I walked through the woods, making pilgrimage to the great tree. Stopping along the way to make offerings, and to say hello to the forest. They greeted us like family. Loving and gentle in their sway. One bent down and touched me softly. I looked at the ground and found a beautiful gift from the forest people. A bark scroll. As I reached down to pick it up I offered some tobacco. As I lifted my head I heard him whisper my name. HILLARY he said. Who was this man saying my name into the wind, so that I might hear him? I had never heard this voice before. Was it Pan? God? My greatest love? I stood there for a moment. Feeling the wind across my face. The cold nipping at my tender places. I continued on with my quest. Knowing somewhere, he was holding me in his heart. I smiled and felt heat rise within me. Who is he?

I returned from my adventure still wondering about HIM. Whoever he is, he was able to reach me. What a powerful connection. One I have not felt before. His voice and the way he said my name stayed, lingered, perhaps even haunted me. I decided to create an offering to him. From the bark scroll gifted at the place where I heard him call my name. I read the tree code, deciphered it. Honored it with color and muse. I gave him the deepest parts myself, showed him my most treasured places within me. He was worthy. He had reached me in the middle of nowhere, at the center of everything.

I found a constellation in the tree code, was it his?
I offered color, life, beauty and my sacred name.
I poured the blue dream down on the love seal, it created an L. The heart seal settled contently into the safety and tenderness of his love. The rivers ran blue, all over the earth. Wrapped with flowers of the first great love, baby eagle feathers mixed with baby hawk. Carefully offered on the altar just for him. As a thank you for thinking of me on the most powerful day of the year.

Who are you? I wonder as I smile. This is for you, and only you.




























4 thoughts on “For HIM Who Called My Name

  1. Ouroboros1111 says:

    A gift from the White Lady of the Woods. The Herald of new beginnings. What timing and what a blessing. Enjoy your journey.

  2. Hi there Hillary,

    Aloha. I just found your website and artwork, photos and poetry; what a treasure … and an important clue to the mystery revealed. Thank you.

    Lots of love to you,

    Roger Christie



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