It started with a vision of a giant crystal in a zen garden.
I was offered an open invitation to tour Richard Berger’s Masterpieces of the Earth Collection. On the Summer Solstice I walked into a warehouse filled with some of the largest specimens of minerals and crystals on the planet.

I had also organized a Love Breathe Earth meditation for the Solstice that same day and people were joining in from all around the world helping to create a matrix of love for the earth at that very moment. Everyone somewhere in nature, conjuring the highest quality of love they can recall or imagine, opening their emotions up to nature were offering their love for the earth. Here I stood quietly in this incredible space letting my heart open, and love flood me, and sharing that with these ancient spirits of earth.

I opened up my heart even more as I gently placed my hands on a large crystal. I thought of everyone I have loved well and all those who have in return, as well as the love I have for nature, beauty and the totality of the life experience. My body chemistry reacted and I became what we all are, resonators of vibration. I stayed in that space with the crystalline being and the communication was clear, direct and in no need of interpretation.


Masterpieces of the Earth Collection, #MyLoveBreatheForEarthMoment, Summer Solstice 2017

In what seemed like only a few moments of earth time, as I stood there with my hands on the surface, time expanded into a lifetime. With the sensation of crossing dimensions, I carried that feeling with me as my consciousness imagined the journey through the multiverse. Guided by only the boundaries of my imagination, fantasizing the reality of a new earth. A kind earth. A healthy non-contaminated earth. An earth where humans were free to explore the betterment of themselves, their relationships, communities, countries, planets, universes. As I opened my eyes and looked deep into the crystal I saw beings of light gathered on a pinhead sized space. Millions of them.

This was my Love Breathe Earth moment.
And all those who were on the planet loving the Earth at that moment too, were having their own experience, and sharing the joy that brings. Creating ripples of love emanating from our hearts, we lifted our own vibrations, as well as those around us, all species from insects, plants, animals, elements. Even politics. Could we be so vain?


Fontainebleau Concretions, Masterpieces of the Earth Collection. Photo by Hillary Raimo

I had quite the experience with the Fontainebleau concretions which were compellingly beautiful. I was completely enchanted by them. The Fontainebleau Concretions were created in an ancient sea. Composed of the finest crystalline quartz sand on the planet, used to create stain glass windows in some of Europes most treasures cathedrals, as well as for the pyramid at the Louvre Museum in France. (You can read more about them here.)

Cymatics shows us how vibration creates form. Depending on the vibration, different manifestations are born. Some of the concretions look remarkably similar to human bone joints. Could these concretions be the testament of earth creating the vibrational blueprints of humanity? What a bold question. Grinding against many indoctrinations. This was the stuff our conversations were made of as I spent half a day with Richard Berger, the owner of the Masterpieces of Earth Collection

“People need inspiration. People need positive images about this planet. Especially right now.” – Richard Berger

There was nothing but pure unadulterated peace and love in that warehouse. Each specimen carefully displayed, well loved and safe. I see Richard as a guardian of these ancient crystal elders. His vision to birth a public space where these beings can make a difference for humanity directly by experiencing them is a worthy and justifiable dream.
Especially right now.  He claims the world needs positive images of the Earth. A direct experience of her beauty and majesty. I agree.

There was a refreshing authenticity about this man. His words were clear, and intent pure as he described how he came to be on this path. I instantly enjoyed his presence. I was traveling with my friend, and gifted artist, Nancy Gannon. Her and I were simply in awe of the collection, and how amazing it felt being around these mineral beings. In sharing our experience we confirmed many things we had been discussing previously.


Hillary Raimo & Richard Berger, private tour of the Masterpieces of the Earth Collection, Summer Solstice 2017, photo by Nancy Gannon

It’s been two days since I stood among these beautiful ancient earth beings as I write this. My body feels different. I find myself uninterested in previous habits, indifferent to the headlines, in fact I haven’t even wondered to look. It all feels worlds away, in some other parallel  universe. I could only write what I experienced out, pour it into words to make some sense of the sensations I endured.

Chaos opens the ability to reconstruct something even stronger, better, and more life affirming. We are a part of everything, connected in ways only science or god can really explain. Our thoughts, feelings and physical existence helps to destroy, or protect. Each choice we are faced with branches off into the possibilities of each outcome. Living every possible expression of oneself simultaneously and through consciousness we have access to all of that, bridging dreams or nightmares by choice and circumstance.

My spirit feels clear. Cleansed of the delusions of this world. Clarity has set in and direct experience once again bypasses the need of a mediator of meaning.

I hope everyone gets to experience these crystals beings someday.
That is Richards vision. His installation includes crystals in a garden. Which started this whole journey for me personally.

Who can say why we cross paths with anyone. Let alone millions of year old proof that something exists right beneath our feet that is worth protecting, loving and caring for.


Standing in an ancient ocean, millions of years old. Photo by Nancy Gannon

My experience of the Masterpieces of the Earth will continue to grow, and make me more sensitive to the natural world. I know that is true because I feel that truth in my heart. I have awakened to the grounded-ness of the experience. I have walked through the garden of immortality, eaten the apple and saved the seeds. May we be reminded on a regular basis of the importance of keeping the Earth in peoples hearts. As a direct experience of godlike divinity.

Hillary Raimo
Summer Solstice 2017





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  1. ouro1111 says:

    The last picture speaks 1000 words 😉

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