Return of the Twin Flame by Hillary Raimo

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Full circle love.
Complete and ever lasting.
Never fickle to changing tides.
Steady hold.
Unattached yet connected.
Synchronistic entanglement for higher reasons.

Minus expectations and judgements.
Added grace & joy.

Happiness well deserved.
Smiles of contentment and stability.
Shedding the false face magicians, brightens the beauty.
No strings attached, yet filaments of sun & moon combined.
Fulfilment laced with self-love.
Containers of stars, galaxies unexplored.

Possibilities swirl, options, choices, flowering blooms.
Awakened from its slumber.

This kind of love can never be darkened by disbelief.
Ancient & old.
Reciprocated and trustworthy.
Honored & protected.
Seeds planted for coming generations to recall.
Hidden in the genes.

Expressed through simulated experience.
Released into the world, infusion guaranteed.

Hillary Raimo
Easter 2018

John-Paul Pietrus


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