In the afterlife of an Egyptian, and perhaps all races, is the weighing of the heart with a feather.  The heart is a special gateway. When judged properly it can only reveal its heaviness. What if each moment or experience of pain leaves a mark on our heart? Our soul energy and memory are reflected in the heart. It has a larger electromagnetic field then the brain, it only makes sense that what is contained here, in the heart, matters more then what we hold in our mental libraries. Either way, it is not about being right, so much as it is about musing the possibilities ….

What if those marks on our hearts contained a cord of energy that connected us with those we hold in our heart. Heart pain is powerful pain.

That said, if we truly hold on to our heart pain within our hearts, and the spirit of that heart gets weighed by the gods that greet you in the end, how will yours pan out right now if it were to be weighed as is?

Perhaps we should own what weighs our hearts down, and forgive those who have hurt us.
As we own what pain we have caused others, and forgive ourselves.

Maybe this cuts the cords created in pain and clears the creative field. Otherwise we are creating in pain consciously or otherwise. What is created in pain is different then what is created pain-free. Everything is a teaching.

As I contemplated this image of that moment of judgement of the heart, something kept asking for my attention, so I gave it. I wondered, if someone clears their heart pain here in the human realm, is it only logical to see that those that have assisted in helping learn these necessary lessons then become sacred in a beautiful way? Yes seemed to be the only answer.  As I contemplated this I realized this energy assists the forgiveness process. Being self reflective, accountable and honest.

The shift into beauty is not just a pollyanna naivety, it is a profound shift in deep seeded consciousness where the oldest roots reign. Some of the heart pain belongs to your ancestors, whose memories run though your blood. Being that you are incarnated at this moment, with the beating heart inside you, it offers you the opportunity to take on the genetic healing of that. Perhaps when you crossover the judgement moment offers you a chance  to clear all hearts in your bloodline who have been marked and heavy prior to yours. How beautiful is that.

Forgiveness is a key. The door is what keeps you from owning the pain. What lies on the other side… well that dear one belongs to you, and only you can say. We can only own our own, what belongs to others is none of our business.

We leave our mark on others. They leave their marks on us. This is all necessary soul touch to assist in a greater plan. Trust is a sign of ripened wise.

As we come to a close of the 5 planet alignment this week, I reflect on what has happened, what has been learned, done and undone. I focus my thoughts and my energy on positive memories of love, and as I do this, I forgive all those who have marked my heart, as I forgive myself for any marks I have left on others. Ownership of pain and the embrace of forgiveness is a personal quest, yet as we each do it on our own, we assist in the healing of the collective energies. Every moment matters, as my friend John says. Quite literally it would seem to the ancient Egyptians as they choose what to depict on their sacred scrolls.

Be like an Egyptian. Realize if there are marks on your heart, reflect on them, trust the process and forgive. The truth shall set you free. Otherwise you’ll just come back and recycle through the human experience again and again until you do.

Hillary Raimo
End of the 5 Planet alignment
Jan-Feb 2016


Mark of RA by Hillary Raimo










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