Being Bitter & Conjuring Demons: A Philosophical Pondering by Hillary Raimo

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Have you ever known a bitter person? Someone who cannot get over something that happened to them? Bitter is what happens when ones heart sours and revenge takes over. A person loses their joy, their innocence and makes hating another their main goal. There is a special kind of quantum field for bitter people.

In that field lives entities that attach because the vibration is a match. Everything is a quantum field. Even your eyes reading these words right now. Bitter makes people hateful, able to harm others without regret, and causes them to do hateful things to create more of the same.

In this way demons are cast forth born of our own making. These entities are as old as time. Literally created when it began and ever since have been running rampant in all the minds of men that enable their existence. They seek to be here to destroy because that is what makes their power grow. So they seek the bitterer soured hearts because they know deep down inside they simply can’t deal with the pain and would prefer to stay bitter. And until they do heal the pain, the coat tailer rider of the century will gladly stay draped over the righteous shoulders of the those who match the vibe. Hate is a powerful force, and some do pray to that.

Terrorism is doing that. It is opening the bitterer hardened hateful suspicious doorway in those who fall victim to the story. Stories can be changed, repeated, sold, revered and they have power. Terrorism is a story told by a propagandized occult worshipping elite who have the know how and the money to pull it all off.

How do we terrorize ourselves inside? After all, reality is a hologram according to certain theories. Bitter could be considered a certain kind of evil. Some entities really enjoy feeding on it and they seek to spread the hate through the most bitter of all. It is rumored that perhaps the devils love was rejected by jesus and that is what started it all. Just remember rumors are fickle and can adapt to the tellers needs should the intent be to deceive. It works like NLP, if you say something enough people adapt it as the reality. It is a form of manipulating the outcome either way. Entities are like that. Self-serving egotistical maniacs who drink bitter with their meals, bathe in it and are addicted to it like a drug addict on meth.

How do you cast the demon out? By pulling yourself out of the river of bitter waters.
Seek the sweet.

Bitter usually manifests when there is powerful love present somewhere….
Take it as a sign.

Hillary Raimo




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