This is a follow up article to my 2012 Twining Twins of Divine Flame  

On January 20th, 2016 five planets will align in the night sky. This is an astrological event from an Earth based perspective. The alignment will last for approximately one month. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – will appear in a line, visible to the naked eye.

This epic alignment signals the continuation of love. Love based here on Earth. Bringing it down from the heavens and anchoring it on real ground. The time to work with your twin flame is here, and the signs are everywhere. You cannot fake true synchronistic happenings. The kind that give a level of confirmation nothing else can. They are personal and when they happen between you and your twin, they will be tangible on all levels. You will spark ah-ha moments between the two of you, that will ripple outward into the etheric realm touching everyone and everything. It is this kind of quantum entanglement that will become stronger as you both practice and accept the level of connection your joining births. Trust is the only way to proceed. Deep trust and a promise to protect each other in this space. The biggest challenge twins will face now is trust. Synchronistic events can be manipulated. It takes a darkened heart indeed to deal this level of manipulation, and the repercussions of it are drastic and life threatening. That said, however, there is a higher force at work, assisting and propelling twins towards their awakened destiny. Because what they produce together has the power to ripen consciousness in ways nothing else can. It is about connection, intimacy, real love, and a telepathic connection that widens ones awareness to the far reaches of the universe.

In this awakened state of consciousness, twins are immersed in a field of pure potential. They can create beauty or nightmares. They are both responsible for holding steady in love, and when one falters, the other assists in the rebalancing. Why? because what happens to one, happens to the other. The bond that is invoked is potent, powerful and has unlimited strength. It is the manna, the chalice and the contents of the holy grail. It is what so many seek, yet they often look in the wrong places. A twin is not something to pretend to be, or insist you are. The phenomena will happen or it won’t. When it starts it is wise to take notice. You can experiment with it, practice it and eventually master it. When twins master their bond, the magic that comes is the true threat to the establishments, religions and complexes designed today to keep people dumbed down and powerless. The bond that exists between true twin flames is a spark, a seed, of extreme quantum consciousness that will open the most closed system to the light.

The bumps and bruises twins get along the way will toughen their resolve and they will rise to the occasion to bring all they are to the table for each other, because they cannot deny the experience that happens between them. Today, most are afraid, resistant and reluctant to engage on this level of intimacy. For whatever reason, they avoid it because it is to much for them, or they are not ready, and there is nothing the other twin can do about it except have patience and wait. The phenomena that happens can freak people out, turn on their run apps full force, and off they go, insisting you aren’t their twin and someone else is, or they aren’t ready for a zillion reasons. In the grand scheme of lifetimes this small pause is nothing, yet to the other twin it can feel like eternity. You travel through worlds, incarnate on the same planet at the same time, you cross paths and meet, the spark is there, and finally you can say yes. This is no small feat. Often taken for granted or dismissed, when it is acknowledged the bond twines, and begins to glow a golden hue, activated once again. Memories will surface, drawn out of your cells, you will go through a variety of emotions, as your crust breaks open from the force. You will be stripped naked and lay in surrender under the moon. Nothing can eclipse the feeling.

The twin can see everything inside and around you. You can hide nothing. Secrets are unveiled in an instant and knowing is constant. You can close your eyes and feel them, anytime anywhere. Distance is an illusion. Separation a lie. The spiritual significance of this connection is of the upmost importance. Ancient cultures knew the power of such connections and the symbolism is deeply rooted into their ruins left behind.

If you lie and deceive your twin, they know instantly. You cannot manipulate them because  they are your emotions, streaming live in real time, you both share the same mindspace. The telepathic abilities between the two surpass the abilities in normal situations. Twinning is the ability to interact with your twin on all sensual levels of consciousness. Do not think this connection is all fun and games. It will open your consciousness in ways nothing else has, it will ripple through parts of you that have had little or no movement in eons. This will cause all sorts of things to rise to your surface. If these things are faced together, you will overcome them and clear the field for the work the two of you have in this lifetime. You have found each other for reasons you can only perhaps glimpse in rare moments of higher understanding. No one has all the answers, but together you find more than if you are alone. This is how the sight between two becomes one.

Twins can change the weather. Their magnetic fields increase and the stronger the connection, the stronger the affect.

When you meditate with your twin, the experience will be enhanced. Together your consciousness will merge and become one entity with source. In which an all knowing, all seeing perspective forms. Enhanced by both your energies combined. It is the twin experience that makes this so powerful, not only because of the love you have for each other but because the biophysical effects will be undeniable. You will feel sensations on all levels that will expand you, widen you and fill your cracks with healing salve.

The sexual energy will ripen, and when you merge physically it will consecrate the bond. This is where one must tread lightly with great respect to self and the other. The sexual energy that is produced between twins will be extraordinary and has endless potential. It will take you to the stars. True twins will conceive a new world between them. A tangible place with texture and meaning. Adding sexual energy is what happens naturally as twins are attracted to each other in ways that far surpass the ‘we are all one’ love. As much as everyone wants to believe in unconditional love, one must have boundaries and be respectful and accountable to their own actions and assumptions, as well as actions of the other. For example, to use the soulmate energy as a line to get someone in bed, or to invoke it just for the fun of it, creates a nasty karma both will have to work out for an undetermined amount of ‘time’ and there are deep energetic repercussions. Never invoke this bond between yourself and another unless you are sure and it is absolutely reciprocated fully by the other. To do any different will create a very messy entanglement and can be very harmful to self and others. You must stand in your integrity in the twinning, or it collapses the love bubble, and can do great harm. In which case, it will take work to rebuild and heal. Work which can take seconds, or centuries.

During events of great astrology or big earth changes, twin energies can have a stabilizing effect. If everyone was partnered with their true twin, the amount of love infused etherically would quantumly shift the scales and rebalance humanities energy fields which are intimately connected to this planet. Just like the true purpose of megalithic sites around the world, working WITH earth energy fields and WITH magnetic lines, love can create a plethora of dynamic influence which can drastically change consciousness, which ultimately is connected to everything. Hate is a powerful energy, one we can all feel when it enters our space. Love is the same, yet it has the opposite effect, instead of shutting us down, it opens us up. This opening is ripe and filled with vast potential which when used for the right thing, and the right wolf is fed, has enormous repercussions in ways humanity has yet to learn. Science will catch up eventually and show these connections as true. Until then it is something intuitives have felt and known for a very long time, as has Shamans and indigenous healers worldwide.

What are the odds you and your twin have incarnated now? Right now. Why? What would the purpose be? Can you stay long enough in that holy space to find out? or will you run away and bury yourself in your addictions and old ways of loving? If I told you you could make it rain, or cause an earthquake, or move a pencil on a desk 3000 miles away, would you believe me? It takes complete and holy trust. It takes courage, strength and hope to make the twin energies work at their fullest potential. We are evolving into a world where sensual telepathy will become normal, expected and understood.

Being magnetically attracted to your twin means there is gravity between you. Gravity pulls you together for a reason. Your partnership is reflected in the very physics that cause the pull. Listen to the pull. Go with the pull. Fall into it as far as you can. Face what comes and get through it together. The challenges may be great, resolve will purify the connection and concentrate the power of it drop by drop as you steep in it and it ripens your wise.



Your twin will show up when you are ready. Ready to surrender to yourself and another. No walls, no games, no bullshit. It will be ripe right from the start; intense and will challenge your belief in relationship right from the initial interaction. Societies rules have no say in this connection. It overrides everything. It consumes. It spits you out on the other side of yourself. You are seen for all you are. You are heard in everything you fail to say. You are felt on levels never before felt. It may be new or it may be reminiscent of past loves, which may have held glimpses of your twin before they arrived. Preparing you for the real deal. Holding you in time and space so you can acclimate to your new level of ascension. Twin love transforms, transmutes and challenges all of your known realities, beliefs and asks you to reform accordingly.

Imposter soulmates, those who enter your space with the intention to deceive are a new reality of pain. The subject of soulmates, twin flames, is widely discussed now, and in spiritual circles this can quickly become abused and used as a means to invade another persons space. In order to not block your twins energy because of doubt or mistrust, one must depend on synchronistic confirmations. The kind that only belong to you, that no one knows about, because this is Universe speaking to you directly. It is Universe saying WAKE THE FUCK UP! THIS IS FOR REAL! There is no time constraints on twin interactions or energy. They may come in for a season, or a lifetime. They do not necessarily stay longterm, or enter into traditional relationships. Although some do commit and stay together doing great work in the world together. I believe twin energy is meant to create exactly what is necessary and relevant between them during their time together. You have an eternity to intertwine. You will always eventually cross paths because you are magnetically compatible. The cognition ignites and there is no denying it.

When problems arise between twins it is vital to pay close attention. The bond that is created can reek havoc on each other if it is disharmonious. Your negativity can cause your twin to get ill, or have negative thoughts and reactions. Your denial and rejection of your twin can cause discord and even death. If someone is your true twin, you must have that conversation. Put it on the table. Talk about it, clear your feelings respectively and honor your own and the other through the resolve. Clearing the tension can clear the field and release the productive energies waiting for the ok. Once the resolution is complete both twins will continue to feel the high energy, high octane movement created between them and off they go, ready to conquer the world.

How do you know it is a true twin and not an imposter twin? Your body will tell you. Your spirit will acknowledge it and the confirmations will be undeniable, personal and completely relevant. Like finding a needle in the sand on a 10 mile long beach. Yet still the human mind plays tricks and even this level of confirmation can sometimes be overlooked. Sadly some continue to spin in their ego, resisting and reluctant. This may be a sign they are not your twin, or they are and just need to work through their feelings. Free will is the security system set up within the human system to protect and preserve. We all have one, we all navigate it and we all make decisions. Decisions that need to be respected, no matter how painful. Twin love can be a roller coaster until it is accepted completely by both twins. Patience is vital, perseverance and trust in the bond.

Leaving twin relationships can be tricky, challenging and unsettling. If you have accomplished what you were to accomplish together, you may in fact be in a situation that asks you to separate from it. The withdrawal will be steady and swift. It will cut you like a sword and the wound will be deep and take time to heal. You will get through it. Time assists us as does a higher perspective and understanding that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we simply do not see that reason in our human form, but we have to trust spirit and the coordination. Perhaps it was only a glimpse, and the twin who is your true match is coming closer as you ripen and become ready. Twins sometimes do not incarnate at the same time in current lifetimes, so we only get to feel them slightly through others as they visit us through them. It is a tangible energetic imprint signature that is undeniably real. If it fades, and you wonder why, it may be that your twin could only come through for a moment, touch you through someone else, and give you the necessary exchange at just the right time. Always looking out for each other, always having your best interest at heart, your true twin will never hurt you, never leave you, and will always love you even through your storms. As you will for them.


Twins work on large levels. All the time. Nothing is ever irrelevant between them. They have the power to change things. Literally. Together they can assist the world should they both choose to do so. If they choose to partner ceremoniously this increases their power tenfold. A sacred act on an auspicious day or timing or alignment will enhance their efforts greatly and empower their magic. As we spin through the galaxy on this one rock we call home, as we navigate a million obstacles every day moving slightly towards them in each way, gravitating towards a better understanding of self and other, we allow the nurturing of an element, esoteric in nature, to form. This entity will rise up and ignite others, inspire them and also attract other forms of things that wish to break it up. Distractions, past relationships, people seeking the flame for themselves, evil and their legions of forces will stop at nothing to disrupt true twins. Because what is conceived within their union is the stuff ancient myths and prophecies have predicted since the beginning of time. It is not a savior we wait for to return, it is a high quality love with the ability to light up consciousness in new ways that open the channels to new ideas and solutions for a planet in need. High quality mergers, such as twins coming together, launches a new wave of renewed energy into the field, and all living beings feel it, are attracted to it, and understand the need for it now especially. There is a force at work in the world today which hunts this love full-time. Hoping to deceive you and derail you. True twins overcome these forces, and when they commit to each other, these forces know it will be a game changer. Twin love ignites a renaissance of consciousness. One that frees the mind body and soul from the oppression at work in the world today. It allows for the true force of God/Goddess to incarnate and be put to work in the world for the greater good. This is the power twins hold. An ability to do the kind of magic we only hear about now in myths and legends. Twins ensure the continuance of this powerful love, rising at just the right time in humanities evolution, like an inoculation for the virus of hate.

Hillary Raimo



























12 thoughts on “Twining Twins of Divine Flame: Part 2 The Continuation of Love

  1. Thank you Angel we send Love and Blessings to you and yours!!!!

  2. Tim says:

    very interesting read , I had a writing on this idea and mentioned of a happening that will take place of the joining of wholeness energies , This alignment probably was the stimulus 🙂

    1. This alignment and what happens in the month it is happening will be important for these energies. Spend time with your twin, do the things necessary to stimulate each other on all levels and enjoy the ride.

      1. Amy Shumate says:

        These times can be so very confusing. The love abounds such immense intensity; and yet, the pain can be so difficult, you don’t feel like you can go on in this 3D world. The vibrations, pull of gravity can be so physically disabling all energy seems lost. At times, you feel you have to just walk away or just check out. At times, things are so euphoric, its beyond any fairytale you can imagine. Then, one turns around to destroy this trust and you know you cannot continue here alone. Why all the severe pain and intense anxiety? We so badly want to connect at all levels of intimacy; but, our timing seems off. We look to increase are sexuality at the expense of the other. We find ourselves looking at porn to increase libido, which some (ancient practices of kama sutra, tantra) seems to promote love and intimacy. But that doesn’t seem to be enough. We will find ourselves looking at destructive porn disregarding the feelings this may cause the other. We have literally began moments to learn how to increase our sacred union by going to instructional sites such as eros exotica that exhibits love, intimacy and is arousing and lose focus ending up on sites about adult hookups, live cam sex feeds, degrading respect of ourselves and each other. We have literally begun an evening of romance, then one becomes obsessed with searching the most taboo sex. They have literally taken the precious, innocent moment of love to non-stop searches for 24 to 48, 60… hours of selfish lust, looking for the most disgusting porn that may make them feel ‘in the mood’ and wonder why the other has lost all interest. My love for him is so great, I will take a back seat, (for a while) at the expense of feeling hurt that he needs this for us to be intimate. But for Gods sake, one can only take so much. I feel like handing him money to go down the street and pick up a pro. That is what he seems more interested in looking at. Sites promoting growth in sensuality, love making and sexuality are arousing, but inevitably, one of us will go down a rabbit hole and have to push the envelope as far as possible looking at things that have no depth; but, a quick self serving short lived fulfillment. Sometimes, It seems as though, I may not be arousing enough. My self esteem just took a steep drop south. What can we do to enhance our lovemaking without crossing such barrios and sending the other further away? My original intentions of a romantic night of uniting as one in lovemaking has become days of destructive, abusive behavior. We are both at fault. I will also look up the most bizarre sites out of curiosity or to interest him. Will the hurting each other ever end?

      2. Briana says:

        Do you think us becoming pregnant with twins during this alignment, which until now I was unaware of, is significant?

      3. gene says:

        there are no accidents in life and it is a gift , please look at at the divine in all , as life is all inclusive and not exclusive . you both have been blessed treat it with the GOLDEN RULE IN ALL THAT IS ALL , ALL OF THE TIME AS THERE IS NO TIME OR SPACE . unconditional love is very rare less than four percent of population have this quality .

  3. I love how you share and describe your perspectives and let your voice shine through! Your descriptors- I’m living this. Love to you!

  4. Merry_Star says:

    I am delighted that someone as respectful, sensitive and connected to this Twin Flame energy as yourself has written about it.
    I have met my Twin and was rejected by Him (also myself). He would argue that this isn’t true but immediately after we met, he put me on hold. He would ignore my messages to him on Facebook for several days before responding. He would communicate only when I was ready to give up entirely — hitting all three bases and sliding into home base at the very last moment in order to save the game — but treating a relationship like baseball does not quite work.
    I was devastated because, while I wasn’t “looking for him” at the moment I met him (I did “look” previous to our meeting) I was stunned to have met him. I was offguard. We quickly shared sexual intimacy and that may have been the issue for him but I felt as though my entire life had actually propped me up for the meeting. Upon our meeting, I suddenly saw why I chose certain experiences in order to gain certain knowledge from them that I required because it was HIS knowledge and HIS experience. Everything made so much more sense and the trials of life became understandable and bearable. But he did not see me in this manner. Likely, he still does not. I cannot even begin to tell you about the nonphysical happenings that occurred as a result of our meeting because it would be too long but suffice it to say that I was/am certain who we were/are to each other and how much it hurt my soul to be unrecognized and rejected by my mirror was shattering. Do these mirrors shatter too? Is that what he is choosing for this relationship?
    I am with a soulmate now who I have had pastlife visions with and I wonder if this is the dark agenda trying to dissuade my Twin and I or if I have some karma to work out with my soulmate first (what my vision told me). I am sure to find out somehow.
    Nonetheless, your words echo through my soul.
    Thank you deeply.

  5. Briana says:

    Having my twin flame as well as having gotten past our barriers of mistrust, apprehension, fear and doubt….. Do we have any responsibility to make a difference? If so how do we find our purpose and start helping others? He and I both have a lifetime of pain and suffering that we have healed together. We have empathy and understanding for those suffering as we have. My compassion for others can sometimes be overwhelming to him as he is the stronger more logical one. He has strengths that I lack and vice versa. I feel I have a greater purpose, he and I have found a connection so deep that I know it’s Unbreakable. We both have experienced first hand people who sabotage and We don’t let others ever come between us. They have tried in the past, but if we have been blessed with finding the love others so desperately want/need….. can we help others find it? how do we do so? Can we help others heal? Is there something we are supposed to be doing that we aren’t doing yet? I’m just learning about twin flames, I posted a comment on your last post and I found this one right after. I read this one and I can’t wait to share it with him. I feel like I needed him and the universe gave him to me. I thank God and I want to do whatever it is im supposed to do to show my gratitude for the love I get to live with. I feel I can’t ever repay this gift.

  6. Thanh says:

    Beautiful writing! I feel all of this deep inside with my twin, and that caused me to shed tears as I read your article because it reaffirms everything I believed to be true. Thank you!! Much love, Thanh (and Mark)

  7. pt4men says:

    So nice, thanks…

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