When you learn how to lay down the sword and pick up the flower your world will change.
No more violence, no more shame. Cut throat means only prolong the inevitable …..

Be kind. Be nice. Help one another verses destructive silliness that simply prolongs the suffering.

Stop being a mean person.
Stop hating yourself and others.

Stop blaming everyone else for your problems.
Own who you are.
Stop the nonsensical delusions.

There is limited time here.
Do what you came to do.
Open the door for love.
Close the door to hate.
Say no to being a demonic  container for forces beyond your understanding.

Show up for your kin.
Know where you come from.
Heal your pain.

Defend love against the evil that lives in all of us.
Wield your sword in an arc.
Light needs the dark to define it. Dim or bright.
Moody bitch.

Get angry and heal it.
Or pack it up and go home.








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