20170529_200703 copy

Separated by energy gaps, forbidden regions, energetically,
where electrons cannot reside.

Tell me more.

Is this the place I sense within us? That edge we come to each time.

Ancient faded raw gravity pulling always towards the center.
Holding captive in pleasure. Releasing chemical stimulation, opens the doors,
inside my lotus folds.

Holy boom.

These forbidden places where no electrons can reside, purgatory of told? demon spaces of old? holy portals to where?

What esoteric secret tells us all….
of these forbidden places.
Where no atoms can reside.

I want to know.
What are you really?

They say a woman has three chambers within her. She opens each according to her ability to submit to pleasure. If her partner is aware enough to notice the difference of her inner temples, he will himself rise to new heights.

Yet even these are not the forbidden zones, where no electrons can reside……


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