So here we are. Post election. Don’t worry this is NOT another political hate post. Bare with me here. I promise you may be pleasantly surprised by what I have to say. I humbly ask for you to set aside however you feel about it all, read it through and consider what I offer.

I would like to offer another perspective on the collective energies afoot at the moment.
For those of you who have known me or my work for a long time, you know I have always taken the perspective of healing, or I have at least tried to do so. This will be no different.

There is a disturbing trend happening lately on social media. A trend to discredit other people, damage their reputations, insult their work and opinions. A trend that puts other people down, in an effort to dissect lives to find something wrong so they can be publicly shamed. Is this who we have become as a species? Many of the social media memes out there right now are about pointing the finger, blaming and shaming others, and it adds to those who hate Trump as they become the very hate they seek to eradicate.

Trump has now assumed the role of a collective leader, and in doing so has taken on a collective archetype.

So let’s look at this as a micro/macro field.
I teach that the macro reflects our micro and vice versa. I am not the only one who teaches this and the concept has flourished in many spiritual realms. I have been accused of being to hippie dipped with my spiritual reflections in my work, and to those who say this I say, study the mirror my friend.

I don’t believe the hype, never have. In fact I do not choose to ignore it either. I see through it without getting attached and I feel this is where our strength lies. Can we observe without getting attached to what we are observing? In Shamanic cultures this skill is key to navigating the unseen realms as well.

Ok, enough of that. Here is how I see what is happening now, post election.

To all the men and women hating on Trump. When was the last time YOU were rude to a woman, or racist towards someone of another color, even if in your own thoughts!? Anyone pointing the finger at another person with accusations or condemnations should carefully discern within themselves their own behavior first. The ‘other’ triggers us inside when there is something for us to better understand about ourselves. That doesn’t mean never point anything out, it means just be ready to do the self reflective work that comes with it.

Every time you have a single thought, or voice a derogatory statement, mockery or insult about a woman, any woman, you are Trump. Every time you put a woman down for her body, her words, her spiritual thoughts, her experiences, you are Trump. Every time you shame a woman publicly or privately, you are Trump. Every time you think a thought that is biased or racist towards any other human being anywhere, you are Trump. Every time you post a snide remark or post a hate filled comment on Facebook – no matter what the reason – you are Trump. Anytime you misuse a womans sexual energy, in anyway, you are Trump.

I had written a piece about healing our Hillary issues pre-election. I even changed my name on social media to get out of the energy circulating around it all. It worked for me because I shed the old Hillary energy, that energy that no longer serves me and my highest heart path. I shed the wounds associated with it and got real about what the mirror was. I suggested others do the same, and ……. it was crickets. Hillary lost. The world wasn’t ready for an unhealed feminine energy to take the seat of power. There is a certain kind of feminine energy the world is in need of and it doesn’t include the power plays of old, or the stab you in the back kind of woman power it often takes to thrive in politics anywhere, even in families.

Now we have to deal with our Trump issues.
The issues we are all responsible for collectively. So let’s look at your actions, dissect them, put them on display and analyze them with focused attention and complete 100% honesty with self.

Have you ever hurt a woman in anyway?
Called her a bitch, whore, rolled your eyes at her, called her an angry woman, shamed her appearance, criticized her thoughts, passions, creative outlets?
Have you ever hated a woman you used to date? or were partnered with for any amount of time? How did the endings go? You can learn a lot by how people end anything.

Are you a woman who shames other women, gangs up on them, bullies them? Then you are Trump.

Have you ever laughed at a woman, stranger or otherwise? Made snide remarks about her?
Then you are Trump.

Have you ever ignored a woman who offered you love?
Have you ever ghosted a woman in your life, leaving her with no explanation or understanding? This disregard for her feelings makes you Trump.

How do you treat your daughters? Your sisters? Your aunts? your mothers? Your grandmothers? Your neighbors? Your friends? How about strangers? Women you pass by in the streets? Women you don’t consider any affiliation with. How about how you treat beautiful women vs ugly women? How do you treat fat women?

How do you support the women in your life? How do you support the women who aren’t in your life?

Have you ever posted a sea hag slide of a woman publicly to shame her and make people witch hunt her? (This actually happened to me, so I can relate to the pain it causes) I would consider this person a Trump.

Anytime you have ever talked shit about a woman in any way, anywhere, anyhow for any reason whatsoever, you are Trump.

What do you own of it?

How you see Trump reflects how you see something else in your closer to home life. What does he trigger within you? The anger and rage you feel towards other people being harmed? or the harm you have been subjected too? or the harm you have inflicted on others?

What is right or what is wrong is relative.

Apologize to the people in your life that you need to make it right with. No matter how much time has passed, or how thick your pride is, go do it now. If it’s not possible to do this with the actual person then make a blanket statement to the Universe to forgive YOUR harmful hurtful actions to others. If you truly want to change the situation as you see it now and you are not happy with the outcome of anything, you need to look it straight in the eye, head on and deal with it! Not by being violent and spreading more hate, but by looking deeper into yourself about you own truths and who you are to yourself and others.

Gaslighting is the act of hyping up situations to stir shit up. Healing is the act of looking at things reasonably with intent to heal. If you want this to heal on the collective scale, you need to do the work on your micro scale. Women have been treated like shit for eons.

That said….

Let’s try an experiment.
Take a look at your own personal life. Who is the Trump in your life?
That person who treats you with disregard, disrespect and mocks you. That person who judges you by your outside and ignores your inside.
Who is that person in your life that treats you like this?

Then once you’ve reflected on that a bit.
Ask yourself this question.
Am I a micro-Trump for anyone else?

You see complaining is never productive. Yet in the world of healing, it can be a mirror into yourself and what still needs healing in your life. If you’re unhappy or angry about Trump, who has now become a collective archetype for all, look at what he symbolizes for you on the micro scale.
If you have ever had someone disrespect you, your work, your beliefs etc or someone who has devalued you as a woman, or has done this to the women in your life, this is a chance to figure that out on the micro for yourself.

Use the fuel for the inner fire.
Change starts with your closest discomforts.

Inside out. That is the only way to make anything better.

Hillary Raimo

Multiracial Young People Holding Hands in a Circle









8 thoughts on “Are you a Trump? by Hillary Raimo

  1. ctim811 says:

    Very good writing Hillary ! ,, I have meditated on what is happening in the world and have came to the conclusion that there is an energy that feeds off dissension , Life on this planet is played against itself to cause chaos , confusion so everyone attacks anything that don’t fit in to their idea of right. People have religions but no truth , truth does not exist in this world unless you call confusion truth. There is no way a loving energy would eat one part of itself to feed another part of itself , earth is the underworld , now why has life been condemned here , what experiment is this. I don’t think when push comes to shove people don’t care who wins what game , or what person is in power or what country is the greatest . I do think the mind of all things on this planet has been manipulated from entering this program . We have to figure out a way to break the code of disillusion before it escalates into a implosion . Maybe that is why so many interested starships are watching πŸ™‚ implosion or explosion , probably betting on the outcome , πŸ™‚ just a little humor πŸ™‚

  2. ctim811 says:

    I enjoy your writings , Myself I don’t look at women different than men , It is how they react to me as how I react to them , it is part of the game .. If they want be be an asshole , then they are an asshole , either man women or beast . But I do love and respect women and enjoy the company of beast or man that keeps me in my comfort zone of a peaceful mind πŸ™‚

  3. HR says:

    I’ve been writing on this blog for 5 years. I’ve chosen many different topics to write about. This one has been marinating and finally I was called to write. I have been watching carefully at all times, as I often do. What I have observed is this facet of the human being that enjoys hate, thrives in the drama, and loves to spread it. It is like an entity that is born and then needs to feed. If there has ever been something I would compare to evil it would be this. It spreads, it is contagious and it infects like a virus. If you want to take on hunting demons you better know how to un-possess yourself, or perhaps less dramatic, how to heal and get it out of your system.

  4. ctim811 says:

    The prophet was commanded to depart out of the place, and to bring out the vessels of removal through the wall before their eyes, to bring them out under the darkness, and to cover his face that he might not see the earth; and say, “I am your prodigy; even as I have done, so shall it be done to them; into exile, into captivity, they shall go” (xii. 1-12).

    The prophet by these things represented the state of the church at that time, which was, that there were no longer any truths remaining that were not destroyed by falsities. For all the prophets represented the church as to doctrine from the Word. His departing out of the place, and bringing out the vessels of removal through the wall under darkness, and covering his face that he might not see the earth, represented the rejection of all the truths of doctrine from the Word. By departing out of the place is signified rejection. By the vessels of removal are signified the truths of doctrine. By the wall, through which he brought them out, is signified the ultimate that encompasses and defends truths; and the ultimate of doctrine is the sense of the letter of the Word, which is called a wall by reason of its containing and including the spiritual sense. By the darkness under which he was to bring them out, are signified falsities. By covering his face that he might not see the earth, is signified the truths of good being no longer seen in the church. Because the prophet represented these things, therefore it is said, “As I have done, so shall it be done to them; into exile and captivity shall they go.” It is therefore evident that to go into exile signifies the dispersion of truth, and that to go into captivity signifies to be taken possession of by falsities.

  5. HR says:

    I can appreciate your thoughts on that. I have found, especially more recently, that leaving the scripture church religious talk out of these conversations is helpful since so many people reject the teachings these days. I understand them, I’ve studied them to a certain degree, but I have never been an advocate of them. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in a God figure or supreme energy. I just don’t feel the need to give that a name, or a gender, or a title, or an office high up on the penthouse floor.

    That said, I can relate to your last comment and I understand its meaning. I would ask you then, to be relative to those who do not, how would you reword this without the religious undertones?

    1. ctim811 says:

      Hillary , I myself do not believe in religion, but a number 811 has been showing up to often in my life , even my loghauling truck number was picked for me , Yes you are correct on the evil but I try not to believe in evil but have experienced it in spiritual attacks , physically knocking the wind out of me and also I have fought physically with an entity and it was a long 6 hour battle , I sang a song I remembered and it would leave and then attack and I would sing the song and the dance kept up for awhile until freedom won. πŸ™‚
      People have been manipulated and even animals by energy waves, only it is not the good waves. Yes I agree Evil would be a good word explaining how one being or beast could attack another , just because it is different or has a different idea . All ideas should be analyzed and brought to a conclusion with a sound realization that there is something greater than us that is controlling the game of life. I have been meditating on why would a infinite intelligent energy feed on itself. Why light and dark , I don’t believe there is 2 sides to infinite energy , or it would not be intelligent maybe just bored. We are an experiment , but why ? a program can be played so you take the side of whoever you are manipulated into what something wants you to believe. Like watching westerns , one time you are sympathetic for the cowboy , the next show you are sympathetic for the indian. It is like at standing rock. It is like every other demonstration . People think they are helping and doing good by demonstrations . Yes they are , they are feeding the same energy that works in pitting people against each other politically , or at football or hockey etc. I never got into the game warfare . What if everyone were placed far enough away from each other and had no contact ,, would they start hollering at themselves or punching their own body ,, humm maybe that explains some people πŸ™‚ Shit lost my train of thought , a beautiful lady set a coffee down in front of me and it is fresh ground.
      I was on your facebook page years ago and have followed your travels with great enthusiasm because it was you walking in the tombs with spiders and standing in crowds at airports getting information and I didn’t have to put up with that , just the knowledge and pictures πŸ™‚ And I thank you , You have made me think , and that can give a person a headache πŸ™‚ I know you know more than you write and your writings are a whole lot of knowledge and self examination that most people don’t want to truth themselves to. Truth hurts, especially when one finds they are been controlled by an energy virus and it dictates ones reaction by what virus was placed in the energy of the being it inhabits πŸ™‚ I have a difficult time with all the dissension in the world , especially when it is children and women and innocent men involved. But we will all make it threw this junction and hopefully miss the return exit and fly into source intelligence and ask what the hell is going on. Keep up your great work inspiring truth .

      1. ctim811 says:

        this is a little writing I did after a meditation lol

        It is all horseshit , we are manipulated into thinking we are wrong because horseshit is thrown at us in experiences and if we react in a manner not in the manner something thinks is proper we are supposed to ask for forgiveness , that is horseshit because we have acted outside the others who are programmed to act as what they are manipulated to be subservient to some entity that is supposed to love them. Horseshit , It is a game of horseshit, to be held in a prison of lack and limitation and be subjected to every crime and every visual extreme to intimidate one into a reaction and them ask them to ask for forgiveness because they acted in a different manner from others who have been brainwashed to think there is only one way to react. Words and thoughts are manipulated so people think they are supposed to be zombies and think they are of one substance. Would a being of Love or intelligence be dishonest , be passionless , cruel to themselves , and make an infinite number of pawns and subject each to horrifying experiences to enjoy the outcome of their actions, the word masochism come to mind. We are not one because in no way in hell would a loving entity put themselves threw the experiences and experiments in a body that is disabled mentally or physically to try to understand anything .No way would we be put on different playing fields so struggle to war against itself to survive the body. That would be like stabbing oneself and ripping off limbs to keep alive. We are not one and will never be one, maybe we are a speck of light injected in the darkness and stuck to believe we are right because some manipulated thought has been injected into our mind like a virus passed down from generation to generation, so you could react to words like fuck or love in different ways as to what virus you have been injected into your being. If a person was honest to themselves they would know we are not one because we will never be truthful because the system would explode into another big bang because the virus would have no stimulation if the truth was revealed . We are not of flesh , we are a programmed virus to react in different ways to cause a reaction that feeds an energy the same as gas feeds your car and a spark ignites the fuel so it travels down the road. It is all a game , when people figure it out and stop all communication an go within it will cease to feed the virus and all things will stop as we watch our bodies change to the light free of the virus that has manipulated . and we are not one we are each our separate energy . we should know this because we cannot even be honest with ourselves.

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