Reflections of the Solar Eclipse by Hillary Raimo

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Solar Eclipse 2017 Photograph 18 x 18 Hillary Raimo

In only a few moments of solar change, the environment reacted drastically. This proves the vital connection between life here on Earth and its dependance on the sun. In only a few minutes of change in the output of the sun, birds stopped singing, crickets started singing. I wondered how this would effect the plant world? What kind of chemical change does it, if any, excite?

There were reports of wild animals behaving strangely. Some gathering under trees and huddling as if expecting danger.

I wondered at this. Why would an animals instinct tell it to take cover? What was this triggering in the animals perspective? Perhaps we will never truly know. But when animals instinctively run uphill when a tsunami approaches, humans are best to follow.

How does an eclipse effect the biofield of Earth?

Many people reported experiencing physical symptoms prior to the eclipse that cleared up afterward. Some said they felt tired, and needed to rest. Others gathered in great crowds to look up to see totality through special lenses so you didn’t burn out your eyes.

I had a hard time finding evidence that looking at the sun directly on a normal day is any more dangerous at the time of an eclipse. In fact, a friend shared a piece of writing about a group that observed a solar eclipse back in the 1800’s specifically using a special kind of white glass to observe it CLOSER, since the brightness would be DIMMED and you could potentially see easier INTO the interior of the sun, which I believe NASA was trying to do with it’s stratosphere experiments…. although publicly they said they were studying the heat of the corona and trying to better understand why it is hotter in the atmosphere of the sun rather then the interior. A worthy study indeed…

I pondered this curious thing. The interior of the sun.

I didn’t listen to the warnings of photographing the sun with a cell phone camera in non selfie mode. I went straight in and took pictures the regular way and had no eye issues whatsoever. The image above is one of those photos. It inspired some thoughts I’d like to share.

We are so dependent on the sun. Look what happened in the short period of time the light dimmed and how the ecological environments were reacting. Why did some animals react in fear? How does the light change effect the plants? Let’s discuss that!

While some were distracted with politics, race, festivals, buying T-shirts and gadgets, looking for little green men, others were going deeper. Is it a ripe time for human consciousness to connect with something bigger then themselves? In uniting people around a celestial event, wouldn’t this invoke a higher sense of love? My prayer was, do no harm.

Healing is never a waste of time or space. 

I remember when I was young the sun looked much more golden and round. These days, it is much more white and undefined. Could geo-engineering be changing how the sunlight diffracts down to the land? This could explain some of the sun orbs and their design as caught on camera. I wonder if we should spend more time studying the sun, earth and moon as a rule of thumb. Weather changes are a product of the interchanging fields between the earth moon and sun, not just green house gas emissions. Look what a few moments of blocking the light did to everything? Many noticed.

Some expressed they were called to stay inside. Felt intuitively inclined to not be ‘in it’. Literally by staying indoors, while others changed travel plans. A sure sign people are listening to their intuition better these days.

Can anyone ever truly be the same after a revelation? 

I don’t think so. Having had a few of my own I know going backwards is never an option. Reflecting on the past to move forward is healing, but staying stuck in outdated places holds you back and keeps you contained in a box with defining limitations. Like if the moons shadow were never to move out of the way, you would grow in a different way. Light codes would be rewritten. Think of the possibilities in that! Flowers would grow 5 petals instead of 4, or 4 instead of 7. In fact this has already been documented within the last decade. Flowers are changing their blooms. Mutations in biological lifeforms would increase, meaning different rates of cancers, perhaps even different kinds.

How does a solar eclipse change bacteria and viruses? 

Sun changes, whether in cycles or eclipses, create a glitch in the system, an override. A break into the sky net digital matrix, founded by master magicians, long enough to reset the program. Man has not conquered the sun out there!- yet. Perhaps they can manipulate it here on Earth for now, but have they discovered the interior planet? when they do, all the illusions melt, tensions dissolve as the priorities of what is really important realigns.

Humanity has become petty.
Deep thinking is the cure. 

Hillary Raimo
Solar eclipse August 21st, 2017
Upstate New York
66% Totality
99% 2024







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  1. I thought the eclipse was later here , so I changed the timing belt on the diesel bmw and the wife mentioned it got a little more shady out as she was in her garden , but it was a cool morning so I got er done . Don’t suppose I need to say hello mary’s or anything . Never seen anything strange , well except the neighbor. Great article Hilllary , like always , keep up your great investigating and surmising . Your labor is greatly appreciated , Thank you

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