How to Lift Her Veil

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Persephone opening a cista containing the infant Adonis, on a pinax from Locri
Persephone opening a cista containing the infant Adonis, on a pinax from Locri

Lift her veil. Expose her true self. Embrace her completely. Love her until her outer shell cracks open. In that vulnerable moment hold steadfast. Stay. Hold the space of her complete unveiling, as her pedals bloom full force. She will see you for all you are with her clear eyes. Accept her vision. Make peace with it. Be humble in the receiving. Hold steady your own center, rock hard faith. Breathe through the fever. Feel it don’t think about it. Let her open you. She will get into all your crevices. Open the deep end of your ocean. Let her in when she shows up for you. Accept her love into your heart. Let it slow burn your alchemical primal nature. Meet her on the edge of your wildest dreams, go further, together. Allow her to be. In all her many great expressions of pure feeling. She is the queen sitting next to you on her own throne. Sovereign in her own right. Equally filled with the abilities inherent inside all atoned hearts. When she comes to you in pure flame allow the reduction of ego and logic and flow into her eternal folds of Yin. Let them wrap around you completely and take you. This will free you as you become one with the cosmic river of all  that is which flows from her mastery of birth. Here you are reborn through her. Purity of heart returned through the complete submission of allowing her love to be and to thrive.

Protect her in this holy state of love. Guardian of her deep. It is vital to the chemistry of life. How well she is able to love. A broken heart beats differently. It creates another harmony not quite in synch. Together your frequencies thrive and lift both of your resurrected hearts to a high-level of consciousness and therefore another level of reception and deeper understanding. It lifts the stone, bringing light to what is revealed. In this very simple act, a force is released into the world, clearing the secrets of ones own underworld, symbolically on a collective fractal for all.

Together, united, you rise above the mundane and claim within this holy space, your own divinity as mirrored back to you by her. How she sees you creates you, she is the holy carrier of life. This is to be completely respected on all levels. Her health is a mirror of the Earths health. SHE is ONE with HER. You become one with both her and Earth when you enter into the love space of higher resonance. This is a sacred act of innocence and purity. The sacred witness we hold for others. How we see others matters because it creates that reality.

A powerful love between you and her will light up the world, inspire hearts everywhere to do the same. It will illuminate the underworld, and defeat the inner demons who wish you to hate her, who ask you to demonize her, so that you will never succeed in your quest to conquer your own ego so you can spread your wings and fly. Obstacles removed by Gods assigned to do so, for your own good. Clear your conclusions and right winged skepticism and trust. Be a believer in your own divinity and ability to co-create a new paradigm.

If you cannot imagine it, then you have much work to do on releasing the things that keep you bound to your own limitations. Trust her guidance, let her be the seer, follow suit and help create it, master doer. Your ability to build the cosmos has need for a visionary. She is made for you as you are made for her. Sacred activators. Catalysts for deep personal healing the story goes far beyond what you can see here and now. Touch her eternal soul only when she is ready for you and then do it with great care,  as her ability to create is equally matched with her ability to destroy. Her fire fuels passion as well as it fuels anger. Tread carefully along the line of influence and know every move  you make matters. Be humble in your approach, because humble nurtures trust. She needs to trust you, and you need to trust her. This is a vital energy necessary for safe passage through the higher dimensional energies you will explore along side her. She can take you beyond the stars, her sexual energy is endless, vast and potent. Match it. When you see her, accept her good, bad and ugly. All of it will surface testing your resolve and courage. Stay.

Her intuitive nature aligns with the pristine creative energy of all nature. Encourage her complete reconnection to this primal force. If she struggles, assist her. If she resists, reassure her. If she is already there, be grateful. Encourage her to master it. If she has, then be ready for initiation by fire. Purple flames of complete surrender to the very power sought after for eons.

Be faithful to her in this space. Show up completely. Remember the feeling of her on your skin. Touch her lightly and know her truth. If she lets you in, embrace the reality of her love, be grateful she has revealed it to you so you may know her and yourself better.

How many true love stories have you ever witnessed? Then you know the power of the reflection. The path of beauty is a reciprocal path. Not a solitary one. It spreads across the vistas of consciousness between you and others every time you say yes to the experience. Let it happen, show up, say yes, believe if this woman is your match, she will open up like the finest bloom and in return she will pollinate your godhead.



  1. Your words strike deeply into the very core of my inner being. Every word, every phrase you have gifted hits home like an arrow flying true and unwavering to its target.
    I knew the path I was to take but ego held me back. You have shown me the way clearing the mist. The path may not be easy but as of today I am taking my first step along that path full of hope and optimism.
    To say thank you does not express my gratitude enough but let me thank you with all my heart.


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