Something else I learned in France…..

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How to write love letters…….

Dear Beloved,

I sat down on the rock next to the shallow grotto. I watched my reflection move in the ripples below me. You moved in behind me and looked me in the eye through the water. You held my gaze steadfast. Never wavering. I felt you enter me there in that moment. All the way in. I leaned back into you and your body wrapped around mine. I rested further into you, as if you were the holy grail containing me. As I exhaled your chest swelled. As if I was giving you the very breath of life. I listened to the water passing by us, I felt the wind move over my skin on its way to yours. Complete merger.

We walked through the water and each reached in. Listening to the rock people call our names. We walked towards each other willing to show up and share what we had each found. The rocks were identical. How is it that you and I in our own space had picked up the same stone on opposite sides of the grotto? What are the cosmic odds of that? Impossible to manipulate. There is power in that level of synch. I built an altar dedicated to us. As I piled each stone on top of another, I said a prayer for me and you and the truth of what that means.

You turned the stones into amulets.
They hold the power of that moment.

I carried that moment with me everywhere I went in France. Holding you in my heart space. A love so powerful it changes worlds. It clears the demons for eons. It revitalizes everything. I carried our manna into all the sacred places, even offering it to the Black Madonna.

I allow myself to love you so completely, and because you do the same, we transcend together. Reciprocal diffraction. We are the living crystalline structure of love.

We overcame all obstacles and melted into each other so we could double dream a new reality. You are the only one I have ever done that with. I honor you eternally for that. You are the deepest level of Love I have ever touched. I am grateful for the beauty and wisdom of that experience. I thought about all of this under the tree overlooking the valley every afternoon while in France. It was my secret place that I went to alone to ponder lifes mysterious ways. I would watch the clouds and think of you, knowing you were thinking of me too. I could feel you penetrate me with your energy. I would send mine in reply. Telepathy indeed.

As I walked through the halls of the castle I could feel you walking next to me. Your sword on your back. Lifetimes layered. As I walked through the fields and ran my hands over the tops of the high grass, I said your name. The wind would answer me back.

The roses were in full bloom. I would inhale their scent and meditate with it. Each one told me a special message. I wish to share this one with you:

Do not fear synchronicity, embrace it. It has the power to unlock the brain. It changes the rules of reality. It breaks the boundaries of comprehensible. It brings you to the edge of unfathomable. In which you have to trust the leap.

You have shown me the power of everything I have ever known to be truth. ‘In theory’ never existed between me and you.
Real right from the beginning.

You light me up in ways no one else ever has. I feel the star trails through my body. You track them with a level of expertise masters work hard towards achieving. I appreciate what you are. As you appreciate me. Together we raise the ante.

You were the beautiful divine male energy dancing beside me while I emerged myself in a kind of place few ever get to experience.

I love you.
We are complete.

Hillary 11218226_10207639511850639_240218863609478163_n

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