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The Hopi say we are in the time of the Great Purification.

I had a dream recently in which I saw two outcomes. In one outcome, the corn was kept pure and not genetically altered. The earth’s waters were clean and pristine. The sea animals thrived and food was plenty. The bees pollinated life and humans smiled. ¬†Generation after generation life got stronger, thrived and there was peace.

In the other outcome, the corn was contaminated and genetically altered. The insects starved and bees died. The environment diminished and the birds stopped singing. The trees turned brown and animals died off in large numbers. Food became flavorless and the human body began to suffer in numerous diseases. Everything became toxic and life weakened.

Hillary Raimo


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One thought on “An Equinox Dream Message

  1. tc says:

    well the birds are still singing here ,, and bees buzzing ,,, and food has to be grown, plastic is strangling the world , old ways need to be adopted to survive . wind and solar power , no airplanes ,trains or automobiles or movies about them ,,,
    keep dreaming dreams.. ,,

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