Healing the Divine Masculine Tarot Reading, Pre-Ecliptic by Hillary Raimo

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Ascension, by Dali 1958


Everything you have ever known of male energy is about to be transformed. As he ascends into higher realms of expression he will rise inside of you. The friction of him will alchemize the necessary ingredients for your transmutation. He is not about religion. He is not an idol. He is your brother, father, uncle, grandfather, friend, husband, lover, son, cousin, coworker, co-creator, partner. He is the one who comes into your space and touches it tangibly. He is the one who learns how to love you.

All of your pain with the patriarch as it is now after centuries of formation, is here to be healed. You no longer need to carry it around with you. It is over. Time to move on. All of the men in your life that have not shown up have taught you how to stand on your own. This valuable lesson has made you strong. It is time to summon your courage as you begin to explore yourself in deeper ways then ever before. The depths should be comfortable for you now and if not, time to get your whole soul wet.

With Trump on the forefront of the collective masculine energy we will watch him trigger all the loose specs inside of us in need of healing. Every single thing that he triggers for you is a lesson for you. He will transform in the process of holding this collective space for all of us, as they all eventually do, because we do in the micro. Your anger is righteous anger, and righteous anger heals. If it is heard, expressed and creatively transmuted. Otherwise you risk it festering, growing strange and delusional things like in still water. No movement in your perspective creates an irritation. This irritation leads to frustration. This frustration leads to all that you allow to sabotage yourself.

Male energy in its basic symbolic form is DOING. Female is BEING. The yin and yang of balance, keeping the scales of the universe in tact. When any aspect of the balance becomes out of balance, it will manifest in a variety of ways, none worth any of your judgement. This is not about pointing the finger at others. Or seeking to blame and shame. This is about utilizing the ‘other’ as a mirror for what still brews under your surface.

Which male energy is your greatest challenge at this moment?

Through the lunar eclipse on August 7th, you will have an opportunity to explore the deep ends of your ocean. The watery gateway awaits. As you explore your relationship with the divine masculine, truths will arise, unhealed pains and wounds will reveal themselves. How you deal with these irritations will mirror to you how far a long you are with your healing process. This is not a race to the finish line. Your ability to be where you are and be ok with it is all that matters. Do not compare your journey to anyone else. That is your ego seeking validation. Disregard the competitive tendencies.


Salvador Dalí, Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach, 1938.

Our western culture has learned a male energy that centers around competition, macho-ism, downplaying emotion, and to some degree it has involved learning to misperceive the feminine energies.

The rise of the new man is here, and how you navigate that will determine your experience through the great american eclipse. The eclipse path cuts the country in half, but offers a new unity if perceived in a healing light. It is time to express yourself from your intuition. Honor that inner knowing that nudges you on your peripheral. What is asking to be seen, yet you still refuse to look? Are you scared you will see some aspect of yourself that is too ugly to admit? Yet in your honesty you offer yourself a great healing.

When have you healed enough? 

Healing doesn’t have to be a lifetime journey, there is life after it. Being complete in your healing doesn’t mean you will never feel emotions again, or react, it doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes or fall down. Stop listening to those who shame you for being human, as if being human is some kind of insult to your spiritual journey. The time of you knowing what is best for you is here. Stop looking in other places for yourself.

What are you capable of doing as a whole person? 

Stop working from your broken places, your life will become empowered. You do not need to entangle those aspects of yourself that keep you from your greatest potential. Unless you are living it fully, in EVERY way, you still have work to do. There is no guilt in that. Nothing to shame. No one to compete with over it. Just more and more potential exposed.  The beauty in that is you can always become more beautiful. How beautiful is that!

How do you honor the male energy in your life?

Any way you emasculate the male energy in your life will be right in your face through this eclipse cycle. Your complaints, hating, nagging, neglecting, dismissing, will all come forth and ask to be healed. Any leftover stuff in your past will rise up again offering you another round of healing with it. Whatever unfinished business you have with it will need reconciliation.

You are being asked to reconfigure your kindness towards the masculine energies. To heal your DOING and integrate it in a balanced way with your BEING. The male energies are here not to save you from anything, or to take care of you while you do nothing, the male energy is here to be a catalyst for your greatest creative expressive self in this lifetime. Stop using the male energy in a way that dishonors it. Every male who crosses your path deserves love. No matter what their prior offenses. Enough is enough. The time for pain is over. This is how you counter effect the collective manifestations through your microcosm.

This is about owning the armor you have created over your experiences, but not needing it because the battle is over. It is time to claim your abundance rightfully so with the male energies, time to appreciate them in all that means for you, and enjoy the pleasures and fruits of that work.

You will have to tread this path. It is what is facing you now as you enter the moon cycles complimentary with the eclipses next month. This is not a time to be airy fairy, or misuse your energy. Distractions and delusions go together. It is time to own how you abuse the male energies, so you can embrace the healing that goes along with it.

HE is not meant to be your knight in shining armor, here to save you from yourself. HE is meant to be honored as a divine masculine entity and forgiven for his maladies. Cry if you need too. Scream if you need too. Start by whispering how YOU have treated him and be honest.

It is this honesty that will free you and let him fly to be the best he can be. The doing part of us needs to work properly so we can achieve what needs achieving. The being part is the soft embrace that allows us to rest, and dream while not needing to act. You will need to examine these parts of yourself closely if you wish to move on and grow new. This reading is about doing the work. Owning the anger and irritations that trigger and sabotage you. This is about putting the male energy back where he needs to be, in the light of miracles and honoring.

Hillary Raimo









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