Vince Foster Scandal
Travelgate Scandal
Email Server Scandal
Paula Jones Scandal
FBI Background Scandal
Norman Hsu Scandal
Jorge Cabrera Scandal
Sniper Fire Scandal
Monica Lewinsky Scandal
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Scandal
Whitewater Scandal
Clinton Foundation Scandal
Benghazi Scandal
Cattle Money Scandal
2016 DNC Scandal
Clinton Speeches Scandal

Those of the top 16 most notorious Clinton scandals.
Do you recall any of them?

Propaganda, in a nutshell, is the misuse of information to sway a mind.
Scandal means morally or illegally wrong.

How do you see Hillary?
Do you hate her? or do you love her?
How is that thought manifesting in your reality right now?

Is that image solely yours? Is that image based on your firsthand experience? or is your image based on what others think? Is it propaganda?

We are knee deep in a time when having our own mind is a vital key to surviving.
If you are awake and aware, present and mindful, if you are a jedi and can organize your own thoughts without outside influence, you are a rare commodity. It also makes you dangerous to the current status quo. Your mind is hunted in an attempt to shut it down so the free thinking process does not spread. Your ability to not be swayed is a virus to some. A virus that must be exterminated at all costs.

Remember to stay stead fast in your own thoughts at all times. Systematically weed out what doesn’t belong to you. It no longer matters as to how it got in your mind, we have moved beyond that. And hiding does no good. It only prolongs the inevitable.

We are not here to be paranoid creatures. We are here to be present.
Mindfulness and self observation create a pathway through your neural network that bypasses your shit. Therefore you do not wallow in it. You do not react according to it. You do not consider your weaknesses or past because they cannot exist in mindfulness and self observation. Once you are aware of your behavior, once you have observed it, you have literally changed it by the simple act of observation. This is why healing work, works. Because once you become aware of why you do things, you can self study your actions and thoughts to be in tune with your own flavors.

Once you master this aspect of self, you reach out into the world moving like a ninja among others who are in the midst, and varying levels, of doing the same. Every now and then you come across another who is there on a similar plane of understanding and observance. This is a treasure. If both are mindful enough, they can withstand the merging of fields long enough to have a conversation, or perhaps even more….

This interaction will stimulate the needed areas of the brain that unlock memories, abilities and such, even if for but a moment, and can give access to other dimensional areas of the human being not often accessed due to the poor manner of self reflection and mindfulness. This is a moment of uplifted mind. Seeing over our own edge into our own beyond.

Let’s say for example a man only talks to women he believes are beautiful physically. He chooses not to speak to women he deems as ugly or less attractive then his own ideal. This would be an example of a man who is not mindful, or self observant, because if he was he would catch his own behavior and realize when he was being biased and judgmental. When he learns to find beauty in all women, despite their outward physical appearance, he will overcome his short sightedness, and open the channels for interaction with all women because they are all worthy. This self reflected observation will heal his inability to communicate with less attractive women, and he will find depth and meaning in all interactions regardless of his personal opinion of beauty.

He will learn the greater lesson that there is beauty in all interaction if he allows himself the space to self reflect on his own behaviors. He may find that no matter what someone looks like, they have something special to offer. This offers an enlightened state of understanding, and therefore reflects his growth.

However let’s say it’s not his fault, let’s say he has been propagandized to believe only thin women are beautiful, and all who are not thin are fat, and therefore not attractive. So in turn he rejects all women who are not thin. Slimming the pickings for connection and conversation and interaction instantly based on his mind being swayed by propaganda.

What if he had never been exposed to the propaganda that only thin women are beautiful? What if he had been left to his own to figure out what beautiful is or is not for himself?Perhaps he would’ve chosen different qualities to judge beauty by. Perhaps he would’ve talked to all women his whole life and had a much different experience then he has had.

This is how it works. Losing your mind to other things beside your own discernment.
It’s how populations are swayed, elections are won, and how companies can get away with murder. It’s all in the perspective being sold.

Propaganda can get into the furthest reaches of your mind and turn you around to believe anything. It is the deepest psych-ops there is. And it is legal for the United States to use it on their own citizens according to BusinessInsider Magazine. A law quietly passed in May 2012.

So how does that fact make you rethink some of your political opinions? Are your opinions your own? Have they been swayed by outside influences?
Being mindful and present helps to determine your own meme values.

There is a war on for your mind. Do not participate in the propaganda machines consciously or unconsciously. And remember propaganda is spread through word of mouth. You do not have to be watching TV or listening to the news. You can find it in your neighbor, spouse or best friend. It infiltrates all levels of life because it is meant too.
It is the changing color of the mind.

The psychology of propaganda is quite fascinating.
It has become even easier to pull off with a digital society.

Free thinker be aware.

by Hillary Raimo












One thought on “3 Waters 3 Gates, Propaganda and its Grasp on the Mind by Hillary Raimo

  1. ctim811 says:

    Definitely yes you are on target . Truthfully I believe we are so bombarded with shit that the confusion has created any possibility to be correct and any to be horseshit , The highest secluded peak or under ground cave can not hide what is programmed into peoples minds . Even the farthest reaches of the cosmos and dimensions in front of our eyes that we do not see is programmed and the key dangles unseen .

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