(A love letter from Earth, to those who demonize her)

Dear you who demonize me,

May your demonized vision of me whither into nothingness. May the thought of your vision cease to exist. May your vision be cut off from its source of power forever. You who took my love and used it against me, you who held your head high in your ego as you helped yourself to all I am. Digging selfishly into my natural resources. Pissed in my sacred waters while you laughed at the irony. You who cut down my trees, the very channels I use to breathe the sacred breath of life, just because you didn’t like the view. You who allowed your leaders to pass laws to protect the lack of sustainability. You who decided profit was better then together. You who make it all about money. In each act of selfish defiance you tread on my holy hallowed ground and build your churches on top of my sacred sweet spots. Where my energy is concentrated, so you can siphon off my power into your own creations. Pulling people away from the mother, into the arms of the father. In dismissing my value and worth, you create a rift in the balance and order of things. One that will take effort to reset within the minds and hearts of men.

I continue to spin regardless of your campaign of hate to demonize me. Regardless of the words you conjure, or opinions you craft, I spin. I spin because that is who I am. Turning every angle of me into night and day. Shadow and light dance an endless spectrum of reality all over my body. I carry each of the visions of all the living creatures who walk all over me. I hold them in the ethers as those visions seek their fullest manifestation. I do not judge these visions. I simply pray one day those who have the power to dream, become lucid, and see a sustaining way of creating within the world, a way that will allow a balancing to happen. You disturb my systems with your technological toys and war games. The blood of your people spills into my body. I absorb the trauma because you offer it to me. The altars of love seem to receive less prayers these days as those who prefer to pretend I am not alive, rule in capitalistic patriarchal anti-earth ways. Yet the birds tell me a song is being woven that will infuse a new tone. A tone that will wake the redeemers. Those who are here to observe, as they prepare your heart to be weighed on the scales of justice. Your heart wounds will tell all. Nothing will escape the light brought here at this moment. The truth will be seen by way of your worst memories. Have you healed them yet? Your deepest fears surface as I reconstruct my skin. Shedding years of life in my dust, including your bones and stardust. I will outlive you. Your physical lifetimes belong to me. As they settle into my dirt, layer after layer, merging with my core. I am the eternal mother. The carrier of the great womb. You are my child. Born of me. Your body keeps you aligned to my magma filled veins.

You who demonize me, I see the fear. You are afraid of what I bring to your life. A death of superficial shallow facade comforts that keep you caged in. Your resistance is strong, yet still you sway in my spin. You are born within my spin, and you will die within my spin. There is no escape of the reality I serve you. Regardless of your awakened or sleeping senses, I spin, I dream my dream alive. I heat up so the frozen waters of long ago purity will melt and infuse my waters with ancient memories of life. My volcanos will erupt to create new earth,  and infuse the essential fire element, cleansing, renewing, rebirthing fire. The kind that brings all things to their truth, instantly. As my tidal shift increases, and I am full, I will release my own biological protections to unstainable bacteria on my surface. A necessary destruction, to shed all that does not serve me anymore, those who demonize my ways, my body, my soul. Mountains will rest at the bottom of the sea, the bottom of the sea will rise to meet the cloud people.

I will rejuvenate. I will come back to a more pristine state. In this stance I will rebalance my cycles and recharge my poles. To those who demonize me your vision will be long gone. It will no longer exist. Without your demonized vision you will come to know humility, gratitude, alignment with me in proper order. From here we create together the kind of world we wish to nurture well together. For many years there will be a garden space. Until the moment arises for the human to make a choice, again, as to whether to love or hate. The eternal gateway lives within their hearts. They seek secrets that live right inside of them. All life is cyclic. The circle is the perfect symbol. It is you and I forever. It is I and the other, perfectly. It is the hoop that all life comes through on the dance of bliss. It is because I understand a completely different time arrangement then you, that I am able to see this. You are stuck in your clocks, and 9-5s. You are weary of mortality and your own cycles, and you who demonize me, will come to know yourself better then ever before. Once you have nothing to demonize you will see the perfection of it all. This is a love letter because I see you for who you truly are. And I can still love you. This is something you have yet to learn. How to love even in the presence of what you perceive as evil, hatred, darkness. I perceive them as necessary elements to recycle unsustainable growths in all dimensions. Your feet walk on me each day. I hear those who are grateful and I hear those who are not. Either way, I continue to spin. Always loving the process of creation. In that, you are, so I am. When your bones sleep in my body after you die, I will assimilate your love. I will feel you come home to me. I will know you as you truly are. Soul. Those who demonize me will know redemption when they can truly love again.

In that ability to unconditionally love and continue, I am free of your demonizing ways. There is nothing you can do to me that can stop me from spinning, or handling my business of life. You are but one form here on me. Your vibration is like that of your own gut bacteria. Happy gut, happy body. Bad gut, infuse probiotics. Rebalance the good with the bad, strengthen and tone. Solar plexus brain center lights up, DNA lights up. Humans are my gut bacteria. When their vibration is to toxic for my body, I release rebalancing agents into the systems. This is an act of love. An act of continuation. In the destruction of demonized visions, we all heal. I am a master creator. I have been here for a very long time, much longer then you. I can see and feel things you are not built to comprehend.

When all of humanity learns to love and respect me, I will transform into a beautiful butterfly, for even I have a life cycle. One that makes me one with the galaxy, the universe. Being a planet is a grand role. You live in my kingdom. I have only one rule, respect it.

With love,












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