Award winning “Departure” on exhibit through 4.21.17 Albany Center Gallery 39th annual photography regional select

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“Departure” photograph 16″x 20″ 1st place winner photography genre & 3rd place peoples choice Bethlehem 50th Anniversary Art Association Show, displayed in the 39th annual regional select photography juried show Albany Center Gallery March 2017 – 1 available, never to be reprinted.

This was the last time I saw my sister. Her silhouette caught in a reflection, overlaying a dimensional effect. I sought to identify the darkened shadows of the divine feminine, whose time has come to depart within all. Cleansing the genetic lines of pain and heartache. Inside the heart of the matter as one wishes farewell to that which no longer thrives. Saying goodbye to dysfunction and hate. Bringing the outside in, ward towards that which truly matters. The enjoyment of life and those we share it with.  Departure of the outdated burdens, and old scripts means arrival to a true purpose. Where acceptance awaits your conformity.

Happy birthday grandpa


Photo credit: Anna Wettergreen,  “Departure” is available for acquisition. Contact 518.462.4775


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