My Conversation with a Priest of the Old Catholic Monastic Order by Hillary Raimo

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“You are everything the church tries to suppress in people Hillary. They breed compliance and create an unquestionable authority, which in truth breeds the most evil kind of corruption & hypocrisy.”


Since early Summer I have been searching for a Bishop to write me an authorization letter to attend a one week course on Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation at the Sacerdos Institute in Rome. I cannot attend the course without it.

All of my attempts to communicate about this to my local church authorities have failed. As of this writing, none of my email requests, or phone calls, have been replied too.

I want to attend this course because I am writing a book about how certain patterns in families can be traced to DNA memory manifestations and exploring if some of these patterns can be linked to by other energies. Can the prayer of liberation clear the DNA trauma which may allow certain demonic forces to attach to current day manifestations of that individual genome? Is it entrapment for a soul? Does the prayer of liberation break this energetic pattern up and release future progeny from the cycles?

I am hoping to take the course in Rome to strengthen some of my research inconsistencies and fill in gaps that only a course like this could.

But I cannot take the course without a Bishops letter of authorization. If a Bishop does not let me in, I do not get in.

Feels very privileged in today’s world to live by such choose-ism. When does it become right to let everyone in? Why do your churches get to be adorned with gold facades while poverty reigns? Who is asking the church to account for its hypocrisy in a world of dying believers? If I show up on Sundays, dressed my best, and put my hard earned money in your baskets every week, for at least a year, maybe then I could get the letter? Funny/not funny how every cult seems to operate on the same business model.

Pay and obey and you will be rewarded when you die. As they laugh all the way to the bank, and fuck their hidden lovers in their non-public life.

If the church let youthful minds in, those not saturated in the rule of the land, free to offer new ideas and ways of relating, would that not perhaps change the game of God?

Refusing a couple in love to marry within the church because of rules, they are allowed to marry outside the church by other catholic orders. It is all very confusing, and most young adults getting married these days are not raised in religious households, and the toll is obvious through the many churches closing these days, that the support is not what it used to be.

Are we watching the death cycle of a religious order?

The dissipating of belief systems. People waking up to everything they have done because of someone else’s rules. Guilt driven social structures are falling thanks to new digital age revelations. Access to information has allowed people to experience other systems of belief so free will can make up its own mind.

No women allowed, why not?
Give me one good reason why women can’t be priests in the Catholic order.

Would her face make Time magazine?
Would she upstage the Queen and the robotic Sophia?

I am just a woman who wants to take a course in Rome, so I can better understand. It is like turning to the father, asking for love and acceptance and being slapped in the face. NO says the big loud authoritative voice. The church is not welcoming. It does not offer nurturing and peace. It offers favoritism, sexism, macho-ism, ego, hypocrisy and plays games with ancient knowledge and makes white privilege look like a bad PR scam.

Why can’t I come in and learn?

Scientific is atheist. Nature is atheist. Sex is sin. Love can only be this and this and this, not that. Who are you to tell anyone who and what they can love?

With advancements in science these days, you’re inability to cooperate shows your lack of ability to adjust to the thriving ever evolving human spirit. Which is what you are supposed to be the expert of. Of which I am a true believer of.

In many lifetimes, I am sure this has been a repeating pattern, being rejected by an all knowing, all seeing church, who hunts down individual thought, and captures it. Containing the very genius humanity needs to get through challenges to the race of ALL people.

With the challenges to the environment we face today, the church claims loving nature is atheistic behavior. Yet the Native Americans would disagree. And so do I.

Is that why you have declined to let me take your course? Maybe my eyes are too clear for your liking.

My thesis for my book, takes this pattern on. Perhaps I will be the one to exorcise the demons out of the church empire.

These are my ponderings today after my conversation with a Bishop. I believe our conversation indeed changed my life and how I see things. I could write much about it all, and oh what seeds are growing in my mind because of.

Few things impress me these days. But seeing into something of this sort better, has helped heal something large.

Perhaps in proving my own theory, and in my efforts to explore the outer fringes of spirituality all my life, has in some way brought me home to the church.
Guided to do so by a dream and a demonic manifestation, I reach out in hope and in response I see the truth of things.

The Church however, as of now, still rejects my love…..
That is the great tragedy.

by Hillary Raimo






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