A womans true nature is wild, free and raw. It is not something to domesticate like you would a pet puppy. She is fire and powerful muse. You cannot contain her, nor can you destroy her flame. She is eternal and upholds the justice when the scales tip out of balance.

She refills her magma chambers. Her blood boils rivers and awakens her sting. Her primal  is pure light and integrated shadow. Her horns are ovaries releasing the continuation of life. From which all came.

Her god is intuition and he illuminates her cosmic mind. Able to see all she is, the all seeing eye. Her sight pierces your self righteous delusions and her venom stings all the right places in need of death and destruction. She twists your inner places wringing them free of guilty pleasure. She tests every inch of your fiber made ego. Making it compost for the cleansing of the soul.

She strips you of your identity and leaves you naked in your own filth. Clean yourself or die. These are your only two options in her realm.

She is the huntress of demons and her knowing is the key to Hell. She opens the hatches to all the places other than here. Her breath intoxicates and stuns the defenses. You will have no access to your sword. You can never slay her. She simply multiples like a dangerous thought.


The fear that surfaces when in her presence is instinctual and true. Like a master she will have her way with you. Penetrating every crevice, crack and wrinkle in your perfected story, moral of the high true.

She knows where to find you, even in the deepest of dreams. Huntress of the ancient ways, ninja of the night. The smaller she is, the more deadly her sting. Your thoughts create her moods and she responds according to only your truth. Elementals bow as she walks through knowing she has the twinned power of death and life. Transformation is her medicine and she discerns carefully her sting.

Are you worthy of her greatest power?
Does fear make you hide in the corners of your own mind?
Stop telling yourself fairy tales and lies.

She will make you believe she is to be underestimated.
She hides in your mind until your blindness subsides and you see her there.

Where does she fall out of you?

She illuminates your mind, this is her gift. 
If you try to blind her in return, she extinguishes you.
You cease to exist. It is the way of her power. Life and death.

Once you have been stung by her medicine, you will grow or you will die.
Fertilized either way, empowered by her fire.
She consumes your demons and returns them to where they belong.
Freeing you of your impurities. Touched by the other.

She IS a tonic for immortality. Beloved.

L0036626 The Archangel Metraton, from Cyprianus, 18th C

Her magic is old. Ancient even.
Resurrected and alive.
Run if she comes your way.
Unless you are ready for her and can invoke her full power.





One thought on “SHE The Womb, Full and Potent

  1. tc says:

    very interesting,,,,, ,,, , ,, source energy is our creator and is potent in all the chakras of our hologram body , we are the infinite energy force of life, love, joy ,peace ,power , the beauty of wholeness from the highest vibration of source light energy , whether our hologram is showing as male or female the energy is one and the same complete and whole from source creator , blinded by the flashing pages of history we forget to feel the energy within our chakras . more and more ,,,,,, 🙂 Thank you for your writings, avid reader of your works …..

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