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I just returned from 3 weeks abroad in France. I was staying in the small remote village of Montcabrier. Population 40. Founded in 1297, the pristine surroundings brings one back to a time long gone. I have never visited a place I wished to stay in and never return to the states as I have here. This village has captured my heart, and I was in love with it after only a few short days of being there. It felt like I had truly returned home. I’ve traveled extensively throughout my life so far, I have been to many wonderful places. This one, however, has enchanted me like no other. Being back in New York now for a few weeks, I realize how much I miss it. Spending 3 weeks in pristine conditions, clean food, water, air – had made me realize just how bad it really is in populated cities. My skin was better, my health was better, I even slept better there. Usually this isn’t so obvious when I return to NY, but this time it was. The difference between rural France and suburban New York is stark. Since I’ve been back, I have found that the food I consume here tastes far less acceptable then when I was in France. France has banned GMOs and their food tastes alive, better, healthier. I am convinced the GMOs have invaded our food system and has changed it permanently. The fruit has less flavor, the grains are not right, the vegetables have less flavor, and the dairy tastes contaminated. My taste buds are deprived here. In France this was not the case. The fruit and vegetables tasted alive, with deep flavor and my senses were completely satisfied. My digestion improved tremendously as time went on. I ate out of local gardens, local bakeries. The bread there is completely different then our bread in the states. I have found none that compare to the taste of bread in France.

Is it a case of being spoiled in the right conditions? No. I feel strongly that our food here in the states is completely contaminated, not fresh, and our bodies are taking a beating by consuming it. The air has had a constant smell to it that I relate to like a cat box syndrome. It may smell bad, but you get desensitized to it because you are in it. I live in the suburbs. There is a definite smell to the air. There are few bees buzzing, few birds singing, and there in Montcabrier the bees were all over, buzzing everywhere, the birds were happy, sang all day, and it made a difference as to how I felt. The land was healthier. The people were healthier. The food and water were healthier. It was a healthier ecosystem. That all creatures great and small thrive in.

A few days after I returned from France I found myself at the 911 memorial site in New York City. We were traveling to the One World Tower to see forever in the observatory. We were linking up in the ethers with a phenomenal group of people to link hearts around the globe for a special Love Breathe for Earth meditation. Usually when I travel into the city it can be overwhelming for me. I am very sensitive to energy, and the energy of NYC can be intense. This time is was not. It was easy for me to navigate through. We ate lunch in the observatory. It was the first time since I had returned from France, that I found food that felt good, tasted alive and had a full palette of flavor. Much to my surprise. I savored every bite. I knew that my hunch was right. That our food sources are contaminated and the GMOs we are allowing to infiltrate our food supply are changing things swiftly.

We the people seem to be powerless here in America. Powerless to change the very foundation of what we as humans need. Good healthy clean food, healthy clean water, good clean air. The basics. We have sold our souls to the mega corporations and industry that run our country. We have become complacent and lazy. We are co-dependant on our government and they like it that way. We are good sheep that BAA when we are supposed to. This would never stand in France. No one would ever allow their basic necessities to become tainted with corporate profit greed to the point of detriment to the human population within its walls.

France held many things for me. A few firsts, and some incredible seconds. It held moments of revelation, discernment and completion. It was one of the few trips I have taken solely for myself. No groups to manage, no people to take care of. Just me, my artwork, and the slow down of time thanks to my surroundings. It was peaceful, pristine and I was perfectly content. It was about me, for myself and it was exactly what I needed. A complete time out from my life here in the states. A sabbatical of sorts away from everything just long enough to rediscover who I am, and what my mission is.

I came back with a solid sense of clarity. I noticed an instant reaction in my body to the food, water and air. It was tangible. Are Americans sick because of our food system? We are one of the few countries that permits GMOs to be in the food supply. We have no idea what we are eating because labeling laws never pass. The food giant lobbyists ensure this. Just what are we really consuming? I have been trying to eat as I ate in France, simple, close to  nature, raw and it still doesn’t taste right. GMOs do not just live in pre-packaged foods. They are in our fruits, vegetables and grains. they have infested our basic garden. So even when we believe we are eating healthy, we are not. We are being systematically changed on a DNA level by the foods we are consuming. Food that has been changed, altered and tampered with. I witnessed the difference in my own body after being out of our American system for a period of time. The changes were instant and stark.

What can we do except share our stories? We can protest, sign petitions, show up on the White House lawn. We can speak up on our platforms, share links on Facebook… but what does that really change?

Do I move to France? Do I relocate my family? Learn to speak French so I can assimilate into their culture? Perhaps that is the only real answer. To leave the contamination.

But what about the generations to come? How will the infestation of GMOs affect our linages? What are we doing genetically to the generations coming up beneath us? I believe autism is a result of GMOs infecting our food supply. The mothers consume GMO food, the fetus gets exposed to it, and genetically it changes the program. Millions are effected by the contamination of our food supply every day. School lunches are littered with GMOs. Mark my words, someday it will be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that what we have allowed our country to do, by way of complacent non-interference, will have tragically changed the human race indefinitely. Americans will become sicker, mutated, and we will be a different species from the rest of the world where GMOs have been banned. Banning GMOs may have a temporary effect, but because of how our international trade works, it will only be matter of time before GMOs infect everywhere.

Someone someday will be able to trace these injustices back to America where the land of the ‘free’ released the cage that captured everyone genetically.

I learned many things from my journey to France. The topic of this post is but one of many insights gained. I am sharing this first because it is such a prominent subject since I have returned. It is something I find everyday staring me in the face. I share with my friends as I go, and many of them don’t get it because they haven’t separated themselves from their food supply long enough to notice a difference. Perhaps we should all go to France, or some other country that bans GMOs, spend a decent amount of time there, to see what our own bodies show us as truth.



  1. interesting , I knew a french canadian that went to france from alberta canada and was not impressed with his father land , that is great you had a super trip. my yard has birds singing and honey bees and wasps which keep away the hornets lol. but naturally the air is full of chemical spray so people can have a perfect cherry for their fancy drink and an apple without a worm lol. My few trees only get over-spray from the neighbors . I enjoy your travels and blogs Hillary Raimo

    1. I believe it was because I was in such a remote rural place. The cities in France that I traveled through felt like cities here at home, I did not spend hardly any time in them. So I can not comment to their effects. I am mostly making the point of how different rural France felt to me vs the suburbs of NY.

      1. I spent 10 years in the city. Nothing could force me back. I now live in a rural part of Scotland. The ocean is 100 yards from my front door. I catch fish to feed the family. We grow our own food. It is easy to get sucked into buying the convenient pre packed GM laden food items. The majority are living in the “rat race” just like caged rats. Is that living or just surviving? Give me life any day😊

  2. Exactly. I believe your experience is what I’ve tried to express here. The acknowledgment of the difference between doing it yourself, and living off your own efforts, in the countryside vs in the suburbs or cities.

  3. I agree with your findings. While you were in France, I was on a service mission in Hyderabad, India. Although I cannot say India offered the the same pristine conditions, my body responded similarly during my five week stay. I supported my gut with a probiotic supplement that I had brought with me, was careful with my water sources, and ate local food. I noticed the flavors, the textures and the way my body communicated with me and the food I was eating. It was like the circuit of my Chi had a clearer connection and I felt better. I was interested to see how I reacted physically during my visit, because three years prior, I noticed a huge change in my body while I was on a three week visit to Ireland. During that time, I experienced what you described above. The food fed my body and even connected me to the earth in a new way. I could feel how the food was alive. I felt a “happiness” factor intrinsic in the food I ate, that I rarely had experienced before, and from this, I could actually feel a communication develop between me and the earth that l could hear within myself. Dimensions I had only heard others speak of, began speaking to me and I had personal experience with more than I anticipated. Much of magic of this planet is shared with us through what we plant, grow, and consume. When that connection point is blocked, dulled and poisoned through GMO’s, chemicals or irresponsible and mindless consumption, the magic is blurred or even lost.

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