Touching Sekhmet, Feeling Fire

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You are never really prepared for meeting Sekhmet. Daughter of RA. Keeper of the solar disk. Consort of Ptah. She is the guardian of war. Warrioress and Goddess of healing. Bringer of peace. Touching her is an experience I will not soon forget. She pulls something out of you. She sees straight into you, piercing everything.

This statue is still in its original place in the temple of Karnak. She has not been removed and put into a museum.  The legend says she is a living statue. I would agree after having experienced her for myself. I could feel her heartbeat in my hand as I held it to her heart. I etched that feeling into my being so I would always be able to recall it. There is something about these moments. Something special.

I’m not ready to put words to my experience yet. I believe in letting magic marinate. Slow cook when necessary. Perhaps the image holds a whisper of it. But thats all you get for now. While I immerse myself in ancient bliss.

Hillary Raimo
After touching Sekhmet.
Feb. 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey








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