The Fisherman, The Fish and The Frog : A Medicine Story for the New Moon

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You didn’t know it but when you caught the fish, and even before as you began the dance of fisherman, that you were in fact coming to a rescue. You just went about the motions, to do what you had to do, to hook and bait. You tested the water, determined the tide, choose a spot your intellect said would be best. You trusted your instincts. You felt the familiar pull as your line tightened. You got one! and so began the struggle of life and death. Plotting and planning your strategy. Taking on the fish as your opponent, you began your battle. At war! You will win at all costs. This is your fish.

Yet while the fish swam circling the bait, it had feed on something else. Still feeling the life inside itself as it moved further into its fate. The fish, just being a fish did what it always does, circled to feed again. Unaware perhaps, that its last meal was still very much alive and breathing. The fish kept searching for more food. It had an insatiable appetite.

Fate brought all three of you together. In just the right way. The fisherman doing what he loves, trusting his instincts. The fish following its appetite for more and more food. Consuming everything it can, always seeking more. Never satisfied.

The frog found his way into a predicament. Such is the way of nature. Predator and prey. The life and death cycle. It continued to breathe regardless. Contemplating the darkness it had found itself suddenly in, and the tight restricted space of digesting truth, life and hunger. Here the frog learned a special kind of surrender.

The fisherman succeeds in his quest, of capturing the fish. Winning the prize. Smiling he pulls it into his domain. The fish is pulled out of its own space within the water into the unknown, the bright airy place of light. Blinding and paralyzing it offers its own doorway of life and death, along with necessary lessons. Teaching the fish there are bigger predators to understand where its own fate, will perhaps, someday meet itself coming and going. As the fisherman opens the fishes mouth, unhooks the line, he sees the miracle of fate.

The frog watches the opening appear and doesn’t second guess his leap. Having seen the inside of the fish for himself he will remember the feeling of being caught, and being freed. The fish has learned the same lesson as the fisherman gently places it back into the water.

The fisherman smiles, he knows that was a good catch.

The fisherman, the fish and the frog survive to live another day, narrowly escaping death, only to know that death is everyones fate, and eventually the time will come, but not today. Everyone has learned something and continues on their own way. Better because it happened, and was witnessed by others, each observer holding a special kind of sacred space. Knowing ripples outward touching everything and changes things.

The fisherman contemplates this event as he settles into his home space after a long day of hunting. Curious he looks up frog medicine on his computer to see what it means symbolically. Synchronistically he finds his way to this:

By Ina Woolcott: Frog’s medicine includes – a reminder of common bonds with all life, singer of songs that celebrate the most ancient watery beginnings, transformation, cleansing, understanding emotions, rebirth, healing, water energy. Frogs are amphibians, spending their early life nurtured in water and once they emerge onto dry land as frogs. They are never far from a water source. The frog is recognised as a healer in North and South American Native customs, as well as Celtic traditions.

The fisherman relates this message to his own life. He sees where it holds significance and meaning. He lights a candle in response to what has been offered to him to better understand.

He knows the truth the experience holds. Before he drifts off to sleep he says a prayer of love, and feels grateful for life. He lays in bed and listens to the sound of the frogs singing under the stars drifting through the open window. He contemplates the complexities of connection, creation and fate as his mind slips into a fully conscious dream state. The night will bring a medicine dream as his journey continues.

Tonight the frog gets to sing to the moon as the fish continues to feed.

Hillary Raimo
Feb. 8th 2016 New Moon













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