Somewhere in the Forest, Beloved

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gods of nature by Hillary Raimo 


I find you in the green of the emerging spring forest. I find you in the rustle of new leaves. A thousand chords of angel wings.
I feel you in the warmth of the noon time sun. You enter me as fragrance of earth.
I feel you in my cells, one by one illuminating.
Shadows cast recede with your ever closer downward cascade.
Over my soul you flow waters of holy places.

I hear you in the songs of bird chatter, harmonies nature born.
You course through my veins elixir of love.
Awaken my everything.
The dreams may come.

Somewhere I am breathing the same breath.
Timeline touching, this world and others.
Somewhere I am laying my head on your chest listening to your heart beat creation alive. Somewhere I am a ghost haunting the forest, weaving moonbeams and rainbows.
Bare feet touch the earth, pulsations empower.
Treasure chest of gold within. Alchemical resin forming.

Call my name,
Lips of reddened rose.










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