The Water Experiments

by Hillary Raimo
What happens when you study the crystalline water structure of  locations where there has been a publicly witnessed event? Do current events that are given widespread public exposure change the consciousness of the collective enough to record it within the crystalline structure of the water we hold inside our bodies? Based on the work of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto water does indeed react to consciousness and this reaction does have an impact on the crystalline structure of water.

What kind of connection is there between a single human consciousness and the ability to transform ones own crystalline structure? How does group energy effect the crystalline structure of water? and lastly how does tragic current events such as 911 effect the crystalline structure of water? Sadly, tragedy nowadays gets more press. These were questions we set out to explore.

These questions are worthy of examination, study and reflection. Some say, contamination of the mind breeds physical reactions in the human body. We have seen the studies that suggest this is true. Science has evolved greatly in its understanding of the whole human system.

Why does it matter? Humans are 70% water.

We all felt his pondering was worth our time. Partnering with Dr. Masaru Emoto laboratories in Japan we set out to prove the connection is real. That events that get widespread attention, thanks to our now digital world, can effect consciousness in a way that changes our crystalline structure in our environment. With the belief that all life is connected based on Orenda.

“Orenda /ˈoʊrɛndə/ is an Iroquois name for a spiritual power inherent in people and their environment.[1][2] Activities of nature were seen to be a “ceaseless struggle of one orenda against another, uttered and directed by the beings or bodies” in the environment.[3] Orenda was deemed a motive force behind miracles, soothsaying, divination, prophecy, blessing, cursing, prayer, worship, and superstitions.[4] Orenda is not a collective power and does not have a personification.[5] 19th and 20th century scholars compared the concept of orenda to that of mana.” – wikipedia

How much Orenda does a physical site such as the 911 memorial have? Could it be measured, or observed, in the crystalline structure of the water? Would the Orenda of a site such as this have the ability to effect water structure that was not collected there?  When one walks through the site is the water in the human body affected? We had so many questions flowing through us we could hardly keep up.

We wondered if the event itself could be held in the water as memory so powerfully that it would have an effect on visiting water structures. So many people observed the 911 events that day thanks to a digitally connected era. It has a strong visual impact.

911 was, and still is, a far reaching event.

There were more questions then answers as we pondered this intriguing concept of time, mass consciousness, digital exposure and water memory. Those were some very inspiring conversations I must say! After Dr. Emoto died we continued our work with Emoto laboratories with his son Hilo.

We brought a water sample we had collected previously from the creek that runs through the land of Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, Connecticut to the 911 fountains during a Love Breathe for Earth global meditation as a way to experiment. We choose to use this water sample and bring it to the top of the newly constructed One World Trade Tower in NYC for a reason I will discuss later. Many gathered from places all over the world to participate and we had a stream of intentional prayer energy flowing to the Earth, and the 911 memorial site, anchored in love. People meditated anyway they felt called, some documented their experience creatively sharing it online, the connections were real time and beautiful. It was a day of connection and ceremony. The water sample was worked with and prepared according to the protocol of Emoto laboratories and shipped to Japan.

When I received the package several weeks later from Japan containing the experiment documentation I was floored. I was preparing to leave the country on an adventure, and was very busy getting ready to leave. I stopped everything to sit with what I had in my hands. I was speechless. I contacted a close friend and told her the results. She was in awe.

What we saw in the image was a record of the 911 event itself. The two buildings and what could be seen as a slight shade of building 7 that collapsed after both towers fell. There were even slight markings that could be where the impact of each plane had hit the building. This crystalline structure revealed a recorded image of the 911 event in the water crystalline structure. We compared it to images from the event that are still currently available online, and found one that had been circulated widely. It looked very similar.  This would support the theory that current events create memories in water.

The implications are vast.

The same way love and pleasure flood a human body with endorphins, tragedy and fear can flood our bodies with other chemicals. Each state of being leads to the creation of memories that the water then records and holds inside our environment. Water vibrates and gives off a frequency. This frequency attracts, harmonizes, rejects and experiences love and discord as it comes into contact with thoughts, feelings, experiences, others, spaces, triggering our memories, and perhaps changing our crystalline structure along the way. Mass media relies on the memory of their audiences in order to use propaganda effectively. 911 is a perfect trigger word. Sound malicious? Well it depends on ones intent, and how much they want to take over the world. The good news is that this same knowledge can be used to create good, beauty, love and utopia.

If you think about how many people visit the 911 memorial site everyday,  you can easily agree there are many people who add their consciousness to this site on a daily basis. Each interacting with the energy uniquely. Each one perhaps deep in their own thoughts as they walk through what feels like a disney attraction with long lines, and a slight touristy feel. All of that mixed in with the level of grief each connects to it, or whatever emotion a person chooses to feel, you have a very precarious concoction of vibration in a power packed place. There is no doubt a tremendous amount of energy flows through that site on a regular basis.

911 means something to most people and they connect the memory to the images circulated. Mass media and the digital age offers a perfect landscape to spread it to every mind possible like a virus. The 100th monkey syndrome on steroids. Get my drift?

The experiment we conducted with the water sample we brought to the 911 memorial site suggests the memory of the event lives inside all of us, including the water that circulates on the planet. Because all water touches everything eventually thanks to the water cycle. A well balanced earth trait meant to keep balance and harmony.

Spooky action at a distance in Physics supports the ability to effect space by way of observation. This suggests that 911 is a concentrated group experienced Orenda that would effect the waters crystalline structure of any and all who experience it by way of actuality or in the ethers through digital visual stimulation.

The image of our 911 water crystal invoked all kinds of deep penetrating thinking. It left us all with more questions then answers. It suggested something we had intuitively guessed as true, and demanded of us that we take another look.

What we found was fascinating……and prompted two more water crystalline structure experiments.


by Hillary Raimo