So much confusion on identity nowadays. As we busy ourselves with creating an online digital identity, by sharing our every moment with our ‘audience’ or whatever we carefully choose, we help the digital masters collect everything that can be psychologically analyzed and transformed into marketing genius by super computers who figure you all out and replicate your needs, desires and longings into money and profit. It is the very soul of the capitalistic world we have created together.

With movements currently uprising on the planet right now such as the gender identity issue, ones digital identity, social racial identity issues, changing relationship identities, private vs public identity it shows how identity is mirroring back to us through the collective macro. No matter how you see it our culture has been organized to accept living in a reality that works by way of identity.

Some identify with their age, beauty, profession, dreams. Others identify with a mission, a calling, a love of something. Is it fair to say everyone identifies with something?

We watch the election drama unfold everyday. Getting worse as we close in on the ‘election’ date. The Hillary energy in the ethers right now is either happy grandma or evil bitch. Everyones micro Hillary issues are swirling around and some of it is really nasty. In response to carrying the same name as her, and having a digital identity that gets entangled with all that sometimes because we have the same name, I choose to deflect it through the elections to see if I’d notice a difference. Get out of the Hillary algorithms for a bit, and try a different frequency since names carry an energy.

Who are you?
I am …….

There is power in the answer of that question. Backed up by everything you believe.
The truth is you cannot take your identity with you when you die. The ones who fear death the most will cling to their identities and defend that to the death. Some call it ego. Perhaps identity is simply the clothes the ego wishes to dress itself up with each day.

I had a teacher once who lied about her name. Saying it was one thing when it was really another. She created confusion around it so no one could figure it all out and she had a plan as to how to deal with those who got to close to the truth of things…..

It wasn’t just a random thing, like perhaps it would be if Jane decided to change her name to Sally one fine day. Her fake public name identified with a culture that was not hers in blood. She wrongfully claimed the heritage and became a false face teacher. Misaligning her heart and her followers. It was a sad story indeed and didn’t have a happy face ending. She changed her name and took on the culture it represented. Some healers would say that’s just how it works! Because they identify with it.

What does it mean to have followers nowadays? Our digital identity identifies with likes and emotion icons all over social media. Happy faces all ready for us to choose so our emotional energy can be digitized and studied. And people gladly do it, myself included. I started observing social media as soon as I got on it. The internet is still relatively new in terms of generations. Are you part of that generation that grew up without cell phones and computers? How about no internet days? When networking meant a whole different thing. Does that ring a bell of a time before the machine?

We have to ask ourselves brutally honest questions and we have to be equally raw in our answers. Identity is also present in our perspectives. We see things through it all day long. We react according to it in all situations. We identify with a political opinion and we see others who do as well. We identify with groups and other people through a variety of ways both synchronistically and conditioned.

We are indoctrinated in our early development years to be conforming diligent and to identify with things in a zillion ways. Language being the precursor for most of it. What is in a name anyway?  Everything others perceive about you.
Your name is how you are identified.

You are identified in gossip, love, arguments, disagreements, your past, your present and it all effects your future. Behavioralists will tell you that once a behavior is identified it can be challenging to shift it, yet in the act of observation, you have already started to transform it according to Physicists. This is also the basis of many healing modalities as well. Spiritual insights across many different platforms would agree. Once you see what you identify with you move forward in either embracing it or you reject it because you have unresolved issues with yourself. Embracing what you identify with brings pleasure. Pleasure has  long been demonized in religion. Yet identifying with anything is in itself unspiritual to some, we all at the very least identify with a human body.

“Get them out of their bodies! So we can laden it down with chemicals and belief systems that keep them caged” said the evil alien taking over the world.

“If I were an alien I’d create a massive digital complex that covered the globe and link everything and everyone up to it everywhere so I could study them and figure them all out and manipulate what they identified with so I could sell shit, make money and keep it all nice, easy and controlled” said Hillary.

Which Hillary do you identify with as you read my words above? Hillary the author of this article of sorts? or Hillary Clinton? If you read the above and identified with Hillary Clinton  and you’ve read David Ickes work, then you are already on to what is happening on a global level. He predicted all of it back in the early 2000’s and much of it is coming true now. I don’t agree with all of his theories on things, but much of his research is legit.

As a radio host since 2005 I have seen a lot of identities come through my show. Every guest I had on had an identity. Their identity would draw an audience and identify with the information or not. Sharing became the thing. Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Share share share your whole life with everyone who cares! It has become a popularity contest and repeats high school days. It has effected the minds of those who use it to the point of being an unaware active participant in an ongoing study of what sways people socially.

Your information is collected, sorted and sold to the highest bidder.
Your identity is stolen when someone hacks into your computer, your phone, or any other digital device around and takes it without your permission and uses it to do whatever they identify with. It’s a vicious cycle. On purpose. By design. Because it keeps the status quo. And it keeps the money flowing.

Knowing you better means selling you better.

Social media is a corporate conglomerate who owns your identity as a product. A virtual identity that they hope is an accurate read on everything that makes you believe and buy. Identifiers are often subjected to propaganda to test out their usefulness as a multi-sell. Specification vs. generalization.

Identities have layers. We identify with a combination of things at any given time. Some identities are picked up after you hang out with someone else long enough. Others are conditioned for social situations. Those who identify with the Christ consciousness will access it because they identify with it, as it is with all religious beliefs.

Changing your name changes the energy? What if you changed your name legally? It changes your identity for real. Changing your name on Facebook changes your algorithms. It takes a minute for them to catch up, maybe less since you’re dealing with extremely complicated technology and intent. People don’t recognize you, it might take them a minute, they may even question your motives as they move through their own shit. Eventually they are reassured nothing else has changed and they can settle back down in their comfort zones.

What if everyone changed their names? I bet that would trigger a movement.
When you change your name on Facebook they do not allow you to change it again for 60 days. You have to really commit for at least two months so do you REALLY want to? You have so much invested in your identity. You may lose friends? It becomes a scary thing. So the ego wins and stays dressed in his comfortable threads of entangled genius that allows those in the know to feed on it financially until no one else has any.

Some identities are greedy. Some say they are selfless yet when no one is looking identify with quite a lot! Hidden identities are tricky. They take a bit more work because they’ve learned how it all works and know how to use it for one purpose or another.

Perhaps better pondered is what are you when you are nothing?

As I was writing this my mail came. So much junk mail these days! Actually your digital identity has started to change that. So to test my theory I put my mail on the table and took a look at what had arrived on my doorstep as I was online writing a blog post about identity. Let’s see how my ‘junk’ mail defined me…..


Those of you who know me well enough will giggle. Or perhaps shit your pants as you realize what my bigger message is in this blog post.

Identity, see it for what it is and know your own center. If you must identify with something make sure it has a non-digital signature at its core.






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