I am 44 years old. I have been around the block a few times. I am saddened by the social atmosphere today. You would think there has been so much growth, spiritual expansion, gains in consciousness that we would be able to have a decent discussion no matter what side we take, to better understand. Yesterday I posted an article about what Kathy Griffen had done with her PR stunt, depicting her holding Presidents Trumps bloodied head. I expressed my disgust at the tasteless and obnoxious act. The comment threads quickly filled with angry hateful people who accused me of everything from being a white racist to being wrong and stupid. Some of the comments even came from people I have long good standing working relationships with, who even accused me of having biased information on my Facebook platform.
I was saddened by all of it. Here’s why.
I was surprised how many supported Kathy’s act. How many said so! what about what people did to Obama? The indifference was alarming, insensitive and just down right ignorant. I posted pictures of ISIS beheadings which is what I related Kathy’s picture too. Crickets in response, with the exception of a few who were insulted I posted them. Again I was surprised. You aren’t insulted over Kathy’s picture but you’re insulted over the ISIS beheading pictures? Isn’t this what Kathy was depicting in her “art”? Is it free speech to depict a dead president? any of them? In any way by anyone? I suppose. But is it right?
Where has our moral compass gone?
Just because you don’t like Trump, or think he’s an asshole, doesn’t give you the right to defend something like this nor does it give you the right to attack me for not man hating and bashing him on my social media platforms.
I suppose some of my friendships have changed because of my voicing these opinions and I guess that’s ok considering if someone wants to judge our friendship on differing opinions.
I had just completed recording a radio show about healing the American Shadow the day before last. I wondered how many of these haters now swarming this thread had actually bothered to listen to it, knowing they would benefit from it and at least get my official stance on the Trump phenomena I shared it again and again. Because now more then ever I stand by how I see it all.
I know many people were reading through the comments yesterday keeping quiet and not commenting because it’s like entering a tank of sharks not knowing if they have eaten yet. It’s a risk to speak out now against the status quo, oh wait! It has always been a risk.
The democrats and other opponents of Trump have executed a well coordinated social experiment where influencing the general population is nothing new.
An old art that still works. Propaganda is amazingly effective and Obama made it legal to use on the American public. Such a great guy. How about labeling GMOs? Or making our medical records digitized? A long time Clinton agenda. Or how about taking away our internet privacy rights? shall I continue? He was not a great president either. None of them have been. Propaganda counts on peoples memories being fickle, and their emotional energies to be tangled and unresolved.
I own YinRadioTV. I refuse to publish any material on my label that bashes Trump. Why? because it’s my choice to do so because I own the network. I don’t want my label associated with the slanderous man hating energies that are abundant right now. The fallout of the election has been torrential and long lasting. As people pray and hope he is taken out, impeached, tarred and feathered. How is that responsible or healing? If we are not willing to look at our own emotional triggers then we just simply project them.
I am not a Trump supporter. I’ve made that clear publicly many times. Although frequent hecklers seem to forget that. I have observed the campaign from a unique and unbiased perspective something few people have done.
I have watched his actions in office. Closely. Many things I do not agree with especially his assault on the environment and the protections that had been put into place being removed but let’s be real shall we? Has ANY president really put the Earth first? Oil companies have still had their way even under Bush, Clinton and Obama. Peoples memories are fickle. Which is why places like Facebook, Twitter are awful for keeping track of ones work, thoughts and stances on any given topic. It just simply disappears into archive purgatory. A complete and total waste of time. Yet we all keep posting! commenting! ranting! in hopes that we are heard, seen and healed by way of digital age sized identity crisis.
I see a very disturbing trend happening. Where NOT hating Trump gets you thrown in a category of white racist, nazi supporting trash, something is off energetically with you because you don’t hate him. To these people I say grow up. You are spewing the same hateful racist dividing energy you accuse Trump of having. So stop, regroup and rethink your reactions on others who have a different opinion. So many are quick to point out FREE SPEECH! except when it comes to anything not anti-trump.
If we are to heal, then doesn’t acceptance of our situation include a part of that? Where is the anger directed? At those you can bully and plow over with your trumped up words because you feel helpless in changing anything? It has to stop.
Short comments or tweets cannot help people express what they are feeling. We need another outlet. One that is not filled with hate, judgement, division, separation and lack of tolerance.
I believe Trumps opposition did everything it could and still continues to stir the social wounds of Americans because they are losing power and LOTS of money with the changes he is bringing. That may sound simple, perhaps even pollyanne-ish, but one has to ask themselves am I angry because Trump triggers my wounds? My man hating stuff? or am I angry because of his decisions to deregulate? American culture is based on capitalism. The buying and selling of stuff. Americans are consumers first and everything else second. That includes the color of your skin.
The race card has been pulled because it easily ignites social unrest.

If atrocities are so important to people why isn’t anyone crying over what happens in Africa? Because the media doesn’t cover it. Because no one talks about it. But it is still happening, will continue to happen and is perhaps even worse then what we think we know.

Violence and hate is nurtured by the elements that keep it in our minds. The non-stop breaking news where everything is such a big deal makes us a culture of real time everything is a crisis.

Will Trump reign in martial law? Will people forget martial law has been an agenda of the NWO for YEARS? Or will they just blame him and forget?

The human psyche has been mapped. Government and military knows what makes the human tick. Don’t be fooled by social experiments and programming. You live in a farm.
I highly suggest reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm  for an in depth expose on the concept.

It seems I’ve lost a few friends yesterday. Where love once stood, hate now prevails? Where unity and common vision once thrived, separation now rules? Sad.

We are not our race, we are human beings. Everyone has experienced some form of being left out because of their skin color, ways of living, opinions and so much more. Haven’t we grown past all of this? Apparently not. The machine that shifts and influences social mood hopes not. Because its a great way to stir up revolution against opposing sides. Think about it. Being manipulated isn’t always so obvious until its too late. Many never even make the realization that they have been manipulated to see something one way or another. They’ve lost their ability to think for themselves because their is a war on for peoples minds. Its been waged for a very, very long time.

So please refrain from commenting on this in hate. If you feel the need to lash out at me for writing this, thats ok, just do it safely somewhere else. I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m simply stating how I see it on my own blog, in my own corner of the digital world, and will continue to do so no matter what anyone thinks of it. I’m not afraid to go against the crowd.

Bullies live in all shades. Don’t be one.
That is the true resistance.

Hillary Raimo





One thought on “How I See the Trump Phenomena Now by Hillary Raimo

  1. Donna says:

    You are 100% correct. Precisely nailed.

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