Imagine if eagles never flew their nest.
In the animal world children leave their parents, never to see them again, early on.
Making way for new mother child bonds.
Independence breeds space.

Everyone experiences their own reality. No two are alike. Unique in their resonation and signature. Each made of genetic blueprints, life experiences, and choices made.
Are others even able to comprehend another persons reality really?

Like galaxies colliding does the entanglement create beautiful or nightmarish things?

Life is meant to create chemical reactions.  The natural world supports that statement when observed and studied.

I imagine there is a doorway opened by synchronicity somewhere between two people that enables higher human potential. Synchronicity is created by interaction with the other. Group and solo energy are not the same. Duo and trinity differ as well. The dynamics of the orchestration of it all matters. Depending on what is needed. Each experience is unique, special and means something. Synchronicity is the language of the future. Futurism dreams come true!

Does the other exist anywhere? Yes, your current location physically. However you wish to translate that. But you know the difference when another person is in the same room, vs not. Although some would suggest if ones thoughts are powerfully focused enough, there is no difference. How many minds would you say could do that? Whose radar would they pop up on today?

The other is the one who observes you into existence. As you do for them. 

Death offers other places to learn things. Other expressions of form and manifestation.
Your thoughts, emotions and ability to be conscious in the human form, gives the ability to be present at crucial moments, much like lucid dreaming does in dreams.

Lucid dreaming is a cousin of synchronicity. In the same family of higher consciousness and unique manifestations of critical openings in the time space continuum that will allow the light in.

Changing the biochemistry of the body with every ah-ha moment, the spin of the other, creates the friction of what is needed to comprehend. Instantly increasing intellect and ability to access the collective wisdom surrounding us all in the ethers. A direct way into a state of being that allows us to transcend our humanity and embrace our divinity.

Who owns original thought? 

In a new age world the dogma is ‘we are all one’.
But are we?
That would mean your mission is the same as mine, and you like exactly what I like on my toast. Could such commonalities mean anything these days, when connection for most, is a digital virtual life that neglects the natural world of first hand experience? A debatable and interesting question to ponder.

In an age when most people do not work a job aligned with their passions is it possible to engage the creative energies available to us in their full potential? Are most people happy, enjoying the lives, and reaching their fullest potential? Who is doing these studies?

And if not, are we embracing and celebrating our weaknesses as powerful growth factors capable of igniting the flame within so it may increase the synchronicity between us and others?

If we are indeed our very own realities, each of us a generator of consciousness in entity form, then wouldn’t that make some of us angels and others demons? What was the original intention of religion? and why that story?

A closed mind questions no such things. Content to ride the 9-5 clock, and imagine only their limitations. But yet in the death space, we all encounter eventually, we face the realities of what is important and what is not. Fine tuning our senses and refining our skills. Alchemizing our inner gold through soul quakes that bring the love to the surface. If we choose to die that way. Some choose fear, insecurities and superficial means.

New world? New age? New Earth? can the same parameters of an old world survive in a new one? Marriage, partnership, love, corporations, laws, rules, medicine. Wouldn’t it all have to be rewritten and reformed?

But who makes those decisions?
Good questions need to be considered.

They say a super computer cannot be aware of itself. But a human can. Once aware of oneself, the consciousness becomes lucid, and like in a dream, can navigate different dimensional spaces.

Synchronicity is the key. The other is the door.

Each time we are face to face with someone, a potential lies waiting to be expressed.
An ah-ha moment sits patiently. Accessible if you are careful enough to be mindful to notice.

It is not about our human laws, originating from questionable sources. In fact, one could debate that this potential was carefully removed from mainstream information. Hiding human potential except to the chosen ones. Why can’t everyone have it? Because not everyone comes from love. A collective reality we all subscribe to somehow.

Watching the scales of balance in our physical reality will clue us in. Contamination in the body leads to disease and sooner death. Contamination in the environment leads to less vibrant and sustainable life support for everyone on the planet. Is nature in a cycle or is she being triggered by fracking and a dangerous global energy system? Hard to tell with so much diverse information and power plays involved.

Today I learned to see the bigger picture better. To appreciate the broadened vision. To incorporate the larger meaning to things. I learned to better appreciate the space of the other. 

A space where our thoughts can grow, co-mingle and be expressed without anything attached to it, enables spirit/soul to come though and communicate clearer. However that manifests is up to the purpose of the space created. The intent of the two doing it, their ability to trust and open up to one another, and how long they can hold the lucidity for.

I believe people come together for a reason.

A very special reason. One that will reveal itself without even trying to figure it out. Free will exists because for those not ready, sabotage and distraction find their way easily through their minds, therefore creating their reality and dimensional force. Those realities are far over there in the corner of a dimensional universe my cosmic borders don’t touch. By choice and my own evolution. That’s my micro.
How’s yours?

Hillary Raimo

Synchronicity explained






One thought on “Experiencing The Other by Hillary Raimo

  1. ctim811 says:

    very enlightening

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