Easter Infusion of Earth Resonance, meaningful reflection by Hillary Raimo

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The Russian Schumann Resonance monitor went to 90 on Easter (4.16.17),
breaking the record of 88.

Did you notice anything over this past weekend? Anything stand out as unusual or symbolically relevant? I completed my 44th circle around the sun. Been around the block a few times and this past weekend was a literal and symbolic gateway of sorts for me and I’m glad to say that each moment I found myself face to face with myself looking in some pretty intense mirrors I held steady and true. The universe was testing me and I’m glad to say some doors were throughly closed and very well I might add, well others revealed some loose hinges in need of some TLC, so that’s exactly what I did.
The day after my solar return was Easter. My favorite holiday and first one ever experienced in my human suit, being born on Palm Sunday, holy week and Easter were my first human holidays and they have held a special energy for me all my life. Sounds dramatic perhaps, but it’s true and even though it eventually became about bunnies and colored eggs and the occasional church visit, Easter was a time to gather with family and eat good food at the very least. Good enough for me. And so the tradition has continued.

Having spent the last 9 months in a massive transition in my personal life, I have come out of my Winter hibernation and dreaming with a clear sense of what I want and what I intend to do with the rest of my life. Having rejuvenated my space and redefined the boundaries I am willing to accept at my wizened age, I have focused on reorganizing my life according to my healed and whole beliefs about myself. With great attention spent on recognizing the triggers, choices and consequences thereof. I found it suddenly easier to discern what belonged to me and what belonged to others. No longer a willing carrier of other peoples baggage out of a need to please syndrome I have outgrown as unnecessary and unfitting to my true nature.

This deepened sense of self acceptance has seeded a new desire to be in my own space at all times of crucial need. To find a love of the quiet and a respect for the thinking that is done within this container of no intrusion.  I hunted down the intruders of my thinking space and one by one I slayed them. With only one warning issued prior to their demise. A kind of growl uttered from the deepest parts of my inner oceans, demanding space and respect for my own thought space without the need of intrusion by way of opinions, advice or plain old desperation of losing control of what appears to be controlled when in reality this very space by law frees the mind and allows the imagination to run wild while epiphanies await and one by one pop like orgasmic cherries. This space is the very matter that fills the chalice. Free, unabridged, uncontrolled and free of order according to anyone else. Here your childhood innocence returns and anything is possible. Your mind is your own, your thoughts connected to all that is and ultimately a direct link between you and God. Without the need of middle-men.

It is like being in love, the chemical process that changes the biochemistry of the brain flooding your system with endorphins heightens this process and contemplative meditation encourages the use of this space to create, power, theorize and synchronize ones life. Suddenly your thoughts materialize faster then before and things manifest easily. Love is a conjured genie able and willing to please and give whatever you wish for, instantly. Yet even when it is handed to you on a silver platter you must feel worthy of it and able to contain it. Your thoughts must match your doing, and vice versa. Any discrepancy between the two will be highlighted and obvious, no longer able to sweep anything under a rug. You must clean it up yourself and take stock of what stays and what goes accordingly. And mean it.
When Easter came and the resonance climaxed breaking barriers and records I watched one of the trees in my garden bloom. I sat in that space and felt everything alive around me. Buzzing with life force. I felt the release of all thinking that was anything less then divine. Everything that did not hold this higher vibration burned away instantly and forever. Casting away the spells and chants associated with someone else’s dream. A dream destroyed by painful thinking. The true disease of the human heart. Thoughts that runaway with a fear and magnify it beyond repair. Until it is all consuming and taints any love residual or otherwise. Tearing away the veil of true identity.
This resonance came riding the waves of HE HAS RISEN. With the majority of faithful hearts resting in the notion of resurrection it became clear we were breaking away from centuries of hardened church energy. Energy that has denied the rightful place of HER in the hearts of their many followers. HE HAS RISEN inside of HER, and HIM, and the consciousness combined between the two transcends the identity and each one can lay safely in the presence of the other, naked, raw and vulnerable and seen for what and who they truly are without fear of condemnation.
Freedom from the curses laid within old and ancient places capturing the heart and love of the one who has the power to free the mind. A tendency that can multiple within other hearts and minds spreading as a virus of change. The true christ consciousness that breeds compassion, kindness and true forgiveness. Where you can say what you mean and mean what you say and all is in alignment with the word uttered deep within each true practitioner of this powerful love.
In the energy of resurrection, rebirth and rising… our entire systems were exposed to a vibration that came through perhaps as an euphoric feeling, or perhaps in the form of a flu or illness that required you to take time to self care and rest. There is no judgement in how you experience this. It is what it is. Be kind to yourself and others in how they express this. There is no right or wrong way. Consider everyones journey is unique and catered to their own divine purpose and expression of that is always in the right alignment for any given time. No matter how painful or pleasurable that may be.
April 16th marked a rite of passage.
It marks a crossing into a frequency that we have never been exposed to before. An Earth fine tuning of sorts. I imagine if you were laying on any megalithic structure anywhere in the world, you would’ve felt quite a powerful sensation. But even if you were in your own home, or in a grocery store, you were there immersed in it whether you were conscious of it or not. Exposed, affected, effected, dowsed, submerged and soaked in a vibration that obliterated any disharmonies coursing through you in any form. Thought or otherwise.
A clear slate.
Who made the cut?
What restructuring have you experienced since Easter Sunday?
A casting off of shadows, exposing only the direct receiving of straight harmonic sound healing from your planet into the very atomic structure of your being. No small event indeed. In this moment of exposure you thought thoughts, and felt feelings, and did things accordingly. If you were paying attention, and knew about the event, perhaps your work was more intentional. These are the moments where real magic holds it virtue. May no harm be done.
Love in its own right is a potent and powerful protective force. A kind of security that is hack proof.

Everything has been exposed to this frequency. Plants, animals, humans, institutions, communities, structures, water…….
The symbolic meaning is ripe and full.

Everything you create now will hold a different vibration then before. Welcome to your own super powers. May you use them wisely and with respect to all life.

April 2017

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  1. Thank you Kindly Hillary in sharing your Divine Experience With Mankind. A New Time Is Here. I Feel It, I Speak It..I Am Grateful.. Much LOVE ❤️💜💚, Inner Peace, Harmony, and Release. Aligning Here With All That Is… fondly, Susan Arum

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