On April 4th we will be witness to the 3rd full moon lunar eclipse of the current two year cycle. The first one happened April 15th, 2014. The second eclipse happened on 10/8/14. What makes this current two year eclipse cycle so special? they all fall on exact biblical holidays. This hasn’t happened in a very long time, and will not happen again for just as long. Some prophecies say the last time this alignment happened, we witnessed the fall of an empire. Is that what we are watching play out on the collective platform? As Islam takes on Christianity and crusades across the Middle east, are we watching the uprising of the current paradigm? Some would debate YES. We are standing on a threshold of healing our religious wounds from all faiths.


As it happens on the collective platform, so does it also happen on the microcosm. That means in some way we are experiencing the same kind of uprising within ourselves. For each person it may manifest differently. April 15th, 2014 happened on Passover last year, this year on April 4th the eclipse happens again on Passover. Passover is a major Jewish spring festival that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, lasting seven or eight days from the 15th day of Nisan. Where were you on April 15th last year? What were you doing? Who were you with? Where was your heart?

Last year I was in the Garden of the Gods initiating the next in energetic line of elementals. He asked me when I was done, ‘where is your sister?’ and that simple question opened up my world and completely redesigned it. Over the next year, my associations would change, my co-creative alignments would shift, I would see who really loved me and who did not. It was a massive prayer through my life that would take coming full circle, back to now, to be complete. I thought about the woman I initiated in April 2013 in Flagstaff Arizona, at the Twin Peaks. I thought about her and I, and our role in the prophecy stories. I recalled reading the stories into both their hearts, and anointing them with my Blue Lotus medicine. I thought about my twin, and how he has manifested in 3 different men over the course of the last three years. He always comes in the same way, feels the same, and ignites my inner flame in ways nothing else does. I thought about my teachers, some whom I have called my friends, how some have separated and gone off into their own directions, seeking to take responsibility for their own lives.

I was in high ceremony on April 15th last year, and it is also my birthday. I drank water from the Twin springs in Manitou, with a great love of my life. I had never tasted such alive water up until then. We read our gifted scrolls from the holy one, that night, under the moon. We watched the entire eclipse from beginning to end, wrapped in each others love. It was a beautiful and unforgettable moment.

I share this with you reader, so you can understand my passion and connection to this eclipse cycle. Of course there is more to the story, but for now, and for here, that is all that needs to be said.

On 10/8 we organized a world-wide Love Breathe for Earth meditation at the 911 memorial in New York City. After I spent the night in Nikola Teslas room at the Hotel New Yorker, painting my tesla portal paintings, I found myself at the 911 site with a water sample we would be submitting to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Laboratories in Japan, 7 days before he died.



After the 911 meditation, the water really began to speak to us. Many had revelations to seek out pristine water sources, to pray over the water, to do ceremony, to honor and even create their own Love water. The stories poured in from around the world. Shortly after, we started the INNER WATER CHALLENGE and taught others how to make their own Love water, in a way that honors water, and to drink it while in a high state of love. It was a beautiful act inspired by our work around the eclipse dates. Here is a great website to help you calculate the local eclipse times in your h((OM))e space: http://www.timeanddate.com

The water responds to light, sun, moon, stars, eclipses… all sway the tides. In our oceans and within ourselves. The blood moon eclipses are gateways. Each holding their very own special meaning.

April 15th was the gateway of Love. It was about tending to our own gardens. Growing beauty and restoring balance. It was the gateway of new beginnings, strong partnership, visions, and tangible dreams.

October 8th was the gateway of healing deep wounds. Confronting wrongs and seeking justice. It was about release and reconnection to elemental forces that initiate us through the gateway of our greatest fear. It was about conquering ones own inner demons, and learning to tend to that raw space that allows new life to be sown.

April 4th is the gateway of final heart atonement. It is about bringing the love h((OM))e. To your actual home. It is about clearing your most challenging relationships within your blood family. Seeking out what needs to be strengthened in your home space, cleared, regrown, rebuild, fortified. It is about taking responsibility for our home space and making it as holy as a sacred temple. This includes all those who share that home space with us. On this moon we anchor the love in our home space, the power of the stargates that have opened in this cycle. We say yes to being comfortable in what we already have and we seek to grow from that forward.

September 28th will be the gateway of completion. It will hold a special initiation. One that will reveal our next great purpose here in this lifetime. The oracle will speak, and her message will be heralded across the lands, finding contentment in the hearts of all. A once in a lifetime moment meant to be unforgettable.

What you do with moments like these is up to you. You can bypass them as insignificant, yet you are still exposed to the energies. You can pray thru them, create acts of beauty through them, heal through them, seek a vision! It is a bio-dynamical opening shared from the Earth heart, supported by her greatest love, the sun. Together all of us here on this planet are anointed with a cosmic breath of life.

Where will you be for the final oracle initiation of the Blood Moon Eclipse?
We are planning a very special pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta in September. We intend to gather to be on the magic mountain for the final blood moon lunar eclipse. It will be an honoring of Earth and Heaven. We will build our rainbow bridges while we enhance our rainbow body colors. Aligning our full spectrum being with all life around us. Mt. Shasta holds an ancient Lemurian energy that connects us in a very powerful way. There is a tremendous star being presence in this area, and our senses will be heightened thru this empowering time. Together we will journey through the symbolic 4 gateways of the lunar eclipse portals. We will dance around the fire, star gaze, and share our hearts with each other and Earth. This gathering has been designed with our highest potential in the heart mind. This gathering is open to all faiths, all practices, all beliefs, and all levels of experience. Our gathering is based on opening, honoring and maintaining a relationship with EARTH.  Wherever you are, however you celebrate, in whatever way calls you home, may your journey be blessed, protected, and lead you to your greatest potential.







2 thoughts on “4.4 Heart Atonement: Bringing the Healing h((OM)e

  1. Tim says:

    Thank You Hillary ,

  2. Amma says:

    That was beautiful and made me cry … answered questions and gives me inspiration ~ Thank you and feeling the Resonance of our Mother healing ❤

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