The reflection is clear. The balance is contaminated.
The runoff takes it back to the oceans.

What are the health of your oceans right now?
They are a gauge for the overall well being of the planet.
Scientifically proven.
Spiritually endorsed by a few.

The apocalypse is a false flag operation.
Earth cycles are real.
Hoarding resources, greedy guts.
Leaving the rest to suffer.

Your relationship with the land
will determine your success at surviving.

Not fear mongering for those who are in the know.
It is wisdom.

Observe nature for yourself.
Find her clues.
She never lies.

Rebalance the waters.
Whoever discovers the remedy to the ocean garbage patches
Thank you. You will be the global savior.

Earth is moving forward regardless.

– some reflective thoughts from my study of puddles, Hillary Varina Raimo

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