Love, Breathe, for Earth 3/20/2015
Manitou Springs, Colorado
by Amma Love

This is our journey in a global prayer and meditation movement begun by Hillary Raimo called Love, Breathe, for Earth. We participated in these meditations last year using the element of sacred fire to connect and send our voices in song to help Humanity and all nations heal this planet. This year we are working with the waters and began our journey by sending a blessing to the waters in Pinewood Springs where we live. It’s been almost 2 years since an epic 100 year flood broke the dams around us, ripped out our roads, changed our landscape, and swallowed the homes of many beloved friends and neighbors.  We learned about the great power of water through this disaster, and more so, we learned about the even greater power of Community ~ Common Unity as I like to say.

We sent prayers for the health and well-being of everyone still in recovery here then journied on to Golden where we met another mystical Mama, Karina Soltero from Mexico. It’s been on my list for about 11 years to travel to the holy site of the Mother Cabrini Shrine where just like Moses, she struck a rock with her staff high up in the mountains for thirsty pilgrims, and a spring with healing waters attributed to many miracles flowed forth from the earth. An orphanage and sanctuary for children was built there and many people still make the trek to pray for help for their families.

As I gazed toward the east and the view from the springs ~ I envisioned earth, the waters, the air, the soil, the living beings, seen and unseen, living together in health, safety, happiness and creation. We had a beautiful conversation with a few nuns there who were quite interested in what we were doing. They send their blessings to everyone as well and asked us to return often.

We meandered, and I do say meandered as Karina and I had SO much to talk about that we occassionally missed an exit… or few. We arrived in the afternoon at Manitou Springs and spent a few hours by the river near the Twin Spring. We laughed, played, drummed, sang, and sent our voices through the river out to the ocean to ripple out in this world a dream of all mothers, children, elders, fathers, brothers, sisters, 4 leggeds, 2 leggeds, flying, standing, stone, crawling and swimming nations to have plenty of clean, fresh, nurturing water and sustenance for living a life without suffering. We prayed for the union of the divine masculine and feminine – for those in relationship to have true love and for those seeking relationship to find one another. We prayed for the unborn and the dying, for our brave warriors fighting wars construed by an elite class that values money over human life — and we prayed that through our differences, we continue to learn and relate, making peace within ourselves and creating harmony outside in this world.

As the sun sank behind the hills, we floated our pink flowers, pink for the Great Mother and her soft heart, representing all the innocent children we once were and are surrounded by, who will one day be our leaders, that they may know peace.

In light of all the articles I’ve read recently about water shortage, and contaminated water, living on a rationed system myself and having experienced the fear of water shortage after the flood destroyed infrastructure here – I feel compelled to do what I can, and my commitment began in that moment by setting the intention through prayer that I may be of help in educating and facilitating awareness about our ability to transform water molecules the way Buddhist monks have through chanting (google that!) and also through the experiments Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted showing water molecules transforming microscopically through sound vibration and thought.

I know these concepts may be far out there for some of you, however I believe them to be true based on experiences I’ve had myself. What if it really is possible that by sending positive thoughts to our lakes, rivers, streams, the water we cook with, drink, wash in — what if it’s possible to clean it up by focusing love and joy on the waters? Just think about that one for me.

I know I’m enjoying myself immensely and all week since our prayers to the water, I’m receiving many messages about water and healing, articles online focused on water flying through my feed, and I’m seeing the collective consciousness become aware of how important water is to life on earth AND take action. I encourage you all to contribute however you feel inspired and called to. Start with your next glass of water and just say into it, “I love and accept you fully” and see how it feels to drink that in =)

Thank you Hillary Raimo for inspiring us, thank you Karina Soltero for all the love, healing and education you brought us this week, thank you Ari for reminding me every day to play and be happy, and thank you Creator for our life. May we live it well and give the world the love you give us ♥ ♥









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