What happens when a solar eclipse coincides with the first day of spring? In a balanced garden…
Oh what powerful seeds to sow.
Portals open within, wormholes too.
What happens at CERN doesn’t happen somewhere else. It happens inside you.
What happens depends on you.
Will you choose love or will you choose hate?
Shiva asks, as he weighs your heart.

You can’t lie your way out of this one.
Judgement day judges the heart.
What dimension you land on depends on how heavy it really is.
Light as a feather means there is no room for hate.
Shiva opened Pavarti here, in this pure place.
Their hearts collided and created a universe.
Christ walked through it, learned its ways. Studied them very well, taught others.
Shared the power of it completely with his consort.
Together they soared like two eagles.

They had learned the secrets of creation. The apple was formed.
If you knew everything what would you do with it?
Make money off it? Seek fame and glory? or would you share it freely with others in a way that inspired them completely, so that the ripple effect would continue eternally in a state of the greatest love. Through the fabric of time. The shroud of life. The skin of our cosmic serpent shed over eons. Could you reach that level of love in this lifetime?

I imagine when CERN lights up soon, we all will too. In a way we cannot perhaps imagine. On the edge of ourselves lies a glorious unknown. Someone once said “it is those who fail to see the beauty in the darkness, that are most consumed with it. As long as people hate their own shadow, I will have a place in Hell to help transform that energy into something else.” Hence the usefulness of Kali, and the redemption of the light bringer. To forgive truly cleans the soul. To choose love anyway, no matter what, is the formula for ascension, through the solar gate wormhole, the bridge that brings you to other worlds. Places where nothing you know here may exist. Are you ready for that kind of clean slate? What would be your first thought? I pray they are all lucid.
Destruction has a purpose. The stories of our gods and goddesses claim that.

What corner of your soul do you still need to reconstruct? What lies inside of you that hides behind everything you got? Be a light bringer to your own dark. In that truth, plant powerful seeds of love. From darkness into light. Born of Earth, nurtured by sun.
As long as one is afraid of ones own shadow, the days and nights will not be balanced. You will, however, have slight openings of time where you can access that part of yourself. Because you are the microcosm, CERN is a symbol of you in some other form.

When life becomes unstable, when it loses high levels of love, which HUmans create, it triggers a vibration, that rises upward towards Heaven from deep within Earth. Earth is dark, it is the doorway into your own underworld. Your ability to witness this process in others, tells of your ability to navigate your own constellations. Space in-between travel. Heaven united with earth.

If the collision of two particles is such a big deal, then that explains why when you touch me, I feel like I could light up the world. Interaction matters. The friction creates the heat that is vital to all living movement. The ocean is only a tub of water without the current, or the wave, aren’t they the same? That primal elemental wake inside all of us awaits.

Will you waste your time on conspiracies and hate?
Or will you choose to twine with your consort?
Shiva smiles as he asks that.
He knows the doorway is opened by the dance of bliss.

Is it the bliss that the observer experiences as he watches and observes, the feeling that creates when the event is being witnessed? It is kind of a which came first question, the chicken or the egg. Either way it proves the theory of the ‘other’.
Maybe it’s not about what came first. As long as it happened. Somewhere in time. Rippling forever. Resurrected in various ways as we spin together on an eternal web of infrastructure. I touch you here inside my heart, and everywhere feels that. In the colliding of me and you, we create a universe. What is filled inside that universe is a matter of that collision. It is the ultimate when two become one. The cosmic chiasm.
So think about that when you experience it this week, when CERN turns on … you turn on. What signal will you broadcast? Tune in Tokyo.

Hillary Raimo


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