Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading, A Shadow Healing by Hillary Raimo

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We all have access to the same primordial soup our consciousness is a part of.
That said, we may not all recognize this or have the same way of accessing it.

Who says we are always going forward? 
Or doing things at the same time. 

Maybe each of us represents the endless amount of stars in the sky. Burning away in our own galaxies, surrounded by the planets of our own creation. Each in our own stage of development and evolution, spinning round and round in a steady current of cosmic energy moving towards some unknown end. Or is the end an illusion?

Could we be a part of something so grand we fail to even fathom its existence?
Is describing such profound-ness even possible?

Deep thinking is a skill you need to practice and make time for.
Pondering the open ended questions helps to open ones mind to possibility. Closed minds cannot consider possibility easily as it is rigid in its ability to be flexible in ideas and connections.

Conversation reveals more about a single person then anything else can. Ones ability to stay engaged, present, and how one listens to the other, while assimilating their input reveals deep insights as to where we are on our path.

Rise in your ability to settle into your own presence and be grounded and centered long enough to stay lucid in your conversation experience. Stronger synchronicity happens when your mind is primed for possibility. How we relate to each other is shifting because we have shifted. Things have changed, and like a new bird in a nest, we must learn how to fly by practicing and trusting our newly found super human abilities.

This means it will be felt across the board. Our work lives, personal lives, friendships, co-creative efforts, associations, arrangements, commitments, even our wounds will all feel the emanation of intense reorganization.

Resolution happens when you have no need to cry over it anymore. The emotions are released and the cycle is no longer presenting itself to you as an option of choice. If the cycle is still presenting itself, there is more to reflect on and learn. Old ways of dismissing, ignoring and running away are over. But you will still have to face yourself when you show up to test your resolve. What part do YOU play in the dysfunction? How do you perpetuate hate and non-compassion? If you are seeing it in your reality you are being asked to examine what micro of you is perpetuating the reality. This is hard work and the reward is your freedom.

Wherever you lack the ability to love, or the ability to be present, it will be magnified so you can learn how to strengthen what needs to be stronger. Your evolution has brought you here to this very present moment. The odds of that are extraordinary.

You are special. 

You have a unique ability to stir other people in the ways they need to be stirred. Your very presence opens them up to higher thought and intellect. Embrace this skill do not hide it away or dismiss it as a weakness. This is appropriate interaction in these days of change.

Synchronicity is the language of the intuitively empowered. It is the force behind revolutions and uprising. It reveals an intelligence behind the act of interrelations.

The easiest way to control is to never allow a humans mind to have the kind of deep thinking space it needs to ponder new ideas, new concepts, new theories. Distractions offer many ways out of deep thinking space, and responsibilities offer the same. Who has time for deep thinking when there is so much to do? It must be done. Especially now when there is so much ripe energy in the field.

If thoughts truly do create our reality, then bad thoughts do too.
And every bad thought you have will manifest instantly now. Choose your thoughts carefully, be mindful of their power. It’s ok to not be a shiny unicorn all the time. The hag has much to teach these days, and with equal value.

What do you want? 

Choose your interactions wisely. What will bring you the most growth? The answer to that question is not always pleasant. Growing pains are real. Sometimes the darkness wins because the darkness isn’t bad per se it’s just dark. Hard to see the reasons, the connections, the why’s. It consumes your ability to be able to navigate it with your light, so you must crawl around seeing what you have sowed. The mirrors may be painful, or they may be beautiful, but either way you are in charge of how you interact with them. Keep growth in mind.

You cannot crawl back into your mothers womb. You will die as a human form. This is the only certainty.  Making your time count here is essential and leaving a legacy of what you have learned optional but highly suggested.

Hillary Raimo




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