It started with a vision of a giant crystal in a zen garden.
I was offered an open invitation to tour Richard Berger’s Masterpieces of the Earth Collection. On the Summer Solstice I walked into a warehouse filled with some of the largest specimens of minerals and crystals on the planet.

I had also organized a Love Breathe Earth meditation for the Solstice that same day and people were joining in from all around the world helping to create a matrix of love for the earth at that very moment. Everyone somewhere in nature, conjuring the highest quality of love they can recall or imagine, opening their emotions up to nature were offering their love for the earth. Here I stood quietly in this incredible space letting my heart open, and love flood me, and sharing that with these ancient spirits of earth.

I opened up my heart even more as I gently placed my hands on a large crystal. I thought of everyone I have loved well and all those who have in return, as well as the love I have for nature, beauty and the totality of the life experience. My body chemistry reacted and I became what we all are, resonators of vibration. I stayed in that space with the crystalline being and the communication was clear, direct and in no need of interpretation.


Masterpieces of the Earth Collection, #MyLoveBreatheForEarthMoment, Summer Solstice 2017

In what seemed like only a few moments of earth time, as I stood there with my hands on the surface, time expanded into a lifetime. With the sensation of crossing dimensions, I carried that feeling with me as my consciousness imagined the journey through the multiverse. Guided by only the boundaries of my imagination, fantasizing the reality of a new earth. A kind earth. A healthy non-contaminated earth. An earth where humans were free to explore the betterment of themselves, their relationships, communities, countries, planets, universes. As I opened my eyes and looked deep into the crystal I saw beings of light gathered on a pinhead sized space. Millions of them.

This was my Love Breathe Earth moment.
And all those who were on the planet loving the Earth at that moment too, were having their own experience, and sharing the joy that brings. Creating ripples of love emanating from our hearts, we lifted our own vibrations, as well as those around us, all species from insects, plants, animals, elements. Even politics. Could we be so vain?


Fontainebleau Concretions, Masterpieces of the Earth Collection. Photo by Hillary Raimo

I had quite the experience with the Fontainebleau concretions which were compellingly beautiful. I was completely enchanted by them. The Fontainebleau Concretions were created in an ancient sea. Composed of the finest crystalline quartz sand on the planet, used to create stain glass windows in some of Europes most treasures cathedrals, as well as for the pyramid at the Louvre Museum in France. (You can read more about them here.)

Cymatics shows us how vibration creates form. Depending on the vibration, different manifestations are born. Some of the concretions look remarkably similar to human bone joints. Could these concretions be the testament of earth creating the vibrational blueprints of humanity? What a bold question. Grinding against many indoctrinations. This was the stuff our conversations were made of as I spent half a day with Richard Berger, the owner of the Masterpieces of Earth Collection

“People need inspiration. People need positive images about this planet. Especially right now.” – Richard Berger

There was nothing but pure unadulterated peace and love in that warehouse. Each specimen carefully displayed, well loved and safe. I see Richard as a guardian of these ancient crystal elders. His vision to birth a public space where these beings can make a difference for humanity directly by experiencing them is a worthy and justifiable dream.
Especially right now.  He claims the world needs positive images of the Earth. A direct experience of her beauty and majesty. I agree.

There was a refreshing authenticity about this man. His words were clear, and intent pure as he described how he came to be on this path. I instantly enjoyed his presence. I was traveling with my friend, and gifted artist, Nancy Gannon. Her and I were simply in awe of the collection, and how amazing it felt being around these mineral beings. In sharing our experience we confirmed many things we had been discussing previously.


Hillary Raimo & Richard Berger, private tour of the Masterpieces of the Earth Collection, Summer Solstice 2017, photo by Nancy Gannon

It’s been two days since I stood among these beautiful ancient earth beings as I write this. My body feels different. I find myself uninterested in previous habits, indifferent to the headlines, in fact I haven’t even wondered to look. It all feels worlds away, in some other parallel  universe. I could only write what I experienced out, pour it into words to make some sense of the sensations I endured.

Chaos opens the ability to reconstruct something even stronger, better, and more life affirming. We are a part of everything, connected in ways only science or god can really explain. Our thoughts, feelings and physical existence helps to destroy, or protect. Each choice we are faced with branches off into the possibilities of each outcome. Living every possible expression of oneself simultaneously and through consciousness we have access to all of that, bridging dreams or nightmares by choice and circumstance.

My spirit feels clear. Cleansed of the delusions of this world. Clarity has set in and direct experience once again bypasses the need of a mediator of meaning.

I hope everyone gets to experience these crystals beings someday.
That is Richards vision. His installation includes crystals in a garden. Which started this whole journey for me personally.

Who can say why we cross paths with anyone. Let alone millions of year old proof that something exists right beneath our feet that is worth protecting, loving and caring for.


Standing in an ancient ocean, millions of years old. Photo by Nancy Gannon

My experience of the Masterpieces of the Earth will continue to grow, and make me more sensitive to the natural world. I know that is true because I feel that truth in my heart. I have awakened to the grounded-ness of the experience. I have walked through the garden of immortality, eaten the apple and saved the seeds. May we be reminded on a regular basis of the importance of keeping the Earth in peoples hearts. As a direct experience of godlike divinity.

Hillary Raimo
Summer Solstice 2017







That’s right, I used to hate them. Who did they think they were, using women’s goddess energies for their own selfish needs?

Non-reciprocating love-mongers who gobbled up women’s love to fuel their own engines because they couldn’t fuel their own otherwise. I saw them as users. Manipulating selfish pigs who couldn’t stay faithful to anyone, let alone themselves. Sucking up women’s vaginas as if trying to climb back into their mothers wombs. Refusing to deal with their mommy issues. Projecting them all over the rest of us.

Verbally vomiting everywhere and leaving women to clean it all up. I saw men as violators of the sacred Divine Feminine heart.

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I am 44 years old. I have been around the block a few times. I am saddened by the social atmosphere today. You would think there has been so much growth, spiritual expansion, gains in consciousness that we would be able to have a decent discussion no matter what side we take, to better understand. Yesterday I posted an article about what Kathy Griffen had done with her PR stunt, depicting her holding Presidents Trumps bloodied head. I expressed my disgust at the tasteless and obnoxious act. The comment threads quickly filled with angry hateful people who accused me of everything from being a white racist to being wrong and stupid. Some of the comments even came from people I have long good standing working relationships with, who even accused me of having biased information on my Facebook platform.
I was saddened by all of it. Here’s why.
I was surprised how many supported Kathy’s act. How many said so! what about what people did to Obama? The indifference was alarming, insensitive and just down right ignorant. I posted pictures of ISIS beheadings which is what I related Kathy’s picture too. Crickets in response, with the exception of a few who were insulted I posted them. Again I was surprised. You aren’t insulted over Kathy’s picture but you’re insulted over the ISIS beheading pictures? Isn’t this what Kathy was depicting in her “art”? Is it free speech to depict a dead president? any of them? In any way by anyone? I suppose. But is it right?
Where has our moral compass gone?
Just because you don’t like Trump, or think he’s an asshole, doesn’t give you the right to defend something like this nor does it give you the right to attack me for not man hating and bashing him on my social media platforms.
I suppose some of my friendships have changed because of my voicing these opinions and I guess that’s ok considering if someone wants to judge our friendship on differing opinions.
I had just completed recording a radio show about healing the American Shadow the day before last. I wondered how many of these haters now swarming this thread had actually bothered to listen to it, knowing they would benefit from it and at least get my official stance on the Trump phenomena I shared it again and again. Because now more then ever I stand by how I see it all.
I know many people were reading through the comments yesterday keeping quiet and not commenting because it’s like entering a tank of sharks not knowing if they have eaten yet. It’s a risk to speak out now against the status quo, oh wait! It has always been a risk.
The democrats and other opponents of Trump have executed a well coordinated social experiment where influencing the general population is nothing new.
An old art that still works. Propaganda is amazingly effective and Obama made it legal to use on the American public. Such a great guy. How about labeling GMOs? Or making our medical records digitized? A long time Clinton agenda. Or how about taking away our internet privacy rights? shall I continue? He was not a great president either. None of them have been. Propaganda counts on peoples memories being fickle, and their emotional energies to be tangled and unresolved.
I own YinRadioTV. I refuse to publish any material on my label that bashes Trump. Why? because it’s my choice to do so because I own the network. I don’t want my label associated with the slanderous man hating energies that are abundant right now. The fallout of the election has been torrential and long lasting. As people pray and hope he is taken out, impeached, tarred and feathered. How is that responsible or healing? If we are not willing to look at our own emotional triggers then we just simply project them.
I am not a Trump supporter. I’ve made that clear publicly many times. Although frequent hecklers seem to forget that. I have observed the campaign from a unique and unbiased perspective something few people have done.
I have watched his actions in office. Closely. Many things I do not agree with especially his assault on the environment and the protections that had been put into place being removed but let’s be real shall we? Has ANY president really put the Earth first? Oil companies have still had their way even under Bush, Clinton and Obama. Peoples memories are fickle. Which is why places like Facebook, Twitter are awful for keeping track of ones work, thoughts and stances on any given topic. It just simply disappears into archive purgatory. A complete and total waste of time. Yet we all keep posting! commenting! ranting! in hopes that we are heard, seen and healed by way of digital age sized identity crisis.
I see a very disturbing trend happening. Where NOT hating Trump gets you thrown in a category of white racist, nazi supporting trash, something is off energetically with you because you don’t hate him. To these people I say grow up. You are spewing the same hateful racist dividing energy you accuse Trump of having. So stop, regroup and rethink your reactions on others who have a different opinion. So many are quick to point out FREE SPEECH! except when it comes to anything not anti-trump.
If we are to heal, then doesn’t acceptance of our situation include a part of that? Where is the anger directed? At those you can bully and plow over with your trumped up words because you feel helpless in changing anything? It has to stop.
Short comments or tweets cannot help people express what they are feeling. We need another outlet. One that is not filled with hate, judgement, division, separation and lack of tolerance.
I believe Trumps opposition did everything it could and still continues to stir the social wounds of Americans because they are losing power and LOTS of money with the changes he is bringing. That may sound simple, perhaps even pollyanne-ish, but one has to ask themselves am I angry because Trump triggers my wounds? My man hating stuff? or am I angry because of his decisions to deregulate? American culture is based on capitalism. The buying and selling of stuff. Americans are consumers first and everything else second. That includes the color of your skin.
The race card has been pulled because it easily ignites social unrest.

If atrocities are so important to people why isn’t anyone crying over what happens in Africa? Because the media doesn’t cover it. Because no one talks about it. But it is still happening, will continue to happen and is perhaps even worse then what we think we know.

Violence and hate is nurtured by the elements that keep it in our minds. The non-stop breaking news where everything is such a big deal makes us a culture of real time everything is a crisis.

Will Trump reign in martial law? Will people forget martial law has been an agenda of the NWO for YEARS? Or will they just blame him and forget?

The human psyche has been mapped. Government and military knows what makes the human tick. Don’t be fooled by social experiments and programming. You live in a farm.
I highly suggest reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm  for an in depth expose on the concept.

It seems I’ve lost a few friends yesterday. Where love once stood, hate now prevails? Where unity and common vision once thrived, separation now rules? Sad.

We are not our race, we are human beings. Everyone has experienced some form of being left out because of their skin color, ways of living, opinions and so much more. Haven’t we grown past all of this? Apparently not. The machine that shifts and influences social mood hopes not. Because its a great way to stir up revolution against opposing sides. Think about it. Being manipulated isn’t always so obvious until its too late. Many never even make the realization that they have been manipulated to see something one way or another. They’ve lost their ability to think for themselves because their is a war on for peoples minds. Its been waged for a very, very long time.

So please refrain from commenting on this in hate. If you feel the need to lash out at me for writing this, thats ok, just do it safely somewhere else. I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m simply stating how I see it on my own blog, in my own corner of the digital world, and will continue to do so no matter what anyone thinks of it. I’m not afraid to go against the crowd.

Bullies live in all shades. Don’t be one.
That is the true resistance.

Hillary Raimo





“Inside the safe stories we tell ourselves in order to be able to deal with our lives, lies the truth of what we are.” – anonymous

I was thinking today deeply about this past year of my life and all the ups and downs it has held. More then usual. How everything that has happened has been exactly what I have needed to land me where I am today. As massive as it all was, it was the exact medicine to remedy a soul quake that started many many years ago.

Saying no has been a valuable tool this past year. No to what I don’t want. No to what doesn’t resonate with me and my energies. Saying no to projects and things that take so much of my time and energy.

I realized what I wanted.
To be myself. At all times.

That isn’t a riddle or a poem, although it is poetic in how it all came to pass.
At times I needed to turn off the opinions of others as they twisted and turned, sometimes wanting only to hurt me for my decisions. Cutting the cords to those people in my life was the best thing I ever did. It allowed me to untangle the tangled parts that I lost myself in. I found strength in moving away from what I thought I wanted to what I know I needed.

My inner circle has shed and regrown. Do you know how detrimental that can feel? When you lose those you trust and who have been loyal? It feels like a death. A sudden impact 100 mph into a brick wall. A bit dramatic, but none the less painful. To pick oneself up after a fallout can take seconds or decades. Each dependent only on what one needs to learn to grow forward and out of it. No one can truly ever understand what it is like until they go through it themselves. And to hell with those that enjoy watching the suffering of the one going through it. There is a special place for you after you leave this world. Where you learn the value of that karma.

Then there are those who preach how someone has this or that energy, and they avoid them like a disease, yet isn’t everything a mirror? Isn’t their ‘bad energy’ just a reflection of your own? When do we stop putting off connection and claiming what is our true state of being?

It is never right for anyone to assume they know what is going on with anyone. I don’t care how intuitive or psychic one is, it’s a misuse of power. Everyone has a story and those stories are what make people unique, special and interesting. Everyone is on their own path, and is experiencing exactly what they need too in order to grow and learn. Celebrate that! instead of turning it into a rejection orgy.

It is so easy now to have people act this way. Social media creates a heightened sense of cliche high school drama, where people can rant about others and turn waves of hate in any direction they please. And those who follow blindly without thinking their own thoughts deserve the karma that dishes up.

Where is the gratitude? I have a long lost sister who checks in by email every few years. The strange thing is she does it as if we have never stopped talking. “Hey sis” like we never had a falling out. She has never finished one of these half aborted conversations with me, and has glossed over it in a disgustingly sugar coated way while her head is stuffed into the sand oblivious to her insulting actions. Each time she reaches out I sit with her email for a few days, which seems to infuriate her. How dare I not answer HER email immediately! Indeed. I take some space to process the feelings that come up, the residual pain left there, tender and sore, and when I am ready I respond. In a world of instant communication where people text you out of the blue expecting you to be doing nothing but being readily available, is it too much to say Hey! I’m in need of some room to respond when I can, and when Im ready and when its right for me….
This brings such insult to some. She answers my delayed response with crickets. Oh how many times we have had unfinished conversations left to rot in the void. This is healing?

Sadly it just is what it is for some things.

I worked with a woman for a few years who was shy about writing publicly. After some encouragement and some mentoring she began to bloom. Her writing became popular and many people started to read her stuff. We co-created for awhile, until I felt as if it became all about her and when I addressed this feeling of our work together becoming one sided I was met with a strange mix of clueless arrogance and we never resolved how to fix that sense of one sidedness.  This is the case sometimes, when people wake up their super powers, they resent or discard those that helped them do it. A natural shedding along side the eagle leaving the nest, mixed with a bit of big headed egotistical muck. Eventually they turn on you, blaming you for this or that, or accusing you of being jealous of their superior talents. Quickly making it awkward to do anything beneficial together, let alone co-creating anything beautiful. Sometimes we need to shake off the teacher so we can be who we are meant to be. I have learned that shaking off the teacher can be painful, and sometimes not so much. It all depends on how you approach it.

There comes a time when we outgrow the need for help. There comes a time when we need to be on our own. I have found that honoring those who helped us get to that point is the best way to go. It eases any heart pain and makes gratitude the prevailing stance. No one wants to feel bad about people who have helped them thrive. Yet unfortunately some just don’t care to keep it civil and nice. They prefer heartache, separation and division.

It’s like a bad breakup.. where either partner can be loving to the other one minute, and suddenly someone you once shared your heart and body with becomes your nemesis and seeks to destroy you. Funny how fickle love can be. It’s great until it’s not. And then when it’s not it’s easier for some to hate and run then stay and love.

Heartbreak heals a strange combination of self worth, self love and will. To overcome these spaces one must find an inner strength to not only move on, but to choose love over hate and revenge.

Being bitter about anything in life is a chosen slow death by poisonous thought. It rots you from the inside out and turns your teeth yellow, your breath bad and turns your gut to mold. One must remedy any bitterness they have least they meet their final demise.

One act of violence has so much repercussion.
One act of love can change everything.
You choose.

Hating anything causes chronic pain.
Judging others creates a chasm of bitter divide.
Holding up your “I’m Right” sign does nothing but take up space for love.
Seeing those we once loved in darkened hues changes our entire palette and dishonors the love that once grew there. How can anything bloom when planted in sour soil?

We don’t always get what we want.
It isn’t always your way.
Ask any 2 year old how that story goes.

Learning to share our wisdom, our love, our insights and our space is an adventure worth taking. If you can do it without losing all faith in love then you have succeeded in this lifetime. No one has any right to tell you you are anything less then beautiful. And anyone who does, deserves nothing of your kindness in return. There is no being the bigger person in this place. There is only real. If you are not being authentic these days others will know, simply be listening to their own inner senses. There is no room anymore for being an ass. Calling other people names. Standing up with your victim badges and proclaiming atrocities that simply project your own wounds.

Put some healing salve on along with your big boy girl panties and start giving a shit about how you treat other people. It doesn’t mean you have to be pollyanna and love everyone while they walk all over you and take advantage as some do….. it means having strong boundaries, not being afraid to say NO, and respecting your own time and energy fields without making it other peoples fault.

We have all been hurt somehow. Its inevitable here in this incarnation called EARTH. And each time you fall into the trap of illusion that you’re a victim of something, consider what your own lesson is first before you start rampaging about it publicly or otherwise. I’ve learned my own lessons in all that.

Healing has to do with ones ability to be truthful with oneself first, and then moving into safe spaces for others to feel heard, seen and understood. You can’t do any good in this world if you’re filled with bloody seeping wounds that leave a trail everywhere you go and slime everyone you spend time with.

Clean it up.
And move on. Recover.

Your story doesn’t end with you lying in a puddle of your own blood.
Unless you want it too.

Hillary Raimo


20170529_200703 copy

Separated by energy gaps, forbidden regions, energetically,
where electrons cannot reside.

Tell me more.

Is this the place I sense within us? That edge we come to each time.

Ancient faded raw gravity pulling always towards the center.
Holding captive in pleasure. Releasing chemical stimulation, opens the doors,
inside my lotus folds.

Holy boom.

These forbidden places where no electrons can reside, purgatory of told? demon spaces of old? holy portals to where?

What esoteric secret tells us all….
of these forbidden places.
Where no atoms can reside.

I want to know.
What are you really?

They say a woman has three chambers within her. She opens each according to her ability to submit to pleasure. If her partner is aware enough to notice the difference of her inner temples, he will himself rise to new heights.

Yet even these are not the forbidden zones, where no electrons can reside……


Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 4.59.54 PM

“Spring Epiphany” 16 x 20, photograph by Hillary Raimo – 1 available

Since my Winter Epiphany, I have had a lot of time to dream, think, feel and be.

This is what I have desired.

A space to breathe my breath and hear my own heart beat sounds.
I have learned in my time here, that the birds sing the most at dawn and dusk.
Fantastic chords of enlightened song.
I have learned that no one defines me but myself.
As well as my boundaries and deepest most secret thoughts.
I have learned that the bogeyman is most afraid of himself.
This keeps his image up.
I have learned that the only thing stopping me is my own doubt, mostly in synchronicity, truths and unveilings.
I am seasonally tuned in to the land and its cycles. I learn more every year about myself.
Here is where I connect to all that is considered holy by whatever vision I choose to believe in. My faith rock solid.

Upside down staircases leading to no doors.
Riddles and poems unlocking both.

Hillary Raimo
Spring 2017

Acquisition Contact




“The tree spirit flowed up through her. Out through her head like a crown forming a golden halo.
The orb expanded until it reached the ring of where the leaves once hung. Treeline magic circles.
She looked around and the other trees turned towards her, they spoke in a song language.
Crystal clear. Every thought a holy one. Ripples of energy like heat on a hot road emanated around each one.
The Queen heard the words…

How do you create holy ground?
By loving what once grew there.”

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Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 4.39.12 PM

“Somewhere” photograph 11 x 14 Hillary Raimo, SOLD private collection Solo Exhibit April 2017


Just over the ridge, off in the distance lies a new life filled with abundance and adventure. As the leaves fall, deeply and gently onto the earth, life turns and churns. Directions change, decisions made. The mountains sing their seductive songs. The horizon pulls me gently like a skilled lover. Asking me to expand my own. I am headed into a new life, one I create, palette of change.

Hillary Raimo
Fall 2016