a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something.



When Prince died the world went PURPLE. His personal symbol has been invoked around the globe. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the Egyptian Ankh. There was of course the similar male/female symbol similarity – yet its not either of those. In the world of symbols close doesn’t cut it. It also has a hint of Voodoo writing.

When Prince changed his name to a symbol, nobody knew how to write or say his new name, but everyone took notice of the change.

The symbol was originally created for Prince in 1991 as a logo to be featured on his upcoming album and in his concert sets. It wasn’t until two years later that it became his temporary name after signing a lucrative deal with Warner Brothers record label.

“When he signed the contract he didn’t feel like he was Prince Rogers Nelson anymore,” says Sotera Tschetter, art director for Prince from 1990 to 1993, who helped create the design along with Mitch Monson and Liz Luce. “And so he adopted the symbol as his name – to say, ‘Hey I’m not that person, that sellout, I’m unique’ – in 1993.”

“At the time [the symbol was created], he was dating [ex-wife] Mayte [Garcia] and he was very much into mythology,” says Tschetter. “That really drove his intent to create this icon.”

“Our job as designers was to execute Prince’s vision. The unification of the male and female symbol to equal love,” says Tschetter.

“If you look at what it embraces, in the end it’s a symbol that says a lot about him,” she continues. “You look at the male and female and combine into two – it’s unification. And together they are earth. It’s called the love symbol because everything he did, he did with passion and love.” (People Magazine Issue May 2016)


“Prince and the new power generation”

Recently announced Prince left no will and has a locked vault in his home with eons worth of never before published music. The powers that be are currently drilling into those vaults to access the treasure. This will surely make someone somewhere billions of dollars.  What’s that expression? sitting on a gold mine……

His symbol has been called the LOVE SYMBOL. If that is true we are looking at a release of love into the collective consciousness and his never before released music will surely enchant and put the people of the world under the PURPLE spell.

I’m not going to discuss the conspiracies. I’m not going to give those who spend  their time writing about the negative satanic illuminati world anymore attention. It seems to be a fad these days. To get into news stories and decode them so you can make a buck and get some attention. They all say the same thing because they all read each others work and then regurgitate it out as their own. It’s too bad because some of them are highly skilled intuitives who follow their guts along a story and figure it out well. But their work gets lost in a barage of negative energy just to be popular and famous. Sad.

I’ve been watching this story waiting for the right moment to comment. Because I am one of those intuitive women who can read a headline like a synchronistic clue and off I go looking for answers and truth. I stopped for awhile because what I was writing upset to many people in the ‘truth movement’ because I touched on things that didn’t follow the general tone. Fuck the general tone, I said. Often others go into blood sacrifice and secret groups blah blah blah. Yes they exist. Everyone knows it now. So why not seek the headlines with a more POSITIVE message? Leave the drama behind like a long forgotten lover. Walk away and seek something else instead. Something new. Something meaningful. Something that inspires beauty instead of making a reader feel like they have been slimed and left to fend for themselves in a quicksand of muck. Way to many approach these things that way and I refuse to be a part of that anymore. Either work together from the heart and higher powers or no thanks. Zero tolerance.

So that said….. Princes LOVE symbol was born with the intention of the unification of male and female energies. To transcend the duality of the ‘other’ by engaging it and merging with it. As a result creating a living legacy that will long outlive him. That’s a pretty beautiful notion and worthy endeavor. I have to commend that.

So here we are. The Prince has died. Purple reigns. A symbol of love seeds the ethers and now the scandals begin about drug use, abuse and overdose. Let them heckle like hungry hens. It does nothing to taint what he has done or left behind. Drama and negative attention is still attention. Perhaps it even carries more weight! We all know the power of a negative mind, a heavy heart and the inability to forgive and move on. It has littered the world today. Just look around… HOWEVER there is another side, the light that balances the dark! The darker the dark, the lighter the light! Those who choose to see this as a beautiful moment will process it as such. Those who choose to see darker agendas… well perhaps they are simply seeing what lies in themselves. Since we don’t see things as they are, but as we are…. thank you Anais Nin for the reminder.

The timing is interesting as we sit on the precipice of a 5 planet retrograde the likes of which has not happened in over ten years. May 1st is known as May Day, or Beltane by some. It is also rumored CERN will be attempting to open dimensional portals with full power on May 5th.

Let’s assume he died of a reaction to his painkillers. He was prepared for death. His work safely locked away. His legacy protected. His symbol spread and seeded around the world. He masterfully anchored his energy into the Earth, leaving love, a teaching of merging the divine feminine and divine masculine. I’ve been writing about these two energies for a decade now. I know the power of love. I have felt it many many times in my life. I am grateful for each experience because without that I wouldn’t have known, and if you don’t know well you don’t know. But if you do know! then you know the power I am referring too.

Prince clearly was in the know. Purple has long been associated with higher spiritual power. Frankly the world, humanity and Earth needs a good soaking in it! To lighten people up, wake them up from the spell of the multinational mega corporations running the world today. To make them more loving and kind to themselves and others. To forgive those who have hurt them and the hurt they themselves have caused others. A spiritual wash of energy. Thank you Prince!

I remember watching Prince as I grew up. In awe of his costumes and voice. He would transform himself in his performances and you never really knew what to expect from him. I liked that spontaneous edge. He was very elusive in his sexuality. Just one of his mysteries that reminded me of the infamous Michael Jackson. I’m sure the two of them are buddies in heaven now. Perhaps laughing at all of us as we heckle the drama, or cry the tears of loyalty. Elvis has been immortalized as well and the three of them complete a kind of sacred trinity.

Prayer energy has been stirred on a global level. Whenever it is stirred you can be sure the Megarituals are in full force. Swaying the emotional energy of the collective human population is no small feat. It has to be well executed and controversy must be stirred. Nothing sells books like conspiracies. Everyone loves a good one!

I was in a love bubble when Prince died. So the purple rain was falling soft and gentle as the news arrived. Nothing feels quite as beautiful as rain on your face….

Thank you Prince for showing us the kingdom of love. For following your gift and giving humanity a higher message in life as well as in death. He offers us a spiritual power to aid in our global uprising. Will we use it for that? or will we waste it on superficial facades that drain our energy and life-force?

Perhaps the return of the messiah is really that of a man returning home to heaven…. his energy now on the other side where he continues his passage of existence just like the Egyptians taught us in what they left behind for us to find. Life does not end with death. It continues in ways we simply cannot understand while incarnated here on Earth in a physical body. But we can know because nature teaches us this in her movement everyday. We watch the resurrection and the reconnection of life in the stages and cycles she masterfully offers.

Well if a messiah has returned to heaven, Prince would get my vote. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain….

Hillary Raimo


photo by Betsy Peerless








2 thoughts on “Prince Love & Purple Reign #Megaritual

  1. rambanita says:

    Thought Provoking my Dear…Im going to think on this and come back to you because there is much more to say about PRINCE and it needs to be said…

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