“Unintended Creation 2” Watercolor and Synchronicity by Hillary Raimo AVAILABLE

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“Unintended Creation 2” Watercolor palette board for 1st watercolor series – 1 available

Every shade and hue landed exactly where it was meant to, kind of like people. There is this unspoken force that moves through all of life unseen, unheard, unnoticed most of the time. Coordinating the most spectacular coming togethers. I liken it to synchronicity. Some form of intelligent force that speaks to the intuitive parts of us and tells us what is coming, what things mean and how they are strangely and yet magnificently connected. This happening cannot be manipulated or forced. It happens in degrees of effectiveness always meaning something specific to us without the knowing of others. It is a kind of intuitive intelligence that some people hold in greater amounts then others, yet anyone can develop it to a mastery level of in tune, in synch and trust with practice and acceptance. The minute this force is seen, heard and noticed, it invites us on extraordinary adventures, all of which we have a choice of yes or no. The consequences thereof lay down our fates accordingly.

As I learned how to allow the water to move the color across the paper, trusting its path and ability to do so, I let go of how it should be, look or feel. Releasing the inner control of placement allowed me to free flow into the designs that made themselves, I only adding here or there an introduction of color, however slight, changing the face of the interaction forever. Contributing in small yet major ways, the fate of consequence laid out before me. Each piece that I instigated turned into something of its own. After photographing the pieces and finding the treasures within the treasure, something caught my eye…… the palette board. The arrangement of color, placement of line, the way each element of color invited my mind in to roam, imagine and conceive it drew me into something else, beyond, a kind of break through of ordinary perception. Created through the very essence of synchronicity and random order, the board contained landscapes, figures, figments of a deep subconscious I hadn’t even known I was creating from. Yet there it was. A window into a place we all hold within us.
Deep penetrating insight.

April 2017

“Unintended Creation 2″ (renamed ” Synchronicity” in Spring of 2017)
11 x 14
1 available, signed

Acquisition Inquiries

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