Have you ever known a bitter person? Someone who cannot get over something that happened to them? Bitter is what happens when ones heart sours and revenge takes over. A person loses their joy, their innocence and makes hating another their main goal. There is a special kind of quantum field for bitter people.

In that field lives entities that attach because the vibration is a match. Everything is a quantum field. Even your eyes reading these words right now. Bitter makes people hateful, able to harm others without regret, and causes them to do hateful things to create more of the same.

In this way demons are cast forth born of our own making. These entities are as old as time. Literally created when it began and ever since have been running rampant in all the minds of men that enable their existence. They seek to be here to destroy because that is what makes their power grow. So they seek the bitterer soured hearts because they know deep down inside they simply can’t deal with the pain and would prefer to stay bitter. And until they do heal the pain, the coat tailer rider of the century will gladly stay draped over the righteous shoulders of the those who match the vibe. Hate is a powerful force, and some do pray to that.

Terrorism is doing that. It is opening the bitterer hardened hateful suspicious doorway in those who fall victim to the story. Stories can be changed, repeated, sold, revered and they have power. Terrorism is a story told by a propagandized occult worshipping elite who have the know how and the money to pull it all off.

How do we terrorize ourselves inside? After all, reality is a hologram according to certain theories. Bitter could be considered a certain kind of evil. Some entities really enjoy feeding on it and they seek to spread the hate through the most bitter of all. It is rumored that perhaps the devils love was rejected by jesus and that is what started it all. Just remember rumors are fickle and can adapt to the tellers needs should the intent be to deceive. It works like NLP, if you say something enough people adapt it as the reality. It is a form of manipulating the outcome either way. Entities are like that. Self-serving egotistical maniacs who drink bitter with their meals, bathe in it and are addicted to it like a drug addict on meth.

How do you cast the demon out? By pulling yourself out of the river of bitter waters.
Seek the sweet.

Bitter usually manifests when there is powerful love present somewhere….
Take it as a sign.

Hillary Raimo






The reflection is clear. The balance is contaminated.
The runoff takes it back to the oceans.

What are the health of your oceans right now?
They are a gauge for the overall well being of the planet.
Scientifically proven.
Spiritually endorsed by a few.

The apocalypse is a false flag operation.
Earth cycles are real.
Hoarding resources, greedy guts.
Leaving the rest to suffer.

Your relationship with the land
will determine your success at surviving.

Not fear mongering for those who are in the know.
It is wisdom.

Observe nature for yourself.
Find her clues.
She never lies.

Rebalance the waters.
Whoever discovers the remedy to the ocean garbage patches
Thank you. You will be the global savior.

Earth is moving forward regardless.

– some reflective thoughts from my study of puddles, Hillary Varina Raimo

save the redwoods.
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When you learn how to lay down the sword and pick up the flower your world will change.
No more violence, no more shame. Cut throat means only prolong the inevitable …..

Be kind. Be nice. Help one another verses destructive silliness that simply prolongs the suffering.

Stop being a mean person.
Stop hating yourself and others.

Stop blaming everyone else for your problems.
Own who you are.
Stop the nonsensical delusions.

There is limited time here.
Do what you came to do.
Open the door for love.
Close the door to hate.
Say no to being a demonic  container for forces beyond your understanding.

Show up for your kin.
Know where you come from.
Heal your pain.

Defend love against the evil that lives in all of us.
Wield your sword in an arc.
Light needs the dark to define it. Dim or bright.
Moody bitch.

Get angry and heal it.
Or pack it up and go home.








New Moon June 4th 11.01pm EDT, 5th June 3.01 UTC in Gemini 14’ 53” Full Moon June 20th 7.02am EDT, 11.02 UTC Sagittarius 29’ 33”. Summer Solstice June 20th 6.34pm EDT & The Grand Mutable Cross June’s lunar cycle commences June 4th with the New Moon exact conjunct the Sun and Venus forming a Grand […]

via The Grand Mutable Cross, Full Moon Solstice & the Seduction of Venus — The INTUITIVE MATRIX: Astrology. Current Events. Patterns.


When you are on the receiving end of her love you know it.
It is the love of God reflected back to you.
A signal through time.

For some it is more personal.
For others it is symbolic and metaphorical.

She is the sound of the morning birds.
The patterns of the stars above.
She is the wind caressing your face.
The tide of the oceans.
Waning of the moon.

She lives in the flesh for some.
For others she is symbolic and metaphorical.
She swims with the mermaids,
while the dolphins circle.
Whale song strengthens.

She is the sound of the bee hovering over the pollen.
She is the etheric fluid you are fertilized with.
She is.

Her love will open your everything up.
Exposing you to self.
Uprooted ego mixed with hues of shadow.
Mistress of the no name.
Emotions invoke her, words ignite her flame.
Thoughts define her.

… and yet all the while she continues to love.
Never waning in her belief in all you can be.
Divine Mother unconditional ability.

Woman she is.
Womb power rise.
Own your creations.
Love them like she.




gods of nature by Hillary Raimo 


I find you in the green of the emerging spring forest. I find you in the rustle of new leaves. A thousand chords of angel wings.
I feel you in the warmth of the noon time sun. You enter me as fragrance of earth.
I feel you in my cells, one by one illuminating.
Shadows cast recede with your ever closer downward cascade.
Over my soul you flow waters of holy places.

I hear you in the songs of bird chatter, harmonies nature born.
You course through my veins elixir of love.
Awaken my everything.
The dreams may come.

Somewhere I am breathing the same breath.
Timeline touching, this world and others.
Somewhere I am laying my head on your chest listening to your heart beat creation alive. Somewhere I am a ghost haunting the forest, weaving moonbeams and rainbows.
Bare feet touch the earth, pulsations empower.
Treasure chest of gold within. Alchemical resin forming.

Call my name,
Lips of reddened rose.










A womans true nature is wild, free and raw. It is not something to domesticate like you would a pet puppy. She is fire and powerful muse. You cannot contain her, nor can you destroy her flame. She is eternal and upholds the justice when the scales tip out of balance.

She refills her magma chambers. Her blood boils rivers and awakens her sting. Her primal  is pure light and integrated shadow. Her horns are ovaries releasing the continuation of life. From which all came.

Her god is intuition and he illuminates her cosmic mind. Able to see all she is, the all seeing eye. Her sight pierces your self righteous delusions and her venom stings all the right places in need of death and destruction. She twists your inner places wringing them free of guilty pleasure. She tests every inch of your fiber made ego. Making it compost for the cleansing of the soul.

She strips you of your identity and leaves you naked in your own filth. Clean yourself or die. These are your only two options in her realm.

She is the huntress of demons and her knowing is the key to Hell. She opens the hatches to all the places other than here. Her breath intoxicates and stuns the defenses. You will have no access to your sword. You can never slay her. She simply multiples like a dangerous thought.


The fear that surfaces when in her presence is instinctual and true. Like a master she will have her way with you. Penetrating every crevice, crack and wrinkle in your perfected story, moral of the high true.

She knows where to find you, even in the deepest of dreams. Huntress of the ancient ways, ninja of the night. The smaller she is, the more deadly her sting. Your thoughts create her moods and she responds according to only your truth. Elementals bow as she walks through knowing she has the twinned power of death and life. Transformation is her medicine and she discerns carefully her sting.

Are you worthy of her greatest power?
Does fear make you hide in the corners of your own mind?
Stop telling yourself fairy tales and lies.

She will make you believe she is to be underestimated.
She hides in your mind until your blindness subsides and you see her there.

Where does she fall out of you?

She illuminates your mind, this is her gift. 
If you try to blind her in return, she extinguishes you.
You cease to exist. It is the way of her power. Life and death.

Once you have been stung by her medicine, you will grow or you will die.
Fertilized either way, empowered by her fire.
She consumes your demons and returns them to where they belong.
Freeing you of your impurities. Touched by the other.

She IS a tonic for immortality. Beloved.

L0036626 The Archangel Metraton, from Cyprianus, 18th C

Her magic is old. Ancient even.
Resurrected and alive.
Run if she comes your way.
Unless you are ready for her and can invoke her full power.






“5000 schools together. 1 million ‪‎children‬ meditating for world ‪‎peace‬ at the Phra Shammakaya Temple of ‪‎Thailand‬.

Meditation only works for the individual with inner peace, not for greedy and corrupt people; they have no heart and no soul, nothing is going to happen but war from them.

Having peaceful and noble thoughts are great as it creates positive vibration, but equally Dharma must teach you to be so strong that evil forces do not attack and over power oneself. You must be able to protect your Dharma.” (thebiggriddle.com)

These children are star seeds. An evolution of consciousness. Meditation connects you to the heart. If your heart is heavy and weighed down by unpure thoughts you will be judged for them. What is an unpure thought? Anything other than love is unpure. How we see anything matters in all worlds, all dimensions, all places of life – which is everywhere.
Is your heart lighter than a feather? The Gods will take note of your answer and compare it to the truth when it’s time. That is what awaits you. Reconciliation with self is all that matters. You can test your progression by way of how you see anything other than yourself. You are a creator. Your thoughts are your children. Do you birth love children like Prince? or spawns of something else?

The Egyptians teach us what to do. The message is clear. Purify the heart in all ways, of all things that are unpure. The human being, in all of its entirety, is a mirror of our planet Earth. The health of which reflects perfectly ‘the other’. Manifesting the reality as it is observed and witnessed. In that observation, that sacred witness, we create it. Thoughts have flavors, hues and sounds. All of which birth them into reality, or being. Reality being how we see anything. The stance we take in reaction or response to a stimulus reveals clearly the seeding of the field within the mind. The mind reveals to us what needs healing within the whole system. This is its purpose; to assist in the healing of the entire system.

Hence a new psychology and understanding of the quantum mind needs to be born. One that takes all levels of human ability and relevancy into accord. I am going to propose here in writing, that we will have a new psychology form out of our current paradigm as it twists and turns in its new unveiling. This new psychology will explain phenomenon that humans have been experiencing with our evolution of consciousness that modern day psychology simply refuses or is incapable of addressing or healing. A new soul science will be revealed that will empower the human consciousness and psyche to sustainable levels that enhance and cooperate with nature/Earth. Religion currently holds a set of gates closed to this new emergence of humanity. This will soon change.

A new world will be seeded in a field of unlimited potential. Those who embrace meditation in nature will herald the coming of the new mind. And an emergence of quantum intuitive consciousness will revolutionize the human race. Disintegrating outdated systems whose days are numbered.

Pay attention to how you see anything. Self observe how you paint your picture. Is it drama filled and gossipy? or is it uplifting and empowering?

How you honor others reflects how you honor yourself. The other is a human experience we are here to learn from. The art of conversation opens the fields between point A and point B. A & B , in this case, being two separate manifestations in human form. Coming together creates a sound, vibration, and that emanates outward in every direction. The Gods of ancient times always had a consort. An opposite polarity to partner with. This partnership when in harmony, creates a sphere of light.


This light transcends according to how pure the intention is. When appropriate, including sexual energy is an important factor because sexual energy can be good and healing, unless it is manipulated or superficial. Which in turn creates something else. This planet is in great need of a massive sexual healing. Sexual dysfunction is a force empowering some of the darkest manifestations alive today.

Pure thoughts in meditation elevate. Pure love in relations empowers. The children hold a special frequency as their gifts are what we need at this time to change the dynamics of this current paradigm. As generations age and we reach elder hood we must hold space for the younger generations, mentor them and increase their ability to succeed in bringing forth what needs to come forth to present answers to some of our current planetary challenges.

Finally, it is mentioned to protect your Dharma. You can be in pure heart and mind and enable protection. There are very real forces at work within the world today that work very hard to prevent the birth of this new mind. Because it is not controllable. It is not easily managed or manipulated. It is a threat to the very existence of the paradigm because of its complete ability to change everything.

Imagine a mind capable of hacking into the worlds greatest quantum computer linking up through natural selection instead of bluetooth. A mind that embraces all life. Holds no grudges or algorithms designed to imprison and berate. A mind that eliminates hate instantly and chooses love and a reverence for life. A mind that has zero tolerance for gossip or Kardashian superficialism. A psychology that opens people up to the power and potential instead of shutting them down to live within labels and shame, often medicating with harmful chemicals that infect our entangled decency with all life.

What if all children meditated together everywhere?
What if all humans meditated together everywhere?
What if we worked WITH nature instead of always exploiting her?

May the star seeds germinate and grow stronger.

Hillary Raimo
May 2016 New Moon









a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something.



When Prince died the world went PURPLE. His personal symbol has been invoked around the globe. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the Egyptian Ankh. There was of course the similar male/female symbol similarity – yet its not either of those. In the world of symbols close doesn’t cut it. It also has a hint of Voodoo writing.

When Prince changed his name to a symbol, nobody knew how to write or say his new name, but everyone took notice of the change.

The symbol was originally created for Prince in 1991 as a logo to be featured on his upcoming album and in his concert sets. It wasn’t until two years later that it became his temporary name after signing a lucrative deal with Warner Brothers record label.

“When he signed the contract he didn’t feel like he was Prince Rogers Nelson anymore,” says Sotera Tschetter, art director for Prince from 1990 to 1993, who helped create the design along with Mitch Monson and Liz Luce. “And so he adopted the symbol as his name – to say, ‘Hey I’m not that person, that sellout, I’m unique’ – in 1993.”

“At the time [the symbol was created], he was dating [ex-wife] Mayte [Garcia] and he was very much into mythology,” says Tschetter. “That really drove his intent to create this icon.”

“Our job as designers was to execute Prince’s vision. The unification of the male and female symbol to equal love,” says Tschetter.

“If you look at what it embraces, in the end it’s a symbol that says a lot about him,” she continues. “You look at the male and female and combine into two – it’s unification. And together they are earth. It’s called the love symbol because everything he did, he did with passion and love.” (People Magazine Issue May 2016)


“Prince and the new power generation”

Recently announced Prince left no will and has a locked vault in his home with eons worth of never before published music. The powers that be are currently drilling into those vaults to access the treasure. This will surely make someone somewhere billions of dollars.  What’s that expression? sitting on a gold mine……

His symbol has been called the LOVE SYMBOL. If that is true we are looking at a release of love into the collective consciousness and his never before released music will surely enchant and put the people of the world under the PURPLE spell.

I’m not going to discuss the conspiracies. I’m not going to give those who spend  their time writing about the negative satanic illuminati world anymore attention. It seems to be a fad these days. To get into news stories and decode them so you can make a buck and get some attention. They all say the same thing because they all read each others work and then regurgitate it out as their own. It’s too bad because some of them are highly skilled intuitives who follow their guts along a story and figure it out well. But their work gets lost in a barage of negative energy just to be popular and famous. Sad.

I’ve been watching this story waiting for the right moment to comment. Because I am one of those intuitive women who can read a headline like a synchronistic clue and off I go looking for answers and truth. I stopped for awhile because what I was writing upset to many people in the ‘truth movement’ because I touched on things that didn’t follow the general tone. Fuck the general tone, I said. Often others go into blood sacrifice and secret groups blah blah blah. Yes they exist. Everyone knows it now. So why not seek the headlines with a more POSITIVE message? Leave the drama behind like a long forgotten lover. Walk away and seek something else instead. Something new. Something meaningful. Something that inspires beauty instead of making a reader feel like they have been slimed and left to fend for themselves in a quicksand of muck. Way to many approach these things that way and I refuse to be a part of that anymore. Either work together from the heart and higher powers or no thanks. Zero tolerance.

So that said….. Princes LOVE symbol was born with the intention of the unification of male and female energies. To transcend the duality of the ‘other’ by engaging it and merging with it. As a result creating a living legacy that will long outlive him. That’s a pretty beautiful notion and worthy endeavor. I have to commend that.

So here we are. The Prince has died. Purple reigns. A symbol of love seeds the ethers and now the scandals begin about drug use, abuse and overdose. Let them heckle like hungry hens. It does nothing to taint what he has done or left behind. Drama and negative attention is still attention. Perhaps it even carries more weight! We all know the power of a negative mind, a heavy heart and the inability to forgive and move on. It has littered the world today. Just look around… HOWEVER there is another side, the light that balances the dark! The darker the dark, the lighter the light! Those who choose to see this as a beautiful moment will process it as such. Those who choose to see darker agendas… well perhaps they are simply seeing what lies in themselves. Since we don’t see things as they are, but as we are…. thank you Anais Nin for the reminder.

The timing is interesting as we sit on the precipice of a 5 planet retrograde the likes of which has not happened in over ten years. May 1st is known as May Day, or Beltane by some. It is also rumored CERN will be attempting to open dimensional portals with full power on May 5th.

Let’s assume he died of a reaction to his painkillers. He was prepared for death. His work safely locked away. His legacy protected. His symbol spread and seeded around the world. He masterfully anchored his energy into the Earth, leaving love, a teaching of merging the divine feminine and divine masculine. I’ve been writing about these two energies for a decade now. I know the power of love. I have felt it many many times in my life. I am grateful for each experience because without that I wouldn’t have known, and if you don’t know well you don’t know. But if you do know! then you know the power I am referring too.

Prince clearly was in the know. Purple has long been associated with higher spiritual power. Frankly the world, humanity and Earth needs a good soaking in it! To lighten people up, wake them up from the spell of the multinational mega corporations running the world today. To make them more loving and kind to themselves and others. To forgive those who have hurt them and the hurt they themselves have caused others. A spiritual wash of energy. Thank you Prince!

I remember watching Prince as I grew up. In awe of his costumes and voice. He would transform himself in his performances and you never really knew what to expect from him. I liked that spontaneous edge. He was very elusive in his sexuality. Just one of his mysteries that reminded me of the infamous Michael Jackson. I’m sure the two of them are buddies in heaven now. Perhaps laughing at all of us as we heckle the drama, or cry the tears of loyalty. Elvis has been immortalized as well and the three of them complete a kind of sacred trinity.

Prayer energy has been stirred on a global level. Whenever it is stirred you can be sure the Megarituals are in full force. Swaying the emotional energy of the collective human population is no small feat. It has to be well executed and controversy must be stirred. Nothing sells books like conspiracies. Everyone loves a good one!

I was in a love bubble when Prince died. So the purple rain was falling soft and gentle as the news arrived. Nothing feels quite as beautiful as rain on your face….

Thank you Prince for showing us the kingdom of love. For following your gift and giving humanity a higher message in life as well as in death. He offers us a spiritual power to aid in our global uprising. Will we use it for that? or will we waste it on superficial facades that drain our energy and life-force?

Perhaps the return of the messiah is really that of a man returning home to heaven…. his energy now on the other side where he continues his passage of existence just like the Egyptians taught us in what they left behind for us to find. Life does not end with death. It continues in ways we simply cannot understand while incarnated here on Earth in a physical body. But we can know because nature teaches us this in her movement everyday. We watch the resurrection and the reconnection of life in the stages and cycles she masterfully offers.

Well if a messiah has returned to heaven, Prince would get my vote. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain….

Hillary Raimo


photo by Betsy Peerless