I am writing this as an intuitive because that’s what I am.
I remember where I was on 9/11, 2001. I watched the 2nd plane hit live on TV. The world changed that day, and I was a witness. The event lives on in all of us, especially in the number 911. It is a code that has been programmed masterfully into the human consciousness. Whoever the real mastermind was behind the event, whoever conceived the actual original idea and manifested it to fruition, is a genius. There can be no denying this considering how much has changed since 911 happened. Laws, people, boundaries, countries, lives, freedoms, constant surveillance and ever tightening control by those in charge and in need of that kind of complete domination. 911 allowed this takeover and it changed the world like a perfectly executed PR stunt. I will not discuss the conspiracy theories here. I have circled them all and made up my own mind on what I think happened that day. Perhaps you have as well. To each their own.

What I will discuss is a unique inquiry I embarked on last year that has led me to the edge of my known world and asked me, with much grace, to step into and beyond all that self indulged limitation with complete focus and intention. This intentional act has led to a series of divine synchronistic coordinations. I have come to the conclusion synchronicity holds the key to lucid living. It has guided me through the information and as an intuitive I have found my way to something important.

I live my life synchronistically. I trust the signs. I follow them and they reveal bigger pictures. I courageously explore them with no fear or doubt. I enjoy living this way along with others of like mind. Together we accomplish much. Especially with the right combination of synergy. Especially those who can leave negativity aside, and who seek to compliment the energies vs. compete. I have felt the difference between human connection and human disconnection. One creates love, the other pain. Yet even in dire circumstances, or in excruciating pain, we can still choose love. How beautiful is that. The existence of free will ensures our ability to choose at any given moment. How we choose to see changes everything instantly. It is the power of the innocent child magnified within unlimited imagination where possibility is ripe and eternal. Sandy Hook invoked the energy of the innocent child in its larger picture mega-ritualistic reach. On a larger collective platform we see this wounded inner child archetype reflected back to us in the harming of the innocent child in other industries and deep web created matrixes. Often, reinforced by our mandatory indoctrination starting in the crucial young years of mind developing cognition. A process which can strip the imagination and sever the heart connection to nature.

For me, it started as a mission, a call to service, in Spring of 2014, under the 1st Blood moon lunar eclipse on my birthday, this call was strengthened by the practice of listening to spirit, and following the signs. It required showing up, sacrificing much, and making peace with challenging and difficult circumstances. It required an overhaul of beliefs, a weeding out of outdated systems no longer sustainable and authentic. It was a walk through the flames, heat induced alchemic notions, and a shifting of my inner tectonic plates.

It started with a question. One I asked myself as I mused on the journey.
Can traumatic current events affect human consciousness and water?

After I asked myself that question, I thought about our electronically aligned world. How we connect in a million different ways with whatever we want, all day, any day. Everything is available to us, all we have to do is think it and it becomes available to us. We are exposed to news stories around the clock, and mainstream media is not always positive, nor is it always truthful. To many take every word to heart, and fail to think with their own minds, let alone fact check, can leave us at the mercy of this system as we depend on it to keep up with what is happening ‘real time’. Regurgitation of information is common, and if one doesn’t make a point to track sources, double check and check again, misconceptions of ideas and perceptions are easily manipulated. This makes for a ripe condition of swaying the human mind. Something Governments have experimented in the past and perhaps have mastered in todays world. Media headlines are carefully crafted, masterfully sold and widely distributed. It is propaganda porn for governments and millions are addicted.  Perception creates an energy. A force behind manifested realities. If people believe something together, it makes the force stronger. It has more power behind it and it becomes an entity. A mob of hateful people simply creates more hateful energy. Just as a crowd of loving prayerful people, creates more loving prayer energy. We are all the same this way as human beings. We each bring a unique and specific vibration to the group energy. We can all choose, at any given moment, something else. Love being one of those options.

911 invokes an emotional energy in everyone, even those who did not physically witness it. It is a meme that travels like a neutrino, through everything we are as human beings. It stirs our emotions and our muse. It invokes wide spectrums of thought. It activates us at our deepest levels. It was designed to do so. But what was the intent behind the design of 911? This is an important question. One worth some time. Considering a group of muslims and Adam Lanza were blamed for tragedies they perhaps, did not cause.

The outpouring of outrage and horror, followed by anger and the thrist for revenge, gave the United States permission to go to war. A war we are still in 14 years later. Why are we still at war? Because it serves the greed and control of those who designed the events so they may profit and benefit from them. It allows for systems that are corrupt to continue and strengthen. It is grand manipulation of consciousness across the planet. 911 is like the holocaust this way, something we are told to NEVER FORGET. Sometimes these mega-rituals are misused as never ending tickets to allow the persistence of the finger pointing righteous victim stance that demands never-ending revenge and no forgiveness, a great hook for war and endless acts of violence. The victim/abuser cycle does not support sustainable life, and it can quickly foster a culture of corruption. However, those who overcome this victim/abuser wound and have embraced the power of forgiveness, for them it has invoked beauty and healing in many ways. So again we see the power of perception, free will and choice.

So if it can be stated that we all choose a path at any given moment and we migrate to like minds of consciousness, how does that aura of energy affect the natural world around us? Since science has already proven our chemistry interacts with nature at all times whether we are conscious of it or not, your love or hate, whichever you choose, is affecting the plants around you, triggering a plethora of chain reactions throughout ecosystems and multiple dimensions. Nature has had billions of years to perfect itself and is completely self-sustaining. Humans are a part of nature. We play a role.

I asked the question in my mind, can modern day traumatic events get recorded in the memory of water?

The water cycle ensures all water will eventually touch everywhere. Including inside your body. This is a scientific fact. It begs the question if traumatic memories are recorded in the water, and make it into the human body, does that affect us in some larger-picture-kind-of-way? It does according to a unique perspective founded by Dr. Masaru Emoto, and presented in his best-selling book “Hidden Messages in Water” (I am not going to go in-depth into Dr. Emoto’s work here in this article, if you’d like to know more about his work or how the experiments are conducted, please refer to his website for more information).

I continued to muse and ponder, if water holds memory, could that current event potentially show up in waters crystalline structure? 

The horrific event that took place in Newtown Connecticut, at the Sandy Hook elementary school, over the famed winter solstice of 2012, had the same affect as the 911 event. It cemented an act of terror into the conscious/subconscious minds of humanity as the media headline circulated worldwide. Nothing hits the emotional plateau quite like a hate crime against innocent children. It is a disgusting act of cowardice. No one can argue this was a horrific moment in time, just like 9/11. Immediately the conspiracy theories started circulating, and with an endless amount of questionable facts and timeline of events, it became quickly clear, that conspiracy theorists would have an orgy of information to fixate themselves on for eons to come, just like 9/11. Both events created a complicated matrix of confusion, distraction and heavy convoluted energies circled looking for minds to implant into as the story unfolded globally. Shortly after the event, it became clear the government was running an agenda; gun laws and an attempt to unarm the American people. Agendas that began to become clear as we read thru the proposed laws appearing to try and ride the back of the event like a parasitic entity, all while trying to convince the public the laws were for the good of everyone, just like 911 laws passed to ensure national security. The symbolism of Sandy Hook is deep and the megaritual it was designed to be played out on the collective platform, just like 9/11. These two events were hooks into the human subconscious to anchor into the minds of humanity a matrix of anger, fear, distrust and catapulted the terrorist agenda into being. It was the force that birthed the current world order. In case you haven’t noticed we are now in the midst of an all-seeing eye big brother take-over through our modern day electronical conveniences. We live in a world where super computer technology is attempting higher states of consciousness and everything we are is being uploaded and studied digitally so these super computer technologies can simulate everything humans are and more. These technologies are being implemented in tests during the current Jade Helm military exercises in the southwestern US now. We are on the cusp of a completely transformed world.

9/11 and Sandy Hook are two modern day current events that circulated worldwide, just like the water cycle circulates. They are two examples of horrific trauma implemented onto/into the biological human system through mass media. Both events offer a chance to ask powerful questions as to how this kind of wide-spread trauma affects the crystalline structure of water within and around us.

What message does the crystalline structure offer us about these current events? 

Something within me was asking these questions and seeking a way to experiment with it. I wanted to know what that looked like in the water, and Emoto’s work provided a window. On 10/8, the second blood moon eclipse, I organized a global mediation as I traveled to the 9/11 site and gathered a water sample, as we all gathered in the ethers and meditated on love, and connected with nature, I felt an extraordinary energy at the 9/11 site. Afterward, that water sample was sent to Japan and the samples crystalline structure was photographed. The result produced a bizarre image with a 5 pointed star. It was as if the water was showing us a portal and the crossing through the veil.


As fate would have it, months after the 10/8 experiment at the 911 memorial, the synchronistic signs led me to the site of the demolished Sandy Hook elementary school on 4/3/15 for the 3rd blood moon eclipse in the current two year cycle. This new water sample was collected from the near-by creek that runs through the woods. It was packaged ‘as is’ and mailed to Japan for an experiment without any intentional prayer work. It provided a kind of base-line look into the water without any intentional work done to it.

My experience at Sandy Hook was published and can be read here.


The Sandy Hook water crystal reminded me of a plant leaf. Specifically the Cannabis plant and the Virginia Creeper. I became critically aware of the relationship between plants and humans while studying the Voynich Manuscript in 2013. I found it interesting the crystalline structure resembled these two plants. Cannabis is quickly becoming a recognized medicinal plant, and rightfully so. Cannabis has not only been proven to heal but also has the power to cure ailments within the physical body, as well as in the mind. It clears the constructed fog induced by years of the ongoing war on the mind.  A war helped along by those who experimented in early year insane asylums and concentration camps, not only in Germany during WWll, but also today like in places such as Guantanamo bay by the United States. Experiments that continue to help the military industrial complex get into the human body, mind, emotions and just about everything else that makes us human. Leading to the creation of the pharmaceutical empire that would control and shape laws to their specifications to suit their agendas. The mental health card was played well in the case of Sandy Hook and Adam Lanza. Prepping Americans and providing a glimpse into a not-so-far-off future agenda that digitizes our medical records, and ensures an invasive reach by government into our medical lives, securing the use of vaccinations and the implementations of mental health screens to ensure the vicious entrapment of the human body. There is no such thing as privacy anymore. We lost it with 911. Everything you are belongs to the government.

The Virginia creeper is a vine plant that attracts bees. While I was in France this past June, a large creeper grew along the terrace and every day I’d sit by it listening to the bees hum as they collected pollen. There were so many bees I could literally feel their hum vibrate in my body. I thought if we all planted some creeper, we may help the bee populations return. Bees are critical to our ecosystem and their disappearance and disease is an issue that gets to little attention. Proving again the power of mass spread media and its effects on perspective, opinion and focus. What the media highlights gets into peoples minds. What they ignore stays ignored. The creeper leaf looks similar to the above water crystal. As if the message suggests we need to return to the plant realm, better understand its medicinal uses and sensitive ecology. Since it was collected in a state ‘as is’ and it shows what could be translated as a leaf structure, I interpret that as a message to reconnect with nature, a call to learn to refine that relationship and return a spiritual aspect to it, so we can restore what has been damaged by a global culture that denies this powerful and important bond, and whose systems at times completely disrespect it.

The 911 and Sandy Hook image individually offer much to be pondered. Much more then what I can write about here. What I hope to get across is the journey that has taken place to arrive where we are today, on 9/11. After the water sample was collected at Sandy Hook in April, some of the water sample was saved to work with in a future Love Breathe for Earth meditation. We would send a second sample of the Sandy Hook water to Japan after we intentionally prayed with it to see what would show up in the crystalline structure.

On July 1st, I traveled to the 911 memorial to visit the newly opened Freedom Tower Observatory to ‘See Forever’ with my biological sister and my step sister. The three of us choose to participate in the global mediation gathering from this location. We brought the remaining Sandy Hook water to the top of the tower, down into the museum (the underworld) and around the fountains. It was saturated with love from our meditation and the energy from the site. The intention being the experiment would be a kind of before prayer and after prayer study. July 1st was a power packed day astrologically. I wrote about it with my co-author, master astrologer Betsy Peerless in our Intuitive Matrix blog here. If you understand the astrology, you will see a bigger meaning manifest quickly. I highly suggest you take the time to read through the astrology article so you can see what we were dealing with during our visit and work. It is an important element added that day. Gail Swanson, author of The Heart of Love: Mary Magdalene Speaks, has participated in all of the Love Breathe for Earth meditations and offers this account as testimony to the work from her perspective.

In preparing to send the 3rd water sample to Japan, I had many obstacles pop up. It was as if a force was trying to stop me. At times it felt as if I had to summon up all I had to get it completed. I invoked my ‘mole whacking’ abilities and quickly cleared the energies trying hard to stop me. The sample was mailed off during the July Blue Moon. I received the report from Japan on 9/8/2015. Three days before 9/11.

When I opened the report, I was stunned.

The image of the crystalline structure from the Sandy Hook water prayed on at the 911 memorial showed 3 columns, two of which look like the number 11. So many things went through my mind as I sat with it and shared it with a very few select friends and colleagues, before making the image public. Everyone was in awe.

This image is a combination of the two events. The image was created through the scientific process. I will now translate it as an intuitive, because that’s what I am.


My sister and I share the twin consciousness. We are not physical twins, but we have similar phenomenon happen between us that biological twins have been known to have. Her and I have spent the last year strengthening that connection and have worked with it spiritually in the 12 global meditations we have done throughout 2014 and into 2015. This image invokes a personal message as well as a collective one. I see my sister and my step-sister in it, as much as I see the number 11. I see two towers and I see one tower, which would suggest the transformation process of the land site itself, two towers to one. I intuitively feel that the message the water crystal offers hold a record of the event itself.

If you look at the water crystal image carefully, you can see an image of the smoke flowing off the towers left to right. There are even two marks on the columns in the crystal that suggest the impact sites on the actual twin towers. It is a haunting image and when compared to images from 9/11 it can be argued that the water sample is communicating that event and showing us how it is recorded in the memory of the water. It also suggests Sandy Hook and 911 have the same elemental force behind them. I say that as an intuitive. The water is giving us a clue. We can dismiss that clue, or we can dig deeper and see. It can also be debated as to how the consciousness of all the people at the 911 memorial that day impacted the water sample itself. Could it have been that all the human focus and consciousness that day transformed the water crystal while we carried it through the site? Is the water alive and communicating an important message in real time?

Considering the image reflects a myriad of facets that can be translated on both the personal and collective, it is an image that will surely continue to speak as more people interact with it. I was called to do the experimental work, to travel, to collect, to ask, to follow though. As I share these images publicly it then becomes everyones and opens the translation for a broader spectrum of muse, debate and asks more questions then it give answers. I am acutely aware that this may perhaps hold a message and show a connection between humans and water we may not have entertained prior. That we may need to open our eyes to the impact modern day current events hold in our multi-dimensional and interrelated lives. That we may indeed need to perceive a broader spectrum of interconnectedness and rethink our current paradigm on a global scale.

We are in the time of the harvest. 9/11 falls directly in the beginning of this season. As everyone invokes their emotional energy today, and the focus of the media is on the 14th anniversary, the prism that the One World Trade Tower is, is invoked and activated, think about what the majority of emotional energy that is, and how that is being spread, energetically throughout the planet.

Yesterday (9/10) this image surfaced online.

A day before the 14th year since 9/11, a rainbow emerged from World Trade Center and stretched across Manhattan. (Photos: Ben Sturner) 7ny.tv/1EQtuZ9

A day before the 14th year since 9/11, a rainbow emerged from World Trade Center and stretched across Manhattan. (Photos: Ben Sturner) 7ny.tv/1EQtuZ9

Earlier, reported on August 18th, a family of rarely seen white deer were spotted in Newtown. Three of them. Deer is heart medicine in the shamanic circles I’ve studied in. White is purity, like the innocence of the child left to grow without fear and hate. Three deer in Newtown, three towers in NYC, three sisters in the top of the tower, seeing forever, while hearts joined around the globe to honor their own love memories and strengthen their relationship with nature. Can we see the effects of this work around us? If we study the headlines to see what the going message is, manipulated or not, we can still connect to the elemental force behind anything, which in its smallest form resembles and is nature. No amount of manmade manipulation can stop human consciousness from knowing. Only humans can do that by way of doubt, hate, distraction and ignorance.

The image of the 11 also resembles chromosomes. If we search the charts of known chromosomes we can quickly see how there could indeed be a message related to how memory also survives through our genetics and DNA. If the crystalline structure is offering a message of chromosomes can we follow the message by matching the water crystal structure to its closest match on the charts to see if there is an even deeper message trying to get across? I believe yes, yes we can. I will be writing that up in another article soon.





I invite you to spend some time with the above images. Your comments and thoughts are welcome in the comment section below. This article can be shared as long as author credit and a link back to this blog is included. This message belongs everyone, and everyone will have an important piece of it. It will reach everyone it needs to reach. A spark may be ignited and through this magic, the story continues. May that story be one of healing and peace.

Hillary Raimo

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