field of powerful energy through this eclipse. How you translate that energy will reflect your location on your path and an opportunity for more self awareness. A kind of higher powered GPS is guiding us now.

The ripple effect of this eclipse touches everything. Even our greatest love and our worst fears. Nothing is left out. The totality of you will feel something everywhere. How you express these sudden primordial experiences will depend on how you relate to the reality of them. Either way stuff will rise to your surface and how well you navigate the debris of yourself will depend on how flexible and self loving you are.

Have you done the deep healing work on yourself? 

If so, it will be easier but not free of challenge. Feed your flame starting now. Raise your thinking to higher domains of intuition and intellect. Open up space with others who can too. Imagine a new way through that which you think you know.

Your primordial waters have been well protected from what threatens to contaminate them. You are strong in your defenses because you are living in a world of war. You know how to battle well, even if only psychologically. Your armor has been weakened in some places, but not broken. It is time to take it off and relate differently. An opening for a new reality is here. This eclipse highlights the possibilities, you are making a choice. The dividing of the country with the eclipse path is not a doom and gloom, unless you truly experience it that way, but an opportunity to heal the divide, and rise up to reclaiming unity in a new way.

How do you expect to live in a world of peace if everyone relates differently?
Pay attention to how you relate to others. This is not a time to dismiss interactions or possibilities. It is a time for deep reflection. The mirrors will be big.

Redefine what peace means to you. Be specific!  
For me, it’s that place within me that nothing can ever contaminate. 

Everything that happens to you now is dependent on your ability to navigate your imagination and begin to explore the thought POWER of creating a new vision for yourself. Align it with clear and focused emotional energy and a new way that is sustainable in theory and application will reveal itself to you. Your vision will broaden and the view will be larger. You will see how things have connected leading up to this point now in your life. Synchronicity has led your way.

This is a time of great epiphany. 

It is time to be a generator. Conscious and aware. Unified first within yourself, the world then around you will reflect it.

Your feminine energy is about to take a walk through her relationship with the masculine. This will manifest for you in several ways. Pay attention to who seeks you out and open yourself to the why. Control dramas will disintegrate and disappear. You will begin to see how your awareness can navigate the quantum fields. This eclipse opens many new and wondrous things.

The eclipse is giving you access to ways of navigating the ethers you have never been aware of before. This awakening will serve as a foundation to a new you, new others, new ways. Unless, you are still stuck in your doubts, negativity and hate.

The root of the pain with the masculine and feminine energies will be revealed and you will realign and balance them first within yourself.  This process is personal, private and one only you can do for yourself. The time of needing others to hold space for us is over. We can do it alone. In knowing that, when we come together, the vibration is different, unified and more effective. Think prayer power. You got this.

We don’t need others because we lack anything, We need others to create fabrics of golden light across a dimensional matrix that is alive and well awaiting our curiosity to explore and experience. This is your moment.

Think happy thoughts.





Imagine if eagles never flew their nest.
In the animal world children leave their parents, never to see them again, early on.
Making way for new mother child bonds.
Independence breeds space.

Everyone experiences their own reality. No two are alike. Unique in their resonation and signature. Each made of genetic blueprints, life experiences, and choices made.
Are others even able to comprehend another persons reality really?

Like galaxies colliding does the entanglement create beautiful or nightmarish things?

Life is meant to create chemical reactions.  The natural world supports that statement when observed and studied.

I imagine there is a doorway opened by synchronicity somewhere between two people that enables higher human potential. Synchronicity is created by interaction with the other. Group and solo energy are not the same. Duo and trinity differ as well. The dynamics of the orchestration of it all matters. Depending on what is needed. Each experience is unique, special and means something. Synchronicity is the language of the future. Futurism dreams come true!

Does the other exist anywhere? Yes, your current location physically. However you wish to translate that. But you know the difference when another person is in the same room, vs not. Although some would suggest if ones thoughts are powerfully focused enough, there is no difference. How many minds would you say could do that? Whose radar would they pop up on today?

The other is the one who observes you into existence. As you do for them. 

Death offers other places to learn things. Other expressions of form and manifestation.
Your thoughts, emotions and ability to be conscious in the human form, gives the ability to be present at crucial moments, much like lucid dreaming does in dreams.

Lucid dreaming is a cousin of synchronicity. In the same family of higher consciousness and unique manifestations of critical openings in the time space continuum that will allow the light in.

Changing the biochemistry of the body with every ah-ha moment, the spin of the other, creates the friction of what is needed to comprehend. Instantly increasing intellect and ability to access the collective wisdom surrounding us all in the ethers. A direct way into a state of being that allows us to transcend our humanity and embrace our divinity.

Who owns original thought? 

In a new age world the dogma is ‘we are all one’.
But are we?
That would mean your mission is the same as mine, and you like exactly what I like on my toast. Could such commonalities mean anything these days, when connection for most, is a digital virtual life that neglects the natural world of first hand experience? A debatable and interesting question to ponder.

In an age when most people do not work a job aligned with their passions is it possible to engage the creative energies available to us in their full potential? Are most people happy, enjoying the lives, and reaching their fullest potential? Who is doing these studies?

And if not, are we embracing and celebrating our weaknesses as powerful growth factors capable of igniting the flame within so it may increase the synchronicity between us and others?

If we are indeed our very own realities, each of us a generator of consciousness in entity form, then wouldn’t that make some of us angels and others demons? What was the original intention of religion? and why that story?

A closed mind questions no such things. Content to ride the 9-5 clock, and imagine only their limitations. But yet in the death space, we all encounter eventually, we face the realities of what is important and what is not. Fine tuning our senses and refining our skills. Alchemizing our inner gold through soul quakes that bring the love to the surface. If we choose to die that way. Some choose fear, insecurities and superficial means.

New world? New age? New Earth? can the same parameters of an old world survive in a new one? Marriage, partnership, love, corporations, laws, rules, medicine. Wouldn’t it all have to be rewritten and reformed?

But who makes those decisions?
Good questions need to be considered.

They say a super computer cannot be aware of itself. But a human can. Once aware of oneself, the consciousness becomes lucid, and like in a dream, can navigate different dimensional spaces.

Synchronicity is the key. The other is the door.

Each time we are face to face with someone, a potential lies waiting to be expressed.
An ah-ha moment sits patiently. Accessible if you are careful enough to be mindful to notice.

It is not about our human laws, originating from questionable sources. In fact, one could debate that this potential was carefully removed from mainstream information. Hiding human potential except to the chosen ones. Why can’t everyone have it? Because not everyone comes from love. A collective reality we all subscribe to somehow.

Watching the scales of balance in our physical reality will clue us in. Contamination in the body leads to disease and sooner death. Contamination in the environment leads to less vibrant and sustainable life support for everyone on the planet. Is nature in a cycle or is she being triggered by fracking and a dangerous global energy system? Hard to tell with so much diverse information and power plays involved.

Today I learned to see the bigger picture better. To appreciate the broadened vision. To incorporate the larger meaning to things. I learned to better appreciate the space of the other. 

A space where our thoughts can grow, co-mingle and be expressed without anything attached to it, enables spirit/soul to come though and communicate clearer. However that manifests is up to the purpose of the space created. The intent of the two doing it, their ability to trust and open up to one another, and how long they can hold the lucidity for.

I believe people come together for a reason.

A very special reason. One that will reveal itself without even trying to figure it out. Free will exists because for those not ready, sabotage and distraction find their way easily through their minds, therefore creating their reality and dimensional force. Those realities are far over there in the corner of a dimensional universe my cosmic borders don’t touch. By choice and my own evolution. That’s my micro.
How’s yours?

Hillary Raimo

Synchronicity explained







When we partner with someone who is a great catalyst for synchronicity, the quality of love vibration increases.

Diffracting outward, affecting everything within its vibrational reach. A ripple, emanation, of manna like no other. It is rare, potent, a concentrated dose of love. All the great love stories remind us of the power, danger and potential a pure synchronistic union has for humanity.

Everyone is taught love from an early age. Through one’s home life. Media. Entertainment choices. First love, great love, worst love.

How you love matters. 

The twin flame phenomenon is a synchronistic interaction. Increasing the intelligence of each other by observing and interacting on an intuitive quantum field. Powered by the synergy created from the merging of the fields of each partner, psychic phenomena increases, a more powerful level of synchronicity is revealed.

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This is a follow up article to my 2012 Twining Twins of Divine Flame  

On January 20th, 2016 five planets will align in the night sky. This is an astrological event from an Earth based perspective. The alignment will last for approximately one month. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – will appear in a line, visible to the naked eye.

This epic alignment signals the continuation of love. Love based here on Earth. Bringing it down from the heavens and anchoring it on real ground. The time to work with your twin flame is here, and the signs are everywhere. You cannot fake true synchronistic happenings. The kind that give a level of confirmation nothing else can. They are personal and when they happen between you and your twin, they will be tangible on all levels. You will spark ah-ha moments between the two of you, that will ripple outward into the etheric realm touching everyone and everything. It is this kind of quantum entanglement that will become stronger as you both practice and accept the level of connection your joining births. Trust is the only way to proceed. Deep trust and a promise to protect each other in this space. The biggest challenge twins will face now is trust. Synchronistic events can be manipulated. It takes a darkened heart indeed to deal this level of manipulation, and the repercussions of it are drastic and life threatening. That said, however, there is a higher force at work, assisting and propelling twins towards their awakened destiny. Because what they produce together has the power to ripen consciousness in ways nothing else can. It is about connection, intimacy, real love, and a telepathic connection that widens ones awareness to the far reaches of the universe.

In this awakened state of consciousness, twins are immersed in a field of pure potential. They can create beauty or nightmares. They are both responsible for holding steady in love, and when one falters, the other assists in the rebalancing. Why? because what happens to one, happens to the other. The bond that is invoked is potent, powerful and has unlimited strength. It is the manna, the chalice and the contents of the holy grail. It is what so many seek, yet they often look in the wrong places. A twin is not something to pretend to be, or insist you are. The phenomena will happen or it won’t. When it starts it is wise to take notice. You can experiment with it, practice it and eventually master it. When twins master their bond, the magic that comes is the true threat to the establishments, religions and complexes designed today to keep people dumbed down and powerless. The bond that exists between true twin flames is a spark, a seed, of extreme quantum consciousness that will open the most closed system to the light.

The bumps and bruises twins get along the way will toughen their resolve and they will rise to the occasion to bring all they are to the table for each other, because they cannot deny the experience that happens between them. Today, most are afraid, resistant and reluctant to engage on this level of intimacy. For whatever reason, they avoid it because it is to much for them, or they are not ready, and there is nothing the other twin can do about it except have patience and wait. The phenomena that happens can freak people out, turn on their run apps full force, and off they go, insisting you aren’t their twin and someone else is, or they aren’t ready for a zillion reasons. In the grand scheme of lifetimes this small pause is nothing, yet to the other twin it can feel like eternity. You travel through worlds, incarnate on the same planet at the same time, you cross paths and meet, the spark is there, and finally you can say yes. This is no small feat. Often taken for granted or dismissed, when it is acknowledged the bond twines, and begins to glow a golden hue, activated once again. Memories will surface, drawn out of your cells, you will go through a variety of emotions, as your crust breaks open from the force. You will be stripped naked and lay in surrender under the moon. Nothing can eclipse the feeling.

The twin can see everything inside and around you. You can hide nothing. Secrets are unveiled in an instant and knowing is constant. You can close your eyes and feel them, anytime anywhere. Distance is an illusion. Separation a lie. The spiritual significance of this connection is of the upmost importance. Ancient cultures knew the power of such connections and the symbolism is deeply rooted into their ruins left behind.

If you lie and deceive your twin, they know instantly. You cannot manipulate them because  they are your emotions, streaming live in real time, you both share the same mindspace. The telepathic abilities between the two surpass the abilities in normal situations. Twinning is the ability to interact with your twin on all sensual levels of consciousness. Do not think this connection is all fun and games. It will open your consciousness in ways nothing else has, it will ripple through parts of you that have had little or no movement in eons. This will cause all sorts of things to rise to your surface. If these things are faced together, you will overcome them and clear the field for the work the two of you have in this lifetime. You have found each other for reasons you can only perhaps glimpse in rare moments of higher understanding. No one has all the answers, but together you find more than if you are alone. This is how the sight between two becomes one.

Twins can change the weather. Their magnetic fields increase and the stronger the connection, the stronger the affect.

When you meditate with your twin, the experience will be enhanced. Together your consciousness will merge and become one entity with source. In which an all knowing, all seeing perspective forms. Enhanced by both your energies combined. It is the twin experience that makes this so powerful, not only because of the love you have for each other but because the biophysical effects will be undeniable. You will feel sensations on all levels that will expand you, widen you and fill your cracks with healing salve.

The sexual energy will ripen, and when you merge physically it will consecrate the bond. This is where one must tread lightly with great respect to self and the other. The sexual energy that is produced between twins will be extraordinary and has endless potential. It will take you to the stars. True twins will conceive a new world between them. A tangible place with texture and meaning. Adding sexual energy is what happens naturally as twins are attracted to each other in ways that far surpass the ‘we are all one’ love. As much as everyone wants to believe in unconditional love, one must have boundaries and be respectful and accountable to their own actions and assumptions, as well as actions of the other. For example, to use the soulmate energy as a line to get someone in bed, or to invoke it just for the fun of it, creates a nasty karma both will have to work out for an undetermined amount of ‘time’ and there are deep energetic repercussions. Never invoke this bond between yourself and another unless you are sure and it is absolutely reciprocated fully by the other. To do any different will create a very messy entanglement and can be very harmful to self and others. You must stand in your integrity in the twinning, or it collapses the love bubble, and can do great harm. In which case, it will take work to rebuild and heal. Work which can take seconds, or centuries.

During events of great astrology or big earth changes, twin energies can have a stabilizing effect. If everyone was partnered with their true twin, the amount of love infused etherically would quantumly shift the scales and rebalance humanities energy fields which are intimately connected to this planet. Just like the true purpose of megalithic sites around the world, working WITH earth energy fields and WITH magnetic lines, love can create a plethora of dynamic influence which can drastically change consciousness, which ultimately is connected to everything. Hate is a powerful energy, one we can all feel when it enters our space. Love is the same, yet it has the opposite effect, instead of shutting us down, it opens us up. This opening is ripe and filled with vast potential which when used for the right thing, and the right wolf is fed, has enormous repercussions in ways humanity has yet to learn. Science will catch up eventually and show these connections as true. Until then it is something intuitives have felt and known for a very long time, as has Shamans and indigenous healers worldwide.

What are the odds you and your twin have incarnated now? Right now. Why? What would the purpose be? Can you stay long enough in that holy space to find out? or will you run away and bury yourself in your addictions and old ways of loving? If I told you you could make it rain, or cause an earthquake, or move a pencil on a desk 3000 miles away, would you believe me? It takes complete and holy trust. It takes courage, strength and hope to make the twin energies work at their fullest potential. We are evolving into a world where sensual telepathy will become normal, expected and understood.

Being magnetically attracted to your twin means there is gravity between you. Gravity pulls you together for a reason. Your partnership is reflected in the very physics that cause the pull. Listen to the pull. Go with the pull. Fall into it as far as you can. Face what comes and get through it together. The challenges may be great, resolve will purify the connection and concentrate the power of it drop by drop as you steep in it and it ripens your wise.



Your twin will show up when you are ready. Ready to surrender to yourself and another. No walls, no games, no bullshit. It will be ripe right from the start; intense and will challenge your belief in relationship right from the initial interaction. Societies rules have no say in this connection. It overrides everything. It consumes. It spits you out on the other side of yourself. You are seen for all you are. You are heard in everything you fail to say. You are felt on levels never before felt. It may be new or it may be reminiscent of past loves, which may have held glimpses of your twin before they arrived. Preparing you for the real deal. Holding you in time and space so you can acclimate to your new level of ascension. Twin love transforms, transmutes and challenges all of your known realities, beliefs and asks you to reform accordingly.

Imposter soulmates, those who enter your space with the intention to deceive are a new reality of pain. The subject of soulmates, twin flames, is widely discussed now, and in spiritual circles this can quickly become abused and used as a means to invade another persons space. In order to not block your twins energy because of doubt or mistrust, one must depend on synchronistic confirmations. The kind that only belong to you, that no one knows about, because this is Universe speaking to you directly. It is Universe saying WAKE THE FUCK UP! THIS IS FOR REAL! There is no time constraints on twin interactions or energy. They may come in for a season, or a lifetime. They do not necessarily stay longterm, or enter into traditional relationships. Although some do commit and stay together doing great work in the world together. I believe twin energy is meant to create exactly what is necessary and relevant between them during their time together. You have an eternity to intertwine. You will always eventually cross paths because you are magnetically compatible. The cognition ignites and there is no denying it.

When problems arise between twins it is vital to pay close attention. The bond that is created can reek havoc on each other if it is disharmonious. Your negativity can cause your twin to get ill, or have negative thoughts and reactions. Your denial and rejection of your twin can cause discord and even death. If someone is your true twin, you must have that conversation. Put it on the table. Talk about it, clear your feelings respectively and honor your own and the other through the resolve. Clearing the tension can clear the field and release the productive energies waiting for the ok. Once the resolution is complete both twins will continue to feel the high energy, high octane movement created between them and off they go, ready to conquer the world.

How do you know it is a true twin and not an imposter twin? Your body will tell you. Your spirit will acknowledge it and the confirmations will be undeniable, personal and completely relevant. Like finding a needle in the sand on a 10 mile long beach. Yet still the human mind plays tricks and even this level of confirmation can sometimes be overlooked. Sadly some continue to spin in their ego, resisting and reluctant. This may be a sign they are not your twin, or they are and just need to work through their feelings. Free will is the security system set up within the human system to protect and preserve. We all have one, we all navigate it and we all make decisions. Decisions that need to be respected, no matter how painful. Twin love can be a roller coaster until it is accepted completely by both twins. Patience is vital, perseverance and trust in the bond.

Leaving twin relationships can be tricky, challenging and unsettling. If you have accomplished what you were to accomplish together, you may in fact be in a situation that asks you to separate from it. The withdrawal will be steady and swift. It will cut you like a sword and the wound will be deep and take time to heal. You will get through it. Time assists us as does a higher perspective and understanding that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we simply do not see that reason in our human form, but we have to trust spirit and the coordination. Perhaps it was only a glimpse, and the twin who is your true match is coming closer as you ripen and become ready. Twins sometimes do not incarnate at the same time in current lifetimes, so we only get to feel them slightly through others as they visit us through them. It is a tangible energetic imprint signature that is undeniably real. If it fades, and you wonder why, it may be that your twin could only come through for a moment, touch you through someone else, and give you the necessary exchange at just the right time. Always looking out for each other, always having your best interest at heart, your true twin will never hurt you, never leave you, and will always love you even through your storms. As you will for them.


Twins work on large levels. All the time. Nothing is ever irrelevant between them. They have the power to change things. Literally. Together they can assist the world should they both choose to do so. If they choose to partner ceremoniously this increases their power tenfold. A sacred act on an auspicious day or timing or alignment will enhance their efforts greatly and empower their magic. As we spin through the galaxy on this one rock we call home, as we navigate a million obstacles every day moving slightly towards them in each way, gravitating towards a better understanding of self and other, we allow the nurturing of an element, esoteric in nature, to form. This entity will rise up and ignite others, inspire them and also attract other forms of things that wish to break it up. Distractions, past relationships, people seeking the flame for themselves, evil and their legions of forces will stop at nothing to disrupt true twins. Because what is conceived within their union is the stuff ancient myths and prophecies have predicted since the beginning of time. It is not a savior we wait for to return, it is a high quality love with the ability to light up consciousness in new ways that open the channels to new ideas and solutions for a planet in need. High quality mergers, such as twins coming together, launches a new wave of renewed energy into the field, and all living beings feel it, are attracted to it, and understand the need for it now especially. There is a force at work in the world today which hunts this love full-time. Hoping to deceive you and derail you. True twins overcome these forces, and when they commit to each other, these forces know it will be a game changer. Twin love ignites a renaissance of consciousness. One that frees the mind body and soul from the oppression at work in the world today. It allows for the true force of God/Goddess to incarnate and be put to work in the world for the greater good. This is the power twins hold. An ability to do the kind of magic we only hear about now in myths and legends. Twins ensure the continuance of this powerful love, rising at just the right time in humanities evolution, like an inoculation for the virus of hate.

Hillary Raimo



























There is another one of you somewhere. The same as you. Except they are the opposite of you too. Biologically different, yet the same at a soul level. A certain level of soul where a unique plasmic vibration lives. Where a kind of ambrosia is brewed. Liquid love on a dimensional plane. Etheric flux, the bridge between what makes you unique and what connects you to everything. Here in this place the thought of you was conceived in this 3D world. That is what made you tangible. It is what made you YOU. A finger print of sorts on your energetic aura. It is the same force that brought your parents together, drew them into each other. The same force that knew in order for the thought of you to be born, it needed a vessel.

That force can sometimes conceive twins. The thought of you splits, like a cell and develops side by side. Breathing the same breath. Made of the same dimensional cloth. Then you descent into the 3D world each as your own. This memory within your energetic field never forgets that original feeling of connect. Never. You will crave it all your life. Seek it out in a million ways. Think you have found it again and again. You will wonder how to recreate it in this strange material world. Always trying too. Always looking for it even if you can’t name it, describe it, or attempt to envision it.

One day you will just let that idea go and get on with your life. Perhaps marry whatever seems closest to it. Settling for what seems to be the furthest thing from it. Agree to disagree with yourself in a way that allows less then to be real for you. When real is always somewhere calling your name. Or maybe you believe it to be the one. Everyone wants to be the one.

Either way like magnets it will come. Even at the most inconvenient times. In the most mysterious of ways. It will form the same way it began. In the etheric. In the non-physical. Out on the fringes of you. It will land on the borderline of real & unreal. Where all ideas, thoughts and things are born. That crossing place of there and here. Like a sperm fertilizing the egg it will bury itself into the outer layers of your energy field and impregnate you with you. An infusion of self, because you are the same. Only together you are stronger. Here lies the magic.

You walk through your life and suddenly it happens. Perhaps it is not so clear right away, but there is a feeling of something grand happening, something bigger then yourself taking place. Suddenly you can see further, you can know further. Together you intertwine in a way that is nothing less then the DNA spiral synch itself. The code that made you, the same code. The DNA illuminated. The twine.

Here in the illuminated twine you both remember who you really are. Your activated divine self twirls round and round in an intimate dance of creative spontaneous synchronistic duality spun into one mind. The divine hive mind. Diffracting outward into the collective like a power signal vibrating truth, love and it awakens others. Clear, strong and beautiful it can’t help but be seen, like a sparkling diamond already polished in the mud banks of an ancient river catching the sun.

The kind of love that is created is so powerful it will change worlds, yours and theirs. Change will come, opening every crack you have in your shadow demanding the healing salve of the light so you can be whole. So you can both be whole, whole on whole. Your human paths may have led to pains that are in deep need of healing, these will not go unnoticed within the reunion. They will be highlighted with an illuminated burning white light, blinding. You will be afraid that you will disappear in this blinding white heat. Scared you may be caged, freedom lost, all your hard work gone. Only the ego mind fears the twine. The ego mind is the last level of mind to accept the synch of your twin. All higher minds are in agreement that the spin is what is needed to weave together the grand tapestry of gold.

Intense will be the word of the day, all days until you submit to the force that guides and weaves you. You will climb high and fear being dropped so you may run, so as not to fall. Away only for a moment. The pull once it has rang together like two liberty bells, that tone will forever remind you of a connection so profound, so unique so real…you will never be able to truly dismiss it away. Because it has nowhere else to go accept higher.

This is a dangerous love to everyone else because it mirrors what they do not feel inside. It will invoke a deep hatred within them and they will be a channel for a kind of evil that lives to destroy the level of love vibration true twins emanate. That dark force will work through others, and overtime to break it up, to distract it, cause distrust and war between them in anyway they can. It is the devil at work. The devil hates the kind of love ignited by the twin flames, because that alchemical heat can destroy the hate it has worked so hard to seed into the human consciousness. It will melt away the veil of true knowledge and expose it for all. If everyone remembers, no one can hate anymore.

True twin flames may never met. They may only work on the etheric. That is the most powerful place to twine. Coming together at just the right moment, at just the right time. When the world needs it the most. A rebirth of an ancient love the kind that Mary & Jesus felt, Adam and Eve had. The kind that will restore the garden of Eden. The kind of genesis that germinates the seed of the first flower. The kind of love that makes her bloom, that causes her vision to clear. The kind that creates a catalyst for him to bridge that vision into the world. They become guardians of each other, bound by trust and love. Knowing what is felt cannot be faked or recreated by others.

Twin flames twine a combined synch. Their centers create a common center. An empowered center. This is the point where hate, that dark force will give it everything it has to intervene. That common center of the twin flames will become like an activated ark. It will create the grand square in the etheric world. It bridges in a portal for the ascended masters to return. It illuminates the seed to be genetically linked to any one of them so they may come back and be born in this world.

It pays well for the dark forces that be to stop this from happening. To keep people in a lower frequency so as they never find that twin, so that the love created or felt is doubted, distrusted, and written off as crazy and insane. Dismissed and aborted. That is how the devil prefers it. That is how the agents of that devil would keep it. That is why moments like this, 12/21/12 are so precious, because they know it is the gateway in. They know that if they dont keep us hating each other the masters will return through the union of the true flames.

So you will have war, chaos, violence, and everything else that will train your mind to respond in the frequency that keeps that door shut. Because if you found a true twin couple that twined and synced and illuminated the spiral staircase of the DNA you would change the species by creating the cosmic child.

One child, divine & illuminated, returned………. born of the merging of the true divine flames…….would create a kind of infusion to consciousness that would evolve the human species. This child could be an etheric child, not necessarily a physical child, although eventually it would manifest. Especially if the true divine flames actually merged on the physical plane.

Twin flame energy is like the whitest part of a fire, the most intense heat that turns purple. The color of royalty. Royal divine twins have the power to change the world in such powerful ways that their return is always watched for on a grand scale. Perhaps for some so they can prevent it, perhaps so others can protect it.

Their union will open the gateways of Heaven, in whatever that means to you. Here between the two, like twin towers an explosion takes place that merges the two into one. You will see it manifest in the world somewhere symbolically.

You and your twin will begin to effect the world around you. Psychically you will be very strong. You will feel what the other is doing, thinking, feeling. You are the same. You have the same higher mind, one of you represents each side. Divine male and Divine female. The microcosm and the macrocosm.  You will do things that mirror each other, you will reach a level of synching even when you aren’t trying to synch. You merge into one mind. Together you decode the matrix because together you rise above it.

Others will begin to join in because the two of you create the original thought of the hive mind. He stimulates the Queen bee. She in turns stimulates the entire hive.

Your union will stir angels. Inspire humans. It will give hope to all. It will bring forth an incredible tangible energy that is palpable. It will make no rational sense when seen through the ego mind. It will not add up, or respond to the same kind of ego mind relationship rules and indoctrination because true twin flames know a place within themselves and each other that defies all rules made up within the 3D world because they were not conceived within it.  They only simply live within it as a body.

When twin flames partner in the 3D they will birth angels, Gods, ascended masters. They will activate the full human potential within a conception. Illuminating the DNA to its fullest most grand design. No step within the spiral staircase will go dark. The human brain will be in complete activity and it will stay that way. Creating a sacred bloodline of Divinity.

Right now as we begin to cross the Galactic center, a 30 million year crossroads you will be called to your twin flame, like a moth. Magnetically stimulated while chemically activated. The heat will rise and you will follow the scent. You will both recognize the connection. It will be a give and  take, a back and forth. An honoring of your highest potential. You will see each other for what you are. You will burn through the illusions both of you have set up to get through life, and you will not be able to hide behind them the way you have with others. The formula you have created to survive will no longer make sense. You will meet in the ethers, the virtual of the world matrix and here you will make the kind of love that can stir the Universe.

When you touch you will create a kind of viril lightening that will illuminate all of the neurons in your brain and pull the sacred kundalini upwards to open the 3rd eye where the true world and meaning of that world can be seen.  It will surpass all other meanings in the world as you know it. There will be nothing more important then that combined vision, that merged dream.

You will be tested over and over. Everything you thought you were will be null and void in this sacred space of communion. The sense of I becomes eye, two eyes become one. Shen. Like two towers becoming one. One ring to rule them all. Royal & divine. Holy.

The worlds rules will no longer apply to you and your flame. You will be walking in a different place. Where different rules apply. Where a new kind of creation and a new kind of danger live. You must adjust yourself. Regroup and be courageous in your connection.

You can always unplug. Let the ego mind win. The devil will cheer you on and celebrate your choice. The heavens know eventually it will happen because it is meant too. The timeline of eons knows no hurry.

A 30 million year opening will soon be above your head. It will soon be infusing your sun with itself. Who is flowing with you right now as acting flame? Could there be a reason beyond your understanding as to why this partner right now has manifested? You have attracted them to you. You have called their name. They will listen if they are your true flame. They will know and remember. They will see the signs and let those signs speak to their inner sanctum. Their ego mind will fight it. But if they have mastered their center they will overcome that struggle easily. If they do not overcome that struggle they are not your true flame, or they are just not ready to see you yet and you will keep trying and holding that space for them because you know who they are. Keep dreaming the dream and dance the dance on the edge of the ethers where the stars shine and illuminate the resting place of the Gods calling to them so they can hear you.

Align with your twin flame now and let the heat transform you. Overcome fear & hate and illuminate them back into source for recycling. You were not meant to be here right now in separation and fear. You were meant to be in a deep state of divine love as you sail across the eternal river.

You have shared many lifetimes with your twin. You always attract each other at just the right time. No matter what that is. You have a sacred agreement with them to intervene at just the right moment. The bigger that timing, the bigger that agreement. You will be asked to remember that love, to pull it forward in your consciousness. To regain that insight of many lifetimes together. To honor your soul marriage. Because in honoring them you are in essence honoring yourself because you are the same. You are cut from the same cosmic cloth.

It may or may not be what you expect it to be because these agreements, these divine relations do not abide by the same ego mind rules. So you may or may not be meant to live together physically. But you are meant to allow what will be …… to be.

Your twin will know in their heart who you are. They will close their eyes in their most intimate space and see it, but more importantly they will feel it. Feeling is of the heart. The heart remembers everything. It is the true brain of the body and all of its energy fields.

Call to your twin flame. Call  to them now. Let the love you both are join. Merge and allow the great reunion to happen. The Universe awaits you. Cross the Cosmic river and birth the cosmic child between the two of you. Defeat evil and change the tides. Rebirth the sacred altars. The very altars you make love on to keep the Universe swirling the grand balance of truth.

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By Hillary Raimo
2012 copyright all rights reserved

I walked down the long corridor. Following the dim light towards an uncertain end. The air was dusty and hot. Sweat soaked my shirt. How long had I been in here? Time had disappeared along with my sense of direction. The deafening silence bounced off the walls reminding me I was completely alone.
Up ahead an opening to the left. The doorway pitch black offering no indication of a way out. My flashlight was running on fumes. Carefully I pointed the beam of light into the darkness. Shadowy figures instantly appeared on the walls of an empty rectangle shaped chamber. Ignoring my growing thirst, I knew I had very little time left to find a way out.
How long had I been here? I barely recalled the outside world. Lost in a world of tunnels,  chambers and stone. I kept the hope that I would find a way.
The room was empty. Letting none of its secrets out. I ran my hand over the smooth stone. Carefully so I could find any hidden seams that may open to something else, perhaps an exit.
Nothing. Only dust.
The air was getting heavier. The walls were closing in. I felt the reality of it.
Yet something inside me refused to give up.
Just a little further. Keep going.
I left the chamber making note of its location to keep track in my mind some sense of location.

A sound up ahead.

What was that? Maybe someone is here with me?
I strained my ears. Nothing. Did it even happen? I began to doubt myself. Perhaps I was dehydrated and beginning to hallucinate.
Thoughts raced through my mind.

Again the sound.

Everything stopped.
Even my sense of time.
Nothing moved.
A strange tension grew between me and the location of the sound.
Images of strange creatures began to form in my mind.
A large animal? Impossible.
Another person lost in this gigantic maze of connecting tunnels and chambers far under the earth? Friend or foe?
“Hello?” my voice bounced off the walls.
This was insane. Panic began to build in my chest.
The light began to dim. Of course. Just like in every horror film ever made. Figures.
I closed my eyes and find the darkness behind my lids brighter then some of the spaces I had just come from.
Keep going.
I took a deep breath and began to move closer to whatever it was.
I guess if I meet my fate then so be it.
Death was a way out.
Just not my idea of an ideal way.
I finished the last of my water. For a moment I considered leaving the empty bottle right there on the floor. If someone found it they would know someone had been here. Perhaps a glimmer of hope?

The sound again. Only closer.

Shit, what is that?

I aimed the weak beam of light down the corridor.
Only emptiness and dust.

I can’t go back the way I came.
The hot air touched every part of me.
I moved slowly. As if doing so made my existence real.





sensual telepathy
deep dose.

can I share that sacred place with you
safely held within the field
stable least chaos reigns.

light me

emanations ripple through the cosmos
good for everything.

rearranged parallel consciously stirred
blooms of purple magnolia
unfolding forces of creation notice.

synergy queen

lit skies of jaded green
magma fields of red
earth time.

hold still within the present moment
full force shapes stone.

come into the tangle
frictional stimulation
mind blowing sensations
birth pleasure zones.

illusions dissolve instantly.

Hillary Raimo
The day I realized the Devil’s bible is mistakenly translated….








It started with a vision of a giant crystal in a zen garden.
I was offered an open invitation to tour Richard Berger’s Masterpieces of the Earth Collection. On the Summer Solstice I walked into a warehouse filled with some of the largest specimens of minerals and crystals on the planet.

I had also organized a Love Breathe Earth meditation for the Solstice that same day and people were joining in from all around the world helping to create a matrix of love for the earth at that very moment. Everyone somewhere in nature, conjuring the highest quality of love they can recall or imagine, opening their emotions up to nature were offering their love for the earth. Here I stood quietly in this incredible space letting my heart open, and love flood me, and sharing that with these ancient spirits of earth.

I opened up my heart even more as I gently placed my hands on a large crystal. I thought of everyone I have loved well and all those who have in return, as well as the love I have for nature, beauty and the totality of the life experience. My body chemistry reacted and I became what we all are, resonators of vibration. I stayed in that space with the crystalline being and the communication was clear, direct and in no need of interpretation.


Masterpieces of the Earth Collection, #MyLoveBreatheForEarthMoment, Summer Solstice 2017

In what seemed like only a few moments of earth time, as I stood there with my hands on the surface, time expanded into a lifetime. With the sensation of crossing dimensions, I carried that feeling with me as my consciousness imagined the journey through the multiverse. Guided by only the boundaries of my imagination, fantasizing the reality of a new earth. A kind earth. A healthy non-contaminated earth. An earth where humans were free to explore the betterment of themselves, their relationships, communities, countries, planets, universes. As I opened my eyes and looked deep into the crystal I saw beings of light gathered on a pinhead sized space. Millions of them.

This was my Love Breathe Earth moment.
And all those who were on the planet loving the Earth at that moment too, were having their own experience, and sharing the joy that brings. Creating ripples of love emanating from our hearts, we lifted our own vibrations, as well as those around us, all species from insects, plants, animals, elements. Even politics. Could we be so vain?


Fontainebleau Concretions, Masterpieces of the Earth Collection. Photo by Hillary Raimo

I had quite the experience with the Fontainebleau concretions which were compellingly beautiful. I was completely enchanted by them. The Fontainebleau Concretions were created in an ancient sea. Composed of the finest crystalline quartz sand on the planet, used to create stain glass windows in some of Europes most treasures cathedrals, as well as for the pyramid at the Louvre Museum in France. (You can read more about them here.)

Cymatics shows us how vibration creates form. Depending on the vibration, different manifestations are born. Some of the concretions look remarkably similar to human bone joints. Could these concretions be the testament of earth creating the vibrational blueprints of humanity? What a bold question. Grinding against many indoctrinations. This was the stuff our conversations were made of as I spent half a day with Richard Berger, the owner of the Masterpieces of Earth Collection

“People need inspiration. People need positive images about this planet. Especially right now.” – Richard Berger

There was nothing but pure unadulterated peace and love in that warehouse. Each specimen carefully displayed, well loved and safe. I see Richard as a guardian of these ancient crystal elders. His vision to birth a public space where these beings can make a difference for humanity directly by experiencing them is a worthy and justifiable dream.
Especially right now.  He claims the world needs positive images of the Earth. A direct experience of her beauty and majesty. I agree.

There was a refreshing authenticity about this man. His words were clear, and intent pure as he described how he came to be on this path. I instantly enjoyed his presence. I was traveling with my friend, and gifted artist, Nancy Gannon. Her and I were simply in awe of the collection, and how amazing it felt being around these mineral beings. In sharing our experience we confirmed many things we had been discussing previously.


Hillary Raimo & Richard Berger, private tour of the Masterpieces of the Earth Collection, Summer Solstice 2017, photo by Nancy Gannon

It’s been two days since I stood among these beautiful ancient earth beings as I write this. My body feels different. I find myself uninterested in previous habits, indifferent to the headlines, in fact I haven’t even wondered to look. It all feels worlds away, in some other parallel  universe. I could only write what I experienced out, pour it into words to make some sense of the sensations I endured.

Chaos opens the ability to reconstruct something even stronger, better, and more life affirming. We are a part of everything, connected in ways only science or god can really explain. Our thoughts, feelings and physical existence helps to destroy, or protect. Each choice we are faced with branches off into the possibilities of each outcome. Living every possible expression of oneself simultaneously and through consciousness we have access to all of that, bridging dreams or nightmares by choice and circumstance.

My spirit feels clear. Cleansed of the delusions of this world. Clarity has set in and direct experience once again bypasses the need of a mediator of meaning.

I hope everyone gets to experience these crystals beings someday.
That is Richards vision. His installation includes crystals in a garden. Which started this whole journey for me personally.

Who can say why we cross paths with anyone. Let alone millions of year old proof that something exists right beneath our feet that is worth protecting, loving and caring for.


Standing in an ancient ocean, millions of years old. Photo by Nancy Gannon

My experience of the Masterpieces of the Earth will continue to grow, and make me more sensitive to the natural world. I know that is true because I feel that truth in my heart. I have awakened to the grounded-ness of the experience. I have walked through the garden of immortality, eaten the apple and saved the seeds. May we be reminded on a regular basis of the importance of keeping the Earth in peoples hearts. As a direct experience of godlike divinity.

Hillary Raimo
Summer Solstice 2017







That’s right, I used to hate them. Who did they think they were, using women’s goddess energies for their own selfish needs?

Non-reciprocating love-mongers who gobbled up women’s love to fuel their own engines because they couldn’t fuel their own otherwise. I saw them as users. Manipulating selfish pigs who couldn’t stay faithful to anyone, let alone themselves. Sucking up women’s vaginas as if trying to climb back into their mothers wombs. Refusing to deal with their mommy issues. Projecting them all over the rest of us.

Verbally vomiting everywhere and leaving women to clean it all up. I saw men as violators of the sacred Divine Feminine heart.

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