Holy Cannabis & the Voynich Manuscript by Hillary Raimo

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According to Dr. Jim Handlin, Cryptologist, the ROTAS code can translate the Voynich Manuscript.



I asked Jim to translate pg. 16R in the Voynich manuscript.


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This is what Dr. Handlin says the section translates to according to his theory on using the ROTAS code to translate it.



While we consider Dr. Handlin’s translation of this section of the manuscript, we must understand how the blooming of the nervous system is vital to activating the full human spectrum. So many diseases and pharmaceuticals change and alter the nervous system, diminishing its ability to enable these higher senses, it is important to understand how allowing the bloom would change ones interaction with everything around and within them.

Changing the biochemistry within the human body allows the activation of special properties within the human system that elevate the consciousness and enable the higher intuitive intelligence of the human body to be strengthened.



With companies like Monsanto looking to cash in on the rising Cannabis industry it is now more important than ever to be sure we know the origins of the strains ingested so as to avoid dangerously modified medicine, which destroys the integrity of the plants healing power. While big pharma seeks to take out the properties that create euphoric sensations in the body, it is my belief that this eliminates important properties from the plant and decreases its effectiveness.




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