I can take you wherever you want to go
be sure of your choice
mean what you say, do what you mean
clarity cleanse

Gateways opened, walking thru
first impression is usually the right impression
what you think matters here
instant manifestation
are you prepared for the power of that?

gateways to and from, back and forth, in and out
I prefer vistas of long drawn out layers, landscaped accordingly
higher views go further
consciousness dipped in manna
soaked in true

11406847_10207252167367269_920283047949828910_nreal selves revealed magi reunite
whispering true everythings under the holy tree
dancing sunlight layered in the skin
originality clings to ochre
stars leave marks on our cosmic heart
collective same, cave dancing spirits

triangulated prisms
refracted whole
dismissing incomplete growth
leave it be, they ripen their own wise

Grotte Chauvet in southern France

Grotte Chauvet in southern France

sometimes….. wisdom hides in ugly places
deep dark black
filled with the smell of old earth
poignant and poised

always ask permission before you enter her holy space
never touch without asking if it is ok
humble in our awareness of her we find her gift
an ability to reach into anything and love
to find that spark of deep long old life still burning
an ancient guardianship
filled with stories and mold

layers of life foretold on the walls
prophecy aligned inner constellations
panther-like beginnings
magnetic tendencies

uncomfortable mothers birthing deformed realities
stable nurturers clean them up
star seeds return to the earth at the end of their cycle
recycled truths for another time


the masters return in the children
missions of many things to fix
each of us have a purpose
no comparison of importance
holy see-all tells all

nothing stays in hiding
not even your worst thoughts about yourself

observation changes everything
closely looking at what lives
deep within your wishful thinking
visions even you deny exist

ego orgies feed on deep hatred
feasts of self loathing and pain
gone with the wind

ancient codes awaken within our minds
sharing with others, the beloved shared twine
each moment a chance to love better
holding strong the unwavering fact that you matter

open up your heart for the sake of the world
let go of the burdens weighing it down
release purge
hold on to only what lies lightly and true
make love in the rain and cover in mud
touch the other in holy space

duality exists for a reason
master purpose, alchemical in nature
learn to use it while creating beauty

hold on with only love, stay awhile, ponder
what effect the rose has on you….


One thought on “When Venus Touches Jupiter and the Moon is Full

  1. Ouroboros1111 says:

    Great a new post. I have been waiting for one😊
    I pondered on the rose and this is my interpretation.
    When I look at the rose her petals are not yet ready to open, bloom and expose her rich nectar.
    In nature bees and plants enjoy a symbiotic relationship. When the rose is ready to open her petals the male worker bee feeds on her rich nectar. This is used to nurture new life back at the hive. While doing do they transfer the pollen from the rose enabling the rose to reproduce. This relationship enables them both to manifest new life, new realities through this dualistic relationship.
    We have much to learn from nature.

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