Pluto is a Master Lover, Here’s Why…..

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KuiperbeltThe first image of Pluto given to us by the NASA flyby of the New Horizon Probe gave us a glimpse of a heart shape on the surface. I was amazed at the symbolic meaning of this. After publishing another article on The Intuitive Matrix that discusses the effects of this significant release of imagery into the human consciousness by way of Astrology and chronological events. Many have indicated they are going through sudden, perhaps drastic, personal events. Sudden out of the blue happenings that leave you feeling like you are being tailspun by every Tom, Dick and Harry. That ‘what’s happening” kind of stunned feel. Welcome to your underworld. All the fragments of ourselves we don’t even know we don’t love live here. In the Kuiper Belt. That always spinning spin of inner words echoed far far away in your own inflicted exile.

We see how symbolism has loved Jupiter, Venus and Saturn over the centuries. Once we reach the waters, the depths of our inner most places, we arrive at our own inner age of Aquarius. We begin the great trek into our Kuiper belt. We meet ourselves coming and going. We watch situations arise over and over until we see deeper into which way to believe about ourselves. Let alone others. The inner spin of fragmented aspects of self, long lost wounds almost forgotten, deep dark unknowns. Then we emerge from all of it, surviving our own underworld, and we arrive at the new dawn. The pull of Plutos love. The parts of us that live freely on the other side of our most difficult edges. Pluto’s gravity into and through that journey offers us a glimpse into what lies beyond our perceived identities long enough to release our egoic agendas and see into the forever beyond. We are exposed to a completely new vibration.

Is it a coincidence CERN happened to fire up through our descent into Plutonian energies? I guess that depends on if you believe in coincidences, or synchronicities, and the power of flow. The probe itself represents us, humans, our consciousness, our own all seeing intuitive eye sees, feels, knows, everything is completely connected. Separation of any kind is completely delusional. There is nothing you are not connected too. The probe is you, me, all of us. Flying together, alive on this planet, now, at this very moment… what are the odds? Imagine how spectacular this is. That we are here now sharing this space, exactly as it is as it travels through this literal phase. Don’t think it matters?

Master Astrologer Carol Ann Ciocco recently linked the social movements through past flybys. This is from her recent newsletter someone forwarded to me recently. I was very inspired by it and felt it worthy to pass on to my readers.

1962 we reached Venus – The 20th Century WOMEN’s Rights Movement surges.

1965 we reached Mars – The Vietnam War is televised, bringing the realities (and masterminds) of WAR to human consciousness in a way not seen before in history

1969 we landed on the Moon and walked around – The explosion of awareness of our internal landscapes, our EMOTIONAL bodies, our subconscious began. A great Lunar Wave of ancient pain and racial memory crested and created a mass awakening to such concepts as ‘body work’, wholistic psychotherapy and Inner Child work to follow in the 1970s through the 1990s.

1973 we reached Jupiter. – and 1974 we reached Mercury – Awareness of tricky minds leads to realization of excesses of government; which in turn leads to a CRISIS OF FAITH in elected officials. And a U.S, President is forced out of office due to hubris.

1979 we reached Saturn – the materialistic 1980s begin as the Reagan era dawns. CORPORATIONS begin to take on unprecedented powers, the fruits of which are showing up today

1986 we reached Uranus – The era of the personal COMPUTER is beginning; and it is in 1986 that the first meeting of the INTERNET Engineering Task Force occurs. By 1995, the Internet goes global and everyone on Earth is connected by an etheric/technological grid of awareness.

1989 we reached Neptune – the era of the TELEVANGELIST soars as Jim and Tammy Faye Baker lead the delusional Way. Meanwhile a profound spiritual awakening is taking place among millions of people, soon to be known as ‘LIGHTWORKERS’.

July 14, 2015 we will reach PLUTO – what will contact with the ‘Lourde of Death’, Evolution, Transformation, Resurrection, Darkness and Power bring to humans on Earth???? –

What a glorious time to believe in the power of love, as Plutos first image suggests. Maybe we can’t always see the bigger picture in life, or understand the why’s and the what happened? but we can continue to trust and have faith. Faith in ourselves and in others. That life can be kind, gentle, loving, exciting and celebratory even in times of challenge and change. Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. We can choose how to move through it all as it all flows through us. Perspective changes everything and aids in growing hope. Its just that sometimes, sad things happen. So we need to own it and learn how to fully feel it so we don’t waste years of our lives chasing our tails like dogs trying to figure out who the heck we really are. Heal better. Heal faster next time. Hurt happens, it is part of our agreement here in this place. When we die we lose all attachments and we do our own real flybys of everything you can imagine.

As I breathe my way through my own underworld, and listen to the cry of others who are doing the same, I close my eyes and remember the feeling of your love inside every part of me. I open the portals within my physical and energy bodies to your love. It floods me and I awaken into the highest expression of self – the other. It is the feeling of something other then my perceived self. Yet there is complete and total recognition of the one unity within all that is. It is a merging of self and other, as one, in the same heightened sensory space. It fine tunes and increases the output of whatever the input is. So meaningless superficial gets you a charge, and deep meaningful beauty filled love gets you a domain. It encircles both in a powerfully charged space nurturing whatever energy you are emanating together.

This love creates a halo of golden light as we continue walking through the strange and confronting darkness that invades our most private senses within our underworld, on our way to the other side. Whatever makes up the Kuiper Belt is symbolic of whatever major catastrophe you’ve ever been a part of. Bits and pieces of unresolved love spread out in constant spin around all your inner God planets. The heart of Pluto and all it teaches was even downgraded when it was determined not to be good enough to be included. The lessons of the spinning walk through the dark forest became something to avoid at all costs, ignore, and to seek complete disassociation with when one refuses to face the truths revealed in this mysterious place. These secrets we keep from ourselves are exiled into the far reaches of our everything. Waiting for us to discover it again, the value it holds, and respect of the journey it offers to enrich our very soul. As we approach the big bad scary Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, maybe instead of fearing him, he just needs a hug and a smile and some better understanding.

New Horizon has reached Pluto. The first image revealed an emerging heart. I’d say we just survived our Kuiper belt, and we are wiser for the teachings we learned. We survived the snake bite. Here is love where you perhaps thought none resided. The probe will do its closest flyby next week, Tuesday July 14th & 15th. For the first time we symbolically collectively ride the energy of Pluto together. As a modern day human species. In all that means.

Track your patterns. Know yourself. It reveals things you need to know. See what triggers are rising right now in your face. What are you being asked to choose? This is your Tehvul moment. The moment for you to choose love. In all circumstances. Observe how that feels and changes your experience. Breakthrough whatever obstacles and distractions come up, they are debris in your inner Kuiper Belt. Move beyond them with the help of Plutos gravity field. It was placed there for a reason. To get you through it. By design. Pluto energy is personal.


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