Light bringers awaken, walking straight into the heart of the dark. Lighting up the less seen facets of life, so there may be new growth. Light and dark balance the totality of everything we are, here now, in this space, in this body. Our experiences determine our alliance and our healing seals the fates of our emotional landscapes. To reject any aspect of ourselves, is to send that piece of self into exile, where it stays until it is called home and integrated, always calling out to us to be loved. This is the way of beauty. Accepting all shades of our true colors, understanding them, and loving them, within ourselves and others. It is within self-judgement that we find our most broken places. Insight into the fields that grow well tended to by our own pity, hatred, and rejection of love. Bringing light into those places, helps to turn the soil. Exposing it to much needed aeration allowing oxygen to get in to the deeper parts of us, so we may breathe the breath of life through it.

We outgrow and shed on universal cosmic time. What we once loved, may be recycled into the soil of new ground, and used as nutrients to enrich the growing field. We never lose any experience we have. The brain retains all of it. Hidden and locked up somewhere inside us, until light comes and shines it awake again. Until the time comes when we need to remember. We store our experiences as memory markers to aid in our greater evolution while we age and prepare for the final gateway of transition. As our bodies ripen to their wise, we flow into a mystical harmony. Each note, each sound, cascading down our souls, like liquid manna, freeing our senses to explore the sensations of living our totality alive.

Pain is a reminder to focus. Pain sheds off all unnecessary fluff in that moment, so one can fully focus on what is at hand. It disintegrates our belief systems, our fundamental structures, even if only temporarily, so we can reconstruct a new field. Healing is the allowance of receptive forces. It is the opening of our heart that releases the pain. It creates a raw vulnerable space, that we have been taught to fear and protect at all cost. A delusional defense system that holds us back to being all we can be. It changes the potential code matrix of our own individual construct. This construct attaches to the dark matter all around us, plugging us in to the cosmic paradigm that reaches well beyond what this world holds as truth.

Major events that cause collective pain hold a powerful energetic force field around humanity. We see this with events such as 911 and the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Events that play out on the collective stage, reaching around the globe wrapping everyone in it, are spells cast by high priests hoping to capture the emotional energy of humans in a net of negativity that keeps them contained in FEAR, through the use of Megarituals, often televised worldwide for greater affect. Fear ensures control. It ensures agendas that seek to protect us from the illusional boogie man. It only takes one powerful strong fear belief to capture a part of you energetically.

How many show up at the 911 memorial in New York City and focus on feeling love while walking the land there? The majority get caught up in the story, the sadness, the anger, the grief, and feel that fill their hearts with that energy over and over. With each thought. With each breath. With each visit, over and over, it goes. Looped like the video in the 911 museum, telling the official story over and over, so we get programmed with it. Ensuring the mass ritual is successful in bridging the emotional energy of humans into the harnessed sacred architecture. Master builders building new temples, on blood soaked hallowed ground, filing them with people, who feel.

Until we start to show up in these places with love.
What would happen if the 911 plaza filled with people who, instead of feeling the loss and pain, feel a deep seeded love? How would that funnel through the temples? What effect would that have on the world? since these places and events somehow connect all of us. Bringing light to these places, love from our hearts, and offering it to the EARTH, is a magical act of a natural kind. Overriding manipulated energies, agendas, and mass woundage.

Humanity suffers from mass wounds. Be they religious, racial, sexist, economic, mental, heart, emotional, historic, they are triggered by the acts done and displayed around the world; acts that defy love in various way. Each time a violent act happens we feel it tug on our inner state of peace somehow, if not subconsciously. Buried into our minds, filed away in our brains, as experiences, even if not directly experienced. We are effected by the acts of violence and hatred to others, because we are connected by dark matter. The web that exists through everything, everywhere. Our minds play games with the concept of light and dark. We have been indoctrinated to believe certain things, make judgements on them, and act accordingly. We are a herd species. The new age community has in some ways helped to seal these wounds by creating false teachings around the dark that makes people afraid… afraid of others who are labeled ‘dark’, afraid of places labeled ‘dark’, afraid of ideologies labeled ‘dark’ and so on. Yet even without firsthand experience of what is labeled, we believe, we act, we deem one way or another, and we close down to the possibility that perhaps that is not the case. I have seen this first hand in the spiritual communities, the new age industry, in church circles, and even in places not connected to any spiritual alliance. It is a force, or energy, that invades our minds making them see one way or another. It closes off the heart and in that refusal to love, we cage ourselves into a state of separation.

A true light bringer is curious. Feels connected to their light at all times, understanding the shadow interplays and teaches us as the ultimate master healer. To make your shadow and light one, is a powerful and masterful way of living. In refusing to love the dark, you are refusing to love the very web of life you are ultimately connected too. Your judgements of dark are learned. They are conditioned. They are caught in a plethora of systems, dangling on your web, shaking it, always asking for your attention. Until we go, and look, and see, it is simply a wound we have not faced yet, haven’t healed properly, or a fact about ourselves we need to make peace with, pay homage too, and try to better understand so we may love ourselves more completely, until this happens we are fragmented.

You can track world energies within your own individual fields. They are the same, connected, aligned, just on a different scale. Self awareness breeds awareness of larger connections. Self observation breeds awareness of larger energies at work. It reveals the inner flame. As we burn off our false flag living we can face these larger collective events head on, trusting ourselves to be guided by love, genuine innocence that shields all negativity born of human design.

In the Winter of 2012, 2013 I found myself researching the Newtown Sandy Hook school shooting. It was overwhelming how the story kept returning asking me to look and dig. So I did. I dug until there was not much else to find. What I found was a deep rooted festering wound. Intentionally inflicted. It was as if some force had plunged a knife deep into the heart of human innocence. Sacrificing children to the stomach of the great beast. The trail led to the skull and bones secret society, the church of satan, even high level politicians like John Kerry and others. It involved many disturbing facts and details, insanely ridiculous public details that made no logical sense, and created a continuous circle of chasing tails. It was an event that was created to confuse, distract and draw in people who would get lost in the research, and if not lost, then definitely scared. It created fear even for those who looked. It was a nasty, gross act of hatred, violence, and destruction.

No matter what you believe about Sandy Hook, the events thereof, there is a theory to fit your liking somewhere. More conspiracy theories have been born of Sandy Hook then, perhaps, even 911. Everything from ‘it was a false flag event that never happened’, to financial blackmail, to a satanic sacrifice complete with a demon doll found in the woods by the school, now housed in Lorraine Warren’s haunted artifact museum. I could write an entire article on these theories. There are so many, and people are very emotional about their beliefs in them, they get angry, even enraged when you speak about this place, however the theories are not the focus of this article, nor was it the focus of the journey.

Like 911, we must ask, could we show up here in Newtown, and feel love? Could we overcome our grief, our pain, our anger, our wounds, and find the innocent love that lies under all that? It could also then be asked, could we show up in the heart of our inner darkest most hate filled space within ourselves and feel love? 

If we can show up in this most demonized place, and feel love, unlock a door and integrate our most exiled aspect of self…. that place within us that loves to hate, that thrives on negativity, that place within us that powers up by way of separation, how would that healing show up in the world?

If we uproot the false root implanted in us by way of our upbringing in the false matrix of anti-love, oh what glorious space that would give to plant a new root, one that is clean, whole, pure, trusting, loving, rich with connection into EARTH, oh what empires of hate would that crumble?




If we could show up in this most dark place and be surrounded by our own innocent child deeply connected to the Earth, grounded and rooted in the realities of nature, how would that feel? When we lay our head down on the land of this place, this place we come to within ourself that shows us our most deepest dark place, and instead of monsters, we begin to see stars, hear the wind, and feel the gentle heat coming out of the dirt that smells like the great mothers womb, the illusion of this scary darkness disappears. We walk through the cosmic earthly door of our own freedom. We become bringers of light to our own inner darkness.


In preparation for that, we must face our own childhoods and our own connection to what taints our inner childs imagination. We must seek the inner child lense to see what has changed the original vision, and then restore that original innocence. How has our childhood faith grown as we age into our adult versions of truth? When we return to the ground of our childhood we loop time back to these memories, we can feel them in the paint on the buildings, in the movement of sap in the trees. It is recorded right there, forever accessible to us. It is one thing to remember, it is another to physically show up, run our hands over the walls of our childhood, sit beneath the tree on the playground day dreaming miraculous things. Laughing and being out of time space, free floating through our magical senses, with open hearts, and trusted support systems. We invoke that great all knowing child power, whose love, trust and innocence lifts us to a higher state of being.



All of us have a time in our childhood before we first learned pain. That seed within us holds a special memory, a memory of pure bloom. Our fetal cells live on within our mother, even if the pregnancy is terminated by abortion or miscarriage. Those fetal cells stay within the mother for decades, helping to heal her when needed. It is this childlike energy that is key to our ultimate ascension. It is why we see the mother and child depicted in just about every cultures artistic history. That inner state of childlike innocence that we return to when in a deep state of connected love, is the feeling that brings light to the dark.

Demolition site of Sandy Hook Elementary, 4.3.15

Demolition site of Sandy Hook Elementary, 4.3.15


aura photography by Amma Love

aura photography by Amma Love


We see how prayer affects water through the complete work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. We saw the effects of our global Love Breathe for Earth meditation held on 10/8/14, at the 911 memorial site on the 2nd full blood moon lunar eclipse, in our water sample analysis completed by Dr. Emoto’s laboratories in Japan. What will the waters of the Sandy Hook creek tell us?



Memory is held in water. Vibration affects water crystals. Our thought energy can change the water molecule. A tragic event can be energetically held within earth and water. The Earth has a solid recycling system. Eons of perfecting the system has ensured the continuance. Nature is the perfect ecosystem. It restores, rebalances, in every cell divide. If we enter into a space that has had a tragic event, blood has been spilled in the name of anti-love, it is there, yet is always being tended to by way of natures karmic resolution. When I walked the grounds of Sandy Hook on 4.3.15 I felt the land beneath my feet, the wind on my face. I felt the imprint from the event however it felt as if the love of the land, and the childhood innocence of all the children past, present and yet to come, was swirling there, working on the energetics. It felt fairy-like in the woods. I felt nothing uncomfortable or scary there at all. It was as if the angels had been there working since it happened, to heal and seal. The Earth felt happy we were there to do ceremony, honor the water with holy water, and bury our offering in it. It was receptive to the work we were intending to do. It was actually quite beautiful.


Water ceremony, Hillary Raimo. Creek in woods near Sandy Hook demolition site 4.3.15

aura photography by Amma Love

aura photography by Amma Love


On 4.4.15 we witnessed the 3rd full blood moon lunar eclipse in the current two year tetrad series (4.15.14-9.28.15).  In this current tetrad, each eclipse falls on a direct biblical holiday. 4.4 was the first day of Passover. A time of atonement, purification, cleansing. The same energy of the first lunar eclipse on April 15th, 2014. We returned full circle to atone any heaviness in the heart created since the 15th especially, and ultimately any heaviness in the heart since our birth in this lifetime. Because all things are connected, we respectively Atone all incarnations, in all time space, past present and future. It is a personal and collective undertaking to clear heart pain.





Surrounded by our childhood innocence and love, we forge into our own underworld, we show up in these places soaked in pain, and we feel love in the heart of it. We face not only our greatest fear, we face ourselves coming and going. We atone our heaviness, our wounds, our most feared imagined form of darkness, and we reestablish balance, harmony, and clear our roots of any false flag events keeping us from being free to love everyone and everything.

We find our inner rift and seek to pour healing salve into it.

The drive to Adam Lanzas house was stunningly beautiful. Winding mountain roads, through pristine forest, made the journey one of magical renewal. We were stunned at how beautiful the area truly was. His neighborhood consisted of many multi-million dollar homes, each one majestic in their own right. When we arrived at his lot, the gaping hole was obvious and demanded ones attention. We did not get out on to the land, as the neighborhood watch and no trespassing signs made it crystal clear neighbors and authorities were watching. We were sure that we were not the only curious eyes that had parked here since the event had happened. We made some offerings to the healing of Adam, all men, all male energies, and to his mother, in the name of resolution, love and healing.

Site of Adam Lanza's demolished home, Newtown Connecticut 4.3.15 photo by Hillary Raimo

Site of Adam Lanza’s demolished home, Newtown Connecticut 4.3.15 photo by Hillary Raimo


Aura Photography by Amma Love  Demolished home site of Adam Lanza   4.3.15

Aura Photography by Amma Love
Demolished home site of Adam Lanza 4.3.15


At the Sandy Hook demolition site, we stood in the heart of where the school had been and we buried the pain symbolically to be transformed by the power of the innocent childs heart, who sees and hears no evil. Through this salvation, we reclaimed lost fragments of our spirit and returned them home. We brought the healing h((OM))e. We felt the acceptance of our gesture, the complete and total return of the disease from the heart of the rift, as the ground swallowed it up happy to do the work with it energetically. We felt understanding from the land our feet walked on. We felt held in that complete love, and we surrendered to the knowing that the Earth heals its own, no matter how people heal, or what others think and feel elsewhere about this place. It continues to regrow, rejuvenate, heal, and move on. This was the energy we invoked as we stood there. This was the energy we made our offering too. That was the energy that accepted us as we made pilgrimage to this site.


Burying the pain at the heart to be transformed by the love of the innocent child.

Burying the pain at the heart to be transformed by the love of the innocent child.


We gathered water from the Sandy Hook creek in the name of pristine healing waters that help, day in and day out, to move the energy of the event, heal it, and transform any energies of anti-love.  I felt how much negativity comes from outside this area, directed here by all those who deem it evil. How our emotional and thought energy effect it even from great distance. How the conspiracy theories running rampant still offer only distain and anti-love, an energy invoked during the act, by whomever coordinated and acted it out. Each time we send negative energy towards this place, we amplify the intentions of those who did it. Rather then invoking anti-love energy, it is wise to invoke the innocent child love that elementary schools hold. It is a place where the children gather every day to learn, play, be with friends, and it is where they decide how to see others and the world around them. This is what the land holds. This is the energy that is dominant on these school grounds. When was the last time you returned to your elementary school and sat by a tree that grew there while you grew up? The tree will remember you, it will share its stories since, and tell you how much it loves you still. Trees do not watch CNN, hold a political opinion, nor do they choose to hate, deny, or carry out destructive anti-love. They are like elephants, they never forget, yet still they continue to grow and carry on.

Sandy Hook holds a lot of energy, because it receives a lot of energy. If you can get past the perceived darkness, the act of violence and anti-love, you are left with the land. There on it, you will see just how much healing has taken place, you will feel that childlike innocence strengthen in your heart, and you will know that the worst anti-love act is the taking of that innocence. It is the ROOT OF THE WOUND. It is time to return the divine love of the child to all, and honor it within all children.

My pilgrimage to Sandy Hook held magic. It diverted negativity and hate, while I was surrounded by the power of my own beautiful childhood. It kept us focused on the bigger picture without falling victim to the tragic details and theories. We did not discuss the case as we drove there. As sisters we focused on our mutual experience of childhood at our own elementary school, and how many happy memories we had while there. It was a beautiful experience.

We came along a mirror hanging in the woods. A large beautiful mirror, with broken glass. It hung there among trees and rocks and invoked immediate feelings of magic and wonder. It was as if someone had hung it to deflect all negativity coming here from anywhere, sending it back to those who sent it. Protecting the heart of the child.

photo by Hillary Raimo

photo by Hillary Raimo

Aura Photography by Amma Love

Aura Photography by Amma Love


4.4 was the day of Atonement. It was the 3rd blood moon lunar eclipse, of 4 in the current Tetrad. It was a time of clearing heart pain, and making our spirits pure again. A rare phenomena happened on 4.4. There was a strange blue light that flowed behind the red as it moved across the moon. That had NOT happened with the last two moons. It was as if on a cosmic scale we were watching the atonement of the moon energies through our feminine sacred child hearts. As if the bluest waters washed over the blood, removing the pain inflicted from anti-love. It was a clear indication that our prayers had been heard. That the heart was atoned and purified by the powers that be, and we were free from the pain. Restored to our original state of childlike innocence so we could carry out our life work in peace.





Today I accept the root of who I am
Today I no longer think I can move on
Recover from or process
What I carry in my heart
In my soul
In my body
I am She
Who sees
I am She
Who feels
I am She
Who carries the memories
The Love
And heartbreak
Of the Beloved
I am She
Who has witnessed
The majesty
And the brutality
I am She
Who has Returned
And no matter where I go
Or what I do
This is the root of who I am
I am She who remembers Love
I am She who carries the Flame
The truth bearer
The cosmic messenger
The flowering seed
Of the feminine divine
Rising like a phoenix
The Truth
And from this day forward
I shall run no more

– Gail Swanson

In this place of pure childhood innocent love, we return love to the waters and the forest of our childhoods, to honor bringing the healing home.

– Hillary Raimo



2 thoughts on “Returning the Innocence, Atoning the Heart, the Power of Love: Newtown 4.4

  1. amandakilroy says:

    I am deeply moved and inspired by this post on so many levels. Thank you for sharing so sincerely

    much love

  2. Deepti says:

    Simply profound. I wish to soak in the message to my very roots. Thank you for sharing!

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