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After 13 years on the air these 20 conversations were chosen because of their unique ability to uplift, encourage, entertain, and inspire readers. Covering topics from technology, time travel, ET’s, 9/11 and consciousness by some of the leading and most intelligent minds of the times.

As you re-read these conversations over and over, you will experience the power of these co-created, combined synergies.

This book is a special tribute to the times of developing social media, the blooming of blockchain, the peak of 2012 and more in a time traveling adventure through astounding information. The hindsight value of this book is an initiation in itself.

If you are interested in writing a book review please contact HillaryRaimo@gmail.com

**Join Hillary for the official 3 DAY book launch**
The Crown Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill New Jersey 

July 27th – 29th, 2018
49th annual MUFON National Conference
**FREE to enter the vendor areas**

Buy a copy at the opening and enter to win a signed
Gods of Nature original artwork by Hillary