Shiva Speaks

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I see you. The way you hold your court. Your kingdom mirrors your heart.
I see past your delusions, illusions and more.
Into your core I go uninterrupted.

Here I look around and see what you have sown.
Colors of your heart.
Can you love everything equally?
or do you pick and choose who receives?
Tsk Tsk, says Shiva’s queen

All creatures great and small.
Equal rites.
Known edges smoothed, only to be thrown off them.
Beware drama queens, your days are numbered.
Life no longer supports your programming.
Genes mutated.

I walk down your streets, and into your eddies.
Judgement only comes when your heart is weighed.
Feather lite hopefully.
Love survives.

I walk through your comfort zones and destroy your boundaries.
You thought you were safe, in your own self-containment.
Ego plays the game well. Power On. Power up.
Seeing god in others lately? or only yourself?

Trust plays no role in this world, only promise is death.
I walk through your most secret places, where nothing can beholden from view.
Here I seek justice. Integrity and truth.
You cannot pretend to love, it shows through.

You twine with the devil, god and the whore.
You play the queen well, so she will spill her secrets.
Kingdoms come and kingdoms go.
Earth changes ensure this natural law.

Popularity contests fail the human system.
Might & right are the damned.

Misjudged rise.
Soul clear.
Meek they inherit.
Humble they thrive.

Righteous judgers feel the skin peel from their corpse.
Decaying faster with each negative thought.
I watch it all and see it for what it really is.
Self destructive abuse.

Go, back into the dust.
Your demise is our promising future.
Systems fall, crumble and curse.
Freedom rings loudly.

Your ways are not sustainable.
So now I recycle the waste.

– Shiva








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