Human Superpowers & Current Day Consciousness by Hillary Raimo

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Could it be in your destiny to awaken your dormant human superpowers? What if you could ground your mind, body and spirit so completely you could change the very fabric of space time just with a simple thought. Isn’t this what you are told through your spiritual awakening working with your teachers, mirrors and self awareness? That your thoughts create energy and it goes where your focus flows…..

Somewhere there are others like you who have tuned into their latent abilities. They have mastered their thoughts, they dream lucidly and can see the instant manifestations of their abilities. They know they are awake. They can feel in ways others have yet to learn. Able to project their consciousness into anything, they understand in ways they were never taught. Opening their senses to the subtle softness that breaths life through everything, having evolved past the usual stickiness of karma and past, present and future lives, they access something else. A combination of quantum realities and unknown forces, and the ability to function successfully and fully in the manmade reality that swirls around them like a mirage that is tangible.

This is not an intellectual understanding or a vague spiritual sign post. It transcends what all major religions preach. It is the awakening of the full human potential. Shedding the limitations of the mind opens it to other possibilities and in this moment one has access to all that is by way of their consciousness.

There is nothing one cannot know in this state. Nothing one does not have access too. It is beyond the human definition of ego. Ego doesn’t even exist unless you believe in it. There is much power in silence. Being able to listen closely and observe unattached. Indifferent to outcome and breathing above and beyond the drama.

Like the balanced avatar walking through the world, in it but not of it. Yet able to work within it and effectively move through it. Most people have a real problem with the word POWER. Because they do not trust themselves with too much of it. Having come from situations where power has been abused either by them or onto them, the wounds cut deep. Yet these too are illusions and situations that make you stronger. Every time you fall down, and get back up, enables you to get that much closer to the truth of human potential.

Mainstream structures would have you believe you are weak, at the mercy of greater beings then yourself, simple minded, selfish and a greedy unrealized human. This is a lie.
The truth of the human potential has been given to many very successful people who use it for their own means. The problem lies in showing people the power that they truly are and hoping they don’t use it to do harm. If everyone knew who they truly were the world as it is would not be able to function. Currently it depends on confusion, tensions, non-unity, judgement, small minded thinking, limitations and self hate.

You do not have to fall into these pre-made categories. When you find others who have accepted their human abilities, who understand the true meaning of power, and have no personal agenda, something happens.

Have you gone through your spiritual awakening yet?
Are you just finding your way to it? Are you somewhere in the middle? or have you graduated into your own?

Find where others are at, respect it, and do something to nurture and inspire the continuation of it. There are masters walking this earth who have the ability to sense this awakened state in others. Forget all the spiritual teachings you have learned up until now, and file them away in your mind. You can access them when and if you need too. But you cannot be limited by even these. Some modalities simply teach new rules, new boundaries and keep you stuck in a box even if that box is shiny and promises enlightenment. You are your own keeper. Your own guardian. You need no one to hold space for you, unless you know you have a weakness that needs support. Otherwise it becomes an addiction, the needing others to help you and hold you up.

You are ripened human consciousness. Full bloom. Ready to be more. 

The current reflection of the world holds a strong and powerful message. The emotions that rise within you through it are tell tale signs of who you are at this moment. A guide post as to how to move in all directions. Most of what you have been taught is a lie. The minute science and spirituality split, the truth of who we are was buried.

The power of visualization is nothing new. Its been taught by many teachers over eons of time. Yet it is the single most important superpower a human has.

Want something? Visualize it. Wait. Watch it manifest.
Just be careful what you ask for. And be prepared to embrace it when it arrives.
Visualizing activates the quantum field around you. Fantasizing about something begins the energetic draw for it to come. You can see how self serving agendas can be misused here. But what happens when one evolves past the self serving needs and manages to find themselves floating effortlessly in the cosmos, exploring a black hole and finding things that can be confirmed with science. Once past the self serving wants and desires, you find an ability to do something else……

This is a whole new world. 

Something you’ve been asking for. Something you’ve been posting about. Something you’ve been feeling. Go deeper. Be deeper. Connect deeper. Think deeper. Experience deeper. Touch deeper.

Practice visualizing your thoughts. Recognize the negativity that grows within you and slay it. Choose to be a do-no-harm-manifestor. Do not seek followers, worry about doing events, or having to put yourself out there in order to be taken seriously. You have nothing to prove. And when you awaken your superpowers you may be more inclined to be less seen, less heard, and you find stability in doing something else, yet remain strong in who you truly are.

Never losing yourself has its perks. 

Judge the conversation quality of the other as it presents itself. Is it a waste of your thought energy to discuss petty dramatic emotionally entangled events? Maybe. Or maybe you need to see into it more. Is it a waste of your thought energy to feel you only have a handful of topics to discuss with someone because going deep terrifies them or you? Then you know what you can and cannot discuss. Every now and then a opened ripe mind comes along who has mastered itself, and has the ability to stabilize in the conversation raising both intellects by bouncing off the other to find the synchronistic pathway that opens everything. This is where the magic happens. Treasure those who match you, or uplift your thoughts. This is a new and rising human ability thanks to all that is available to help it grow stronger.

Superhuman abilities need no validation. They do not make you question your sanity. You have no need to tell others about it, or be wide eyed and open mouthed about the amazingness of it all. It just is. You have nothing to prove and for those that mock or question you, it is simply a mirror of something inside you that mocks and questions yourself. Heal it. And move on. These people will effortlessly leave your life once you have improved your confidence.

Look around you. Who are you sharing yourself with? Have you learned to know your own boundaries yet? or are you still projecting your unhealed stuff onto others? Nosey nellies never seem to find their way around power very well.

Lots of people speak about love being the answer to all. Yet love is an emotion, producing a chemical change through the human body. Clearing thought and over taking us at times. Yet when the feeling fades, so do the experiences. As with any other emotion it passes like clouds in the sky.

Believing in our own permanent state of goodness is a better more stable foundation.

It builds our confidence towards making our superhuman abilities better accepted as reality vs. some kind of self guided delusion. Too many underdeveloped human beings use their love as a means to do harm. To manipulate others or to hurt them by withdrawing it. These heart games show up in the collective fields reflecting back our own use of the emotion. And they can do great damage to the souls of those we are in that space with. Many are still learning the ropes with love. Others claim they love unconditionally but are the first to complain or talk negatively about someone. Hypocrisy is a disease.

So here you are. What is your plan? What visualizations do you focus on? Can you meditate and clear your mind long enough to hear the voice of the universe speak to you directly?

Forget all the distractions.

Find yourself in the midst of it all and develop the only thing that matters. The ability to gather all of your human superpowers long enough to be effective at changing your world.

You have no more excuses to be stuck.

Hillary Raimo

Gods of Nature collection by Hillary Raimo







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