Post Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading by Hillary Raimo

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Did you survive the shadow healing?
Now you know what still needs healing. It is up to you to take the steps forward to resolve that which needs resolving. Now it is time to learn how to receive.

Who is your teacher right now?

Perhaps you think you do not have one. Just take a look around your life and see who inspires you, and who upsets you, the most. These people are our greatest teachers. Think of ways to honor them. The lunar eclipse brought clarity, and freed your mind from the snares of the matrix. You can no longer be hoodwinked into believing lies and propaganda. You know you are being studied, and everything you do is watched and logged. Yet you pretend to be ignorant of it in your day to day operating systems.

You are not a manmade computer. 

You are the result of infinite amount of time and perfection. Why do you still think small? Your emotions are elixirs. You can be chemically stimulated by headlines, news, social media, people. You are fully plugged in. Be sure you know how to truly unplug to keep your balance and grounding on sure things.

How do you discern between lies and truths? 

Do you just trust what you are told? Because some rumors are true and some are lies. The female and male energies that create life are realigning. This is where your comfort zone meets the unknown. You can cross the abyss in wonder or fear. Each will change your experience exponentially. All of your premonitions are coming true quicker. Each word you think managing to become real faster and more efficiently now. What is the cause of this? Could it be evolution! or a shift and change within human consciousness itself?

So many beautiful questions one could ask about it all. 

And yet still you must take responsibility for your actions. It is time to stop seeking revenge on your perceived enemies.  The karma is complete. Move on.

You can’t be a complete bitch to one person and act like a saint towards another. This is pathological and inconsistent with true kindness and light. Being mindful in every situation is a specialized skill. Not everyone has it. But it can be learned.

Your real skills will come to the surface through the solar eclipse. You will be asked to better understand the marriage of male and female energies, the boundaries thereof, and the alchemy practices of old because they will serve the current world well. It will serve you well to understand them better.

Once you have manifested your abundance what will you do with it? 

Everything that is happening on the earth plane right now is a choice. Will you fire the nukes at your enemy and destroy them in a revenge oriented mindset? or will you choose peace and resolve humanely?
The conflict escalation is inside everyone of us. Built by magicians who orchestrate the world and its tendencies. Will you allow yourself and your perspective to be manipulated? or will you use your mind and intellect to see the bigger picture and think deeper?

Stirring your emotions is easy. Getting a rise out of you is simple work. One just has to play on your wounds, your sensitivities, your mistakes, your beliefs to get you to think a certain way. That said, one can also play on your strengths, your brilliance, your talents, your light to enhance them and make them shine.

Who do you surround yourself with?
People who bring out the worst or the best in you?

The minute your teacher turns on you and bites you, perhaps it is time to move on and find a new teacher, or go without one. Maybe you will attract another teacher who bites, and another. Until perhaps you learn what you need to learn about attracting teachers who bite. You are not meant to be a student your whole life….
There comes a time when the student surpasses the teacher, and a good teacher knows how to honor that moment with love and not teeth.

Choose your reward for your work carefully. What you think may be right for you may in fact be wrong. Only you can make that call. Intuition is the guide.

The collective male and female energies are shifting the paradigm. Everyone is feeling the shake up. The manipulated games played on the collective platform are simple mirrors for the microscopic realities we each create in our own lives. It is specific and detailed. Look for who represents these big monster people on TV in your own life. Who do they remind you of? Your mom? Your father? That first heartbreak? Your nemesis?
I invite you to look deeper.

Sit, disconnect from the world long enough to reflect on what it is FOR YOU. This small act of self exploration will have wide reaching effects.

You are being bombarded with negativity because the powers that are controlling the nuts and bolts world know it is a ripe time to reap big things. God forbid you self actualize and fulfill your destiny and purpose in a world that only wants to exploit that.

If you go through a gateway in a bad mood it changes your experience. 

The power is being shut off and rebooted on your perceptions of reality.
The real treasure in this is finding yourself in it.

Hillary Raimo





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