The Tesla Revelations – Part 2

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I walked on the path quickly as the sun set over the east mountains. Light was dimming all around me. I knew I had to get back to the cabin before dark. The temperature drop is drastic. My slippers moved easily over the ground. The golden light was brilliantly smashed over the darkened clouds. Rays of hope standing tall even in the end.

The cabin glowed with warmth. As I entered the doorway I closed it quickly behind me. Just as the last rays of light slipped gently beneath the summit of the mountain. I walked over to the altar and saw my scrolls still there. Just where I had left them. A thick layer of dust covered the floor. A single set of footsteps led across them into the next room. I walked directly into the darkened space and came out the other side. There sat another one of me. He had kept watch over the centuries. Always keeping the altar untouched and protected. Holding only my energy through time. I lifted the 1st scroll off the altar scattering loose eons of cosmic dust. It fluttered  through the air like a dust storm of light. I rolled it out and placed two medium sized stones on each side to hold it open while I read it.

“This is how we find our way back. We learn how to purify our energy fields so well nothing invades the space. It is our most holy divine expression of self as one with all of life. Our most precious original source. The god center of the eye. Where all is seen and known. A trail is needed through time for each return into physical life. Something, sometimes even someone, to cross our path to trigger the map to this most holy sight here on earth. If you were here before, and you feel sure that is your truth, then you can leave yourself clues through the time frames you incarnate physically. Perhaps it is with a special earthly location. So when you stand on it or pray with the energy of it, the connection will awaken your remembrance. Perhaps it is with a physical person. This is a special agreement. One you both made at somewhere in time through the highest expression of yourself as one with all of life. It was a special seed planted in your primordial ocean that created all elements of you. That force will pull you together like magnets. Nothing will be able to create an obstacle for too long. It will always move towards you.  When you engage this person. You will experience a detox of spirit. Anything in your biofield that needs to be fine tuned will be. At times this can be painful to a physical body. Trust the experience when it happens. It will help you when the time is right. Read the first scroll to the left. It will tell you where to go in your next incarnation and why.”

I woke up from my dream. Today was the day I would paint the Tesla canvases. I felt every cell in my body move towards getting out of bed to do it. A powerful magnetic force lifted each disk in my spine, one right after the other, in a harmonic rise of creative juice. I felt the ether move inside my holy place.

As I sat in front of the first 3 layers, I felt my body convulse into mini inner earthquakes. My tectonic plates were shifting to create a new cycle of life. I closed my eyes and looked deeper to see it. The colors swirled into diffractive pieces of crystalline form. Patterns and designs appeared in my 3rd eye and a wind blew it in. I opened my eyes and choose the 3 colors to mix into a new. Each measurement unique and never pre-planned. Wild like my soul. Free like my mind. Pure like my heart.

I recalled my dream from last night. I imagined the inside of the cabin again. I looked at the 2nd scroll. I opened it and began to paint what I saw.

Hillary Raimo

Primordial Ocean. Acrylic on Linen. Artist: Hillary Raimo
Primordial Ocean. Acrylic on Linen. Artist: Hillary Raimo

























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