Slaying the Fear Tsunami by Hillary Raimo

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There is a tsunami of fear coming at you right now.

Reactions are rampant and some are bitter.
The years of the New Age movement has produced a lot of light. But has it produced a lot of equality? Seeing the under belly of anything is never pretty, but it gives a whole more complete picture.

Peoples minds have been taught to communicate in short bits and acronyms. Untouchabe texts and private messages. A kind of digital ego has been created. Right now inside of you lives a new being perhaps. A carefully programmed identity that is of your own making through your virtual life. The veil between what is digital and what is real has all but faded. But it can be redefined.

Maybe instead of praying to god we should be praying to earth. Instead of acting like we know what is the best for everyone, we should let everyone decide for themselves. Does your gut really tell you to stay put in the eye of a large storm? Then trust that and feel the energy!

I drove down to Montauk when Sandy hit the northeastern shore. I was compelled to be on the beach to breathe in the air and greet the storm. The sand was bioluminescent and the fog was rolling in. A bright flash of lightning and the air was electrified. As the wind wiped my face, and the stars peeked in and out of the clouds, I knew this was the force of creation, call it whatever you like. I have no attachment to god or goddess labels anymore. But it was life changing in many ways. Storms are amazing creations of force. I was taught that force is a power to be reckoned with.

People are still talking about the election. Do you wish Hillary had won? Does Hillary look like a sweet innocent victim of the big bad Donald now? Have you bought her book? Poor Hillary. Everyone picks on her. She should be knighted and queen of the 7 kingdoms. Or are you glad she lost? Did you breathe a breath of relief? American Horror Story premiered last night with an episode titled The Election. A clear anti-trump message is deeply intertwined into the storyline. That was clear in the opening scene. Everywhere I look trump is berated. The hatred of the public mass’s is not only hysteria but downright worrisome. Can’t you resolve without being a hater?

How you see Hillary matters. And she knows it.
And her hate for Donald, is it real? or staged?
Such shape shifters they all are.

You can’t even talk about it now. It becomes an instant argument. Because the energy behind it is intense. How do you handle your intensity? or the intensity of others?
Do you create sabotaging mechanisms to keep you in your safe world? or do you slay them and love anyway?

As is in a dream, the tsunami approaches you can feel every detail of the environment around you, you are completely present and lucid. Everything appears to be moving slow motion and your feet feel like lead. The sound is deafening and suddenly an awareness comes in….
I am dreaming. Everything stands still where it is. The wall of water before you is glistening in the light while it swirls in place high above you. Every thought you have from here on determines your dreamscape and experience.

The recent headline of DACA is a collective confirmation to pay better attention to your DREAMING. TO BE DREAMERS.

I recall a lucid dream I had once. I would like to share it. I had become lucid on a busy street. I walked up to a young boy dressed from another time. I said “What is your name?” and he answered me a silly response. But it was the thing that happened when I even became aware of him, as if he knew I was staring at a direct manifestation of my own mind. He was surprised I spoke to him. I pondered the dream for a few days. Coming to the conclusion that we are the only ones who can truly interpret our own dreams. They come from inside us. They are treasures beyond measure. If you do not recall your dreams, or you think you do not dream, you must remedy this as soon as possible. I give my advice because I have life experience. You may always leave it aside if it does not resonate. But I encourage you to try.

All the wild fires burning now…. have we become so disconnected to nature that we don’t even remember a storm is GOOD for the land? or that wild fires are GOOD because they detox the soil and water? Where has our EARTH BASED common sense gone? Instead of praying to god, pray to the earth. Go stand on the oceans edge and feel the vitality course through you because it is a reality you belong too. Earth is not an illusion. Beliefs are, concepts are, theories are, intangible myths that speak in riddles are. You can sit your butt down on the land and learn a thing or two about support.

The fear tsunami is meant to paralyze you. To keep you from traveling, keeping your mind body and soul boxed up in fear. Talk about harvesting a negative emotion!

Turn off the faucet of fear running through you and say no. Become lucid in your dream and change the way the story goes.

You don’t have to watch the destruction. But we have become a culture of voyeurs. Privacy seems to be a lost concept. You can turn away and do something else besides participate should you choose. But remember it is the quality of your thoughts and feelings even when it’s all turned off that matters.

When a storm comes, go outside and greet it. Sing it a song. Leave your crystals out or bury them in the ground. Giveaway and surrender. Feel the energy. Offer your gratitude for the cleansing, the rejuvenation and speak from your heart. We do not need to weaken them, or change their direction for our own human concerns, does a priestess tell a volcano not to erupt? the timing is inconvenient? silly.

Offer your love to the earth and all her moods. Appreciate her cycles and better understand them. Seek to resonate with her so you can be safe, and let your instincts guide you vs FEMA.

The world is not spinning out of control. Or going insane. It is simply readjusting after birthing pains. Welcome to your creation.

So now what?

Hillary Raimo





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