The American Political Healing by Hillary Raimo

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In the healing process what we resist, persists.

In the world, meaning all who are physically in a body incarnate on planet Earth right now, live in a political leadership of some form. Regardless of how you participate in that, it is there.

That political leadership is in charge of protecting/destroying the land, that includes health/disease of food systems, medicines and education.

I bet we can all agree on that.

Perhaps there is more to it, but for the sake of this article I am going to stick to the points that stand out to me intuitively. As the author of the article, I hope dear reader you will respect that.

The political realm is a realm in need of healing. Corruption has become the norm. How can you expect people to stand in some form of integrity and be held to levels of accountability no one has held them accountable for in a very long time, if ever. So many have benefited from the corruption. Corrupt people help other corrupt people. The depth of this healing is enormous. It lives in all of us. No one is immune. We are here together, what are those odds? Astronomical. Appreciate that.

No one is better or worse than anyone. We are all here to learn. We grow through our experiences. We learn from our mistakes. Perhaps on the collective platform, lessons are being learned so when it comes time to judge someone else, consideration will be had for the healing process.

Maybe… the collective issues are all a scam to put laws in place that none of us lay people have even thought of yet.

How does anyone really know the truth about anything? It is all hearsay. Everyone will have a similar version of truth, but none is the truth of the one who actually experienced it.

Where is the healing process in all of this?
Where is the mercy? the forgiveness? the moving on?

Wounded people sabotage a lot about their life. They sabotage their success in work, relationships, friendships, experiences, and carry on the abuse passing it down to their children and so on.
Until they don’t. That only happens when they acknowledge the wound. Seeing it for what it is, something inside them that dictates how they see themselves, others, and the world.

Reality is multidimensional.
So is the deep healing.

As a trained and certified healer I can say this is true. Too many mock the intuitive wisdom that lives within all of us. Making fun of what they wish they understood better. Everyone is on a different marker on the path. The arrogance that lives in people who mock the lowers & judge who is worthy or un, these people should be tarred and feathered, and then left to learn better.

Healing is about taking responsibility for how we hurt others.
It is about setting examples of nurturing, kindness and love without attaching strings, expectations and corruption.

When a world accepts accusations as guilt, we have lost our way as a conscious species. Things have overgrown in the minds of all and it is time for a pruning. When people wish harm on another, for any reason, it is clear the heart of humanity is wounded, and one brother or sister left behind is one to many. We need to stop this insane pattern of cultural PTSD and stupidity.

I don’t care who you voted for, who you believe, how you pray, or how many awards or disasters you’ve won. All I care about is how you became better through it. Better can mean physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Hopefully it is steeped in a grounded, centered core that is unshakable in the reality of truth for yourself.
THIS IS YOUR HEALING. It will happen when you’re ready.

Everyone has some form of trauma that they have experienced in their lifetime. I believe that is fair to say. There is a difference between people who have healed from that, and those who have not. Whatever form of trauma it is, you can tell the difference when someone is on the other side of that trauma, and when they are not. Too many treat people who are struggling like a disease. Shame on them. If they cross your path it is for a reason. Denying that is like shooting yourself in your foot and trying to run a marathon.

Anyone who has ever sought out the help of a healer, knows what brought them to that point. It is a personal journey. Sometimes it is played out on the collective platform for a bigger healing. Reaching more people.

What victimization lives inside you that still needs to be healed?

Check in. Be honest. Search and explore. This will be the greatest achievement of your life. It is worth your time and effort. Then just when you think you are done healing, you will be tested, not in a pass or fail kind of way, but in a let’s-see-how-you-do-with-this kinda way. What will trigger you?

Sexual victimization?
Unequal treatment?
Cruelty to people or animals?
Your partner leaving you?
Loss of a job/income?
Someone unfriending you on Facebook?

The list could go on and on. Do you see where I am going with this yet? I wrote a new book with a chapter on Healing The American Shadow. Perhaps you should read it.

America needs a healing. Massive in scale. Not aligned with any one religion. Just a plain good old healing. It needs some rest, nurturing and it needs to return to its roots which go beyond the Native Americans. It’s ancient past. Which boils down to the land. Like our DNA where memories are stored, the land holds them too. Good and bad.

If Trump still does it for you, look at why. Go from there. Politics are a problem. Especially for those who are impacted by the actions and decisions of this country. There is a worldwide impact. Meanwhile cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico and the oceans continue.

As the contamination gets into the water cycle.

Think about what that would invade. Think about how dependent we all are on it, and how no boundaries define it. No governments, no politicians, no county line can divide what the water cycle touches. This is a mirror of the healing process.

Roundup was found by a court of law to cause cancer recently. A man won 200+million dollars in a lawsuit against Monsanto. Yet, you can still buy Roundup in stores. This is the analogy of what is wrong with things. Healing would require the removal of Roundup, and all harmful chemical agriculture. So no one else gets cancer. Makes sense?

Algae blooms are caused by pesticides in the water. The water cycle moves the pesticides around. It is common sense. Our leadership as it is now, and as it has been, has enabled the abuse to the environment. I accuse them of wrong doing. They should automatically be removed from office, and everyone should believe me and stand behind me as a movement is born. This needs to heal.

In healing, looking at the deemed ‘bad stuff’ is necessary to clear your chakras and aura. Removing the blocks so your chi, or energy, can run freely without obstruction. I am a certified and trained healer, so I can say that with certainty. Removing that obstruction can heal your system. Just as removing the contamination would heal the land.

What is obstructing us from caring?

Narcissism runs in spiritual veins just as it does in the unspiritual. If it is in one, then it is in others, and most likely all. Since we are all one according to every multi-million dollar new age industry leader.

Growing up has never been so complicated.
There are lessons to be learned, complications to sort out, challenges to be had. Why not meet them head on, and face the truth of yourself and how you contribute to the mess? Acknowledging is half the journey. The rest is figuring out how you are going to use your super powers.

No one has any power over you, that you do not allow.
Hating anyone contributes to the problems we all see.

No one can deny the environments victimization and exploitation over the last several centuries especially. To deny that, is to side with the abusers. In healing it is about seeing all of it, not just your rose colored glassy eyed version.

Enough of the scandalized distractions.
This is your ego. An often misunderstood necessity in the healing process. All too often blamed for things that it should not be blamed for.

The next time anyone calls anyone a derogatory name, tell that person to go heal. They may never speak to you again, but perhaps that is your healing. Move on.

The healing process requires priorities. Strong and difficult boundaries. KNOWING when your knowing is right on, and learning how to express that truthfully and with integrity, is the point.

Good luck! The fate of the world depends on it.

Hillary Raimo

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 3.19.08 PM
“The Day After The Election” Photograph Hillary Raimo SOLD






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